“Chapter 2709: 618: she is faith and Light, Glory World Wedding -LRB-end)3”

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“He swallowed the words at the tip of his tongue, not knowing how to open his mouth.”

Song Shiyu was too proud.

It was precisely because of his unruly character that Bai Jiayu was worried that he would take an extreme path.

“It was also at this moment that song Shiyu turned to look at Bai Jiayu. He seemed to have seen through Bai Jiayu’s thoughts and said with a smile, “I have faith in my heart and light in my eyes. I Won’t do things that only the weak would do.””

“As long as faith and light were there, he would be there.”

“Hearing this, Bai Jiayu heaved a sigh of relief and continued, “By the way, third brother, my grandfather said that he wanted to introduce you to someone. The other party’s looks are all very good. Do you want to go and take a look?””

“”Help me thank old master, but there’s no need,”song Shiyu said.”

“Bai Jiayu continued, “But people have to get married and have children in the end!”How could song Shiyu do this?”

“That’s someone else.”Song Shiyu’s tone was indifferent.

“Bai Jiayu looked at song Shiyu in disbelief. “Third brother, you’re not really planning on not getting married for the rest of your life, are you?””

“Why not?”Song Shiyu asked back.

“Bai Jiayu did not understand song Shiyu’s thoughts. He thought that when one was old, one should have children and grandchildren and enjoy the happiness of a family with a married person.”

“For someone like song Shiyu, he would have to spend the rest of his life alone.”

“Bai Jiayu had also seen the news of an old man who died alone at home and only became known to his neighbors after he rotted, so he shared it with song Shiyu.”

“Unexpectedly, song Shiyu just smiled and said, “You’re worrying over nothing.””

Bai Jiayu frowned. “You’re doing this for...”

“It’s not because of anyone.”Song Shiyu stopped Bai Jiayu from finishing his sentence.

“But have you ever thought about what you’ll Do When You’re Old?”Bai Jiayu asked.

“”We’ll live happily ever after,”song Shiyu answered.”

“Bai Jiayu sighed. “Third brother, you’ll regret it in the future.””

Song Shiyu didn’t say anything.

Would he regret it?

Of course not.

“If it was for the sake of carrying on the family line and enjoying the happiness of having a wife and child in the eyes of others, he would regret it for the rest of his life.”

One person for the rest of his life.

If that person was already a wife and a mother...

Then he would protect her.

“Seeing song Shiyu like this, Bai Jiayu could only shake his head helplessly.”

“A moment later, song Shiyu turned to look at Bai Jiayu and the doctor. “You guys go out first. I want to be alone for a while.””

Bai Jiayu glanced at the doctor before leaving with the doctor.

The room returned to silence.

“After a long while, song Shiyu stood up and walked towards the French window. He looked into the distance.”

The sunlight shone through the window and coated his body with a layer of light.

There was no expression on his face. One could not tell whether he was happy or sad.

The past happened one after another.

“She came with the wind and rain. He could not avoid it. When she left, the four seasons were in chaos. He had been ill for a long time.”


On the sixth day of the second month of the lunar calendar.

It was appropriate to marry.

“It was just past midnight, and the sky had yet to brighten. The Lin family was brightly lit from top to bottom.”

The bright red word “Double happiness”was plastered all over the doors and windows.

“Seeing that the family was so busy, Lin Jincheng did not know what to do, and his heart was filled with melancholy.”

“Ye Zhuo was his only daughter, and the only girl in the Lin family.”

“After stepping out of the Lin family’s door, she would be someone else’s wife, and she would be a mother in the future...”

“As a father, he really couldn’t bear to part with her.”

“But today was ye Zao’s wedding day after all, so he still squeezed out a smile.”

“Although ye Shu usually didn’t feel much, when it came to the day of ye Zao’s wedding, she felt extremely uncomfortable.”

“Fortunately, Bai Jingshu and Lin Ze were taking care of the house from top to bottom.”

“In this house, Ye Zao was probably the only one who felt the most relaxed.”

“At this moment, she was sleeping.”

Bai Jingshu smiled and looked at Lin Ze. “Should we wake up Zao Now?”

“No.”Lin Ze shook his head. “I have an appointment with the makeup artist at 4:30. Let’s go wake her up at 4:20.”


“At 4:20 in the morning, Bai Jingshu knocked on the door to wake ye Zao up.”

“Zao Zao! Wake Up!”

“Hearing Bai Jingshu’s voice, ye Zao responded, “Is the makeup artist here?””

“”She’ll be here in ten minutes,”Bai Jingshu replied.”

“”Okay, I’ll get up right away.”Ye Zao took out his phone and looked at the time.”

“Then, he immediately changed his clothes and got up.”

The first set of clothes for today was a traditional wedding dress.

There were three pieces inside and three pieces outside. The intertwining of the ribbons was very complicated and required makeup before wearing the wedding dress.

“Therefore, ye Zao casually put on a coat and went to wash up.”

“Just as he washed up, there was a knock on the door.”

Beep Beep Beep —

“”Doggie, go open the door,”ye Zao said.”

“Okay!”Little White immediately went to open the door.

“The door opened, and it was Bai Jingshu who came over with her makeup artist.”

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