“Chapter 2710: 618: she is faith and Light, Glory World Wedding -LRB-end)4”

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“Bai Jingshu smiled and asked, “Is it burning?” ”

“Yes.”Little White took a few steps back. “Come in quickly.”

Bai Jingshu led the two make-up artists in.

“Sister-in-law.”Ye Zhuo walked out of the bathroom.

“”Burning, these are the two make-up artists who gave you and your make-up today.”Bai Jingshu continued to introduce, “This is Michelle, and this is Annie.” ”

“”Hello,”ye Zhuo greeted them with a smile. ”

“The two makeup artists looked at ye Zhuo, their faces filled with astonishment. ”

This was probably the most beautiful bride they had ever seen.

“Most importantly, this was even under the condition of not wearing any makeup. ”

“Miss Ye!”

“Ye Zhuo continued, “Take a seat, Xiao Baibai, go and pour some tea.” ”

“”Okay, okay.”Xiao Baibai immediately went to pour some tea. ”

“Annie asked in surprise, “Is it a robot?” ”

“Without waiting for Ye Zhuo’s reply, little white immediately answered, “Right, right, right. And not only is it a robot, it’s also the most powerful robot in the entire universe!” ”

“Oh my God! It’s so cute!”

“Little White immediately raised its cute little head, “I forgot to mention just now that it’s the number one cute little white in the entire universe.” ”

“Soon, Whitey poured a cup of tea and served it to the two of them. ”

“Thank you.”

“After drinking the tea, it began to put on makeup. ”

The bride’s makeup was just like a traditional wedding dress. It was complicated and complicated.

Michelle and Annie were in charge of hair accessories and makeup.

“Michelle was smearing on ye Zao’s face as she said, “Miss Ye, your skin quality is too good. You Don’t have any powder at all. You’re very obedient!” ”

“”Maybe it’s because the skincare products were chosen well,”ye Zao answered. ”

“Annie immediately asked, “Miss Ye, what skincare products do you usually use?” ”

“”Ruosu,”ye Zao answered. ”

Ruosu was a domestic skincare product.

It was very common and very common. The most important thing was that it was cheap. A set only cost 200 yuan.

She had thought that a daughter of a wealthy family like ye Zao would definitely name an international brand that they looked up to. She did not expect ye Zao’s skincare products to be so popular.

“Really?”Annie did not believe it.

Why had she not heard that Ruosu was so useful?

“Ye Zao smiled and said, “Well, ruosu is a very conscientious Chinese product. Of course, it doesn’t count if I say it. You will only know after you use it.” ”

Facts speak louder than words.

“Michelle continued, “But I heard that fairy water is more useful.” ”

“Fairy water was also a skincare product, but it was a brand from country R. ”

“”En, actually, a skincare product like RUOSU is more suitable for our skin. The climate of the island and their lifestyle are all different from ours. The skincare products they developed are more suitable for the people of the island,”ye Zhuo said. ”

“Annie nodded. “In that case, it makes sense.” ”

Ye Zhuo explained some other skincare knowledge to them.

Michelle and Annie learned a lot.

“”Miss Ye, you’re really amazing. You know more than our professional makeup artist.” ”

Ye Zao looked at himself in the mirror. “The most important thing for a girl is her face.”

“Miss Ye is right.”

“Soon, the makeup and hair accessories were done. ”

Annie and Michelle walked to the bathroom.

There was a bathroom in ye Zao’s bedroom.

“As the two of them walked towards the washroom, they whispered, “Annie, do you believe that Miss Ye is using Ruosu?” ”

“Michelle shook her head, “I don’t believe it.” ”

“For someone like ye Zao, even if she did not use fairy water, she would definitely use a top-notch custom-made product. ”

“At this moment, Annie’s gaze was attracted by the skincare products in front of the skincare table. ”

“”Michelle, look over there.” ”

Annie turned her head and was a little surprised.

“Some of these skincare products were half-used, some were nearly empty bottles, and some were just beginning. Other than Russo, there were other products. ”

The only thing they had in common was that they were all made in China.

“I didn’t expect Miss Ye to really use these Chinese products!”

“I want to take a photo and go back to use the same model as Miss Ye.”Michelle took out her phone.

Six o’clock.

Ye Zao changed into his wedding dress and sat on the bed.

“Zao Zao!”

“At this moment, the door was pushed open. ”

“An Lizi and Li Yueyue, who were wearing bridesmaids’dresses, came in from outside. ”

The light pink bridesmaid’s dress was also a traditional dress. It looked like it was floating in the air. They did not choose the dim style to not overshadow the bride’s beauty when they were choosing the dress.

“”Quick, let’s see if our bridesmaid’s dress looks good!” ”

The two of them excitedly circled around in front of ye Zao.

“It looks good!”Ye Zao nodded slightly.

“”I think it looks good too.”An Lizi looked at herself in the mirror. “Zao Zao, your taste is simply superb.” ”

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