“Chapter 2711: 618: she is faith and Light, Glory World Wedding -LRB-end chapter)5”

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“Ye Zao asked, “How can a beautiful person not have beautiful eyes?””

“The photographer also came in at this time. He raised the camera in his hand and said, “Bride and bridesmaid, let’s take a photo together.””


Li Yueyue and an Lizi immediately walked to ye Zao’s side.

“The photographer taught them how to pose while taking photos. “Yes, yes, yes, that’s it. The bridesmaid is smiling too happily. Please restrain yourself a little and be more reserved.””

“”Three, two, one! Good! Cheese!””

“Change another pose and take a fan.”

All the beautiful scenes were fixed in the camera.

“”Bride, take a picture alone.””

The photographer clicked on the shutter.

“People always appreciated beautiful things, especially photographers.”

“It was very easy to take photos of Ye Zhuo. There was no need to look for an angle, because no matter which angle she was taken from, she was flawless.”

She was so beautiful that it was soul-stirring.

It was so natural.

“After the photo was taken, the photographer continued, “Bride, do you want to take a photo with your parents and Family?””


“Ye Shu, Lin Jincheng, Lin Ze, and Bai Jingshu were busy with other things downstairs.”

Little White immediately went to call for help.

“Soon, they arrived.”

Ye Zao was wearing a bright red wedding dress and sitting upright in front of the bed.

“Seeing this scene, Lin Jincheng’s eyes immediately turned red.”

He was married.

His daughter was really going to get married.

“”Grandma, Mom, Dad, brother, and sister-in-law, come and take a photo.””

“Lin Jincheng tried his best to hold back his tears. He squeezed out a smile, nodded, and walked towards ye Zao.”

Lin Jincheng and ye Shu stood behind ye Zao. Bai Jingshu and Lin Ze stood beside them with their child in their arms. Ye Langhua stood beside ye Zao.

“The photographer looked at the camera. “Everyone, don’t look so serious. Smile a little.””

Ye Shu and Bai Jingshu smiled.

“However, Lin Jincheng and Lin Ze couldn’t smile no matter what.”

They felt complicated and especially uncomfortable.


A photo was frozen in the camera.

“One more.”

At the same time.

At the Cen family manor.

Cen Shaoqing changed into his wedding attire and walked out of the room.

“Fifth brother!”He ziteng also changed into his best man’s attire at this time.

The other best man was Zhou Chuyue.

“Zhou chuyue and Cen Shaoqing were childhood playmates. When they were ten years old, they moved abroad because of their family. Although they rarely saw Cen Shaoqing after that, their brotherly relationship was still there.”

“”Chuyue, did your girlfriend come back with you?”He ziteng looked at Zhou chuyue.”

“Zhou chuyue shook his head. “No, she’s busy with work.””


Cen Shaoqing was wearing a red wedding dress. He was handsome and looked like a handsome young master who had walked out of an oil painting during the Republic of China.

He was elegant and handsome.

“”Fifth brother, your wedding dress is not bad.”Zhou chuyue smiled and said, “You can refer to it when I get married.””

“Hearing this, he ziteng said, “Does your foreign girl appreciate the essence of our country?””

Zhou Chuyue’s girlfriend was a foreigner.

It was still a little difficult for a foreigner to accept the culture of his country.

“Zhou chuyue thought for a moment and said, “It shouldn’t be a problem.””

“He ziteng said, “I think it’s a little difficult.””

“Zhou Chuyue’s foreign girl had a bad temper, and only Zhou chuyue could tolerate it. If it were him, he would not be able to tolerate it for a day.”

“After saying that, he ziteng looked at CEN Shaoqing and continued, “Fifth brother, are you nervous now?””

Cen Shaoqing tidied up his sleeves and opened his thin lips slightly. “A little.”

“Thinking about how he was about to meet ye Zao and how ye Zao would soon become his wife, Cen Shaoqing was really nervous.”

He was also a little excited.

He had been suffering from insomnia since the first three days of the wedding.

“Last night, he had not slept at all. He tossed and turned, and his mind was still filled with her figure.”

“Morning was Qing, evening was Qing.”

Morning and evening were Qing.

A Little!

He ziteng’s eyes were filled with surprise.

Oh My God!

What did he just hear.

He heard Cen Shaoqing say that he was a little nervous.

The dignified CEN fifth master was actually nervous.

“He ziteng smiled and said, “I didn’t expect fifth brother to have such a day.””

Cen Shaoqing’s expression did not change. “I’m just an ordinary person.”

“Zhou chuyue continued, “Fifth brother, then you’re really an ordinary person.””

Cen Shaoqing looked at his watch. “It’s about time. Let’s go downstairs.”

Old Mrs. Cen and Zhou Xiang were already waiting downstairs.

The two of them were dressed very happily.

“Especially Old Mrs. Cen, who was even wearing a qipao.”

“Her silver-white hair contrasted with the wine-red cheongsam, it did not seem out of place, but had a kind of peaceful beauty.”

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