Chapter 20: Niohuru.Ye Zhuo

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Li Qiandong’s gaze was glistening with cynicism. He said, “This is known as ‘keeping someone at arm’s length.’ It is also one of the techniques used when one is playing hard to get. They use a special technique to draw in your attention first before vanishing all of a sudden to pique your curiosity and keep you on your feet. When they’re done arousing your desire, they will appear again out of nowhere!”

It seemed that Ye Zhuo was quite the character!

The fake daughter of a wealthy family was acting just like how she should. However, she could never be elegant and refined enough. If the kind Mu Yourong were in her place, she would not stoop so low to use this trick for sure.

What a waste that Cen Shaoqing had a deep misunderstanding of Mu Yourong.

“Is that so?” The man narrowed his eyes while the little red mole on the upper corner of his eye grew lively with thousands of emotions.

“Very sure.” Li Qiangdong continued to speak, “Just wait and see, Brother Fifth. She will surely come again tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and three days from now even!

“What if she still doesn’t show up even three days later?” The man raised an eyebrow ever so slightly.

Li Qiandong answered, “If she still hasn’t turned up, I’ll do a live streaming of me eating sh*t!”

Since it was a trick, he knew that Ye Zhuo would not do such a thing.


“A real man never goes back on his words!” Li Qiangdong patted his chest with a determined expression on his face.

The man smirked and then observed the situation downstairs as usual with a nonchalant expression on his face. His hand was still moving his prayer beads in them. Its tassel of matching color that wrapped around his fingertips exuded a slight sense of sensuous charm. It was as if he had a side of kindness and a side of evilness to him.

Meanwhile, the corners of Li Qiandong’s lips curled up. “I’ve seen people play this kind of trick way too often! Everyone here is as cunning as thousand-year-old wolves, and she is still trying to trick me?”

The Li family was a real noble family in Beijing. In addition, Li Qiandong was a considered player and was fond of open relationships. He had dated so many women that he even lost track.

Nonetheless, after encountering numerous women, he had a good understanding of their techniques and tricks, naturally.

Ye Zhuo went home after having the beef noodles for supper. She did not take a shower or head to bed immediately, however. Instead, she sat in front of the desk and wrote something in all seriousness with her head lowered.

Her phone was placed on the side of the table, and its screen was lit up. The screen was not displaying a game or a page from an online novel; it was filled with English words.

A moment later, Ye Zhuo placed her pen down. She entered another website according to the formula that she had just computed with one hand holding her phone and the other hand holding the notepad that she had just written on.

The display screen loaded for a while before it finally signed on to the website that Ye Zhuo wanted to enter.

“It’s done!” Ye Zhuo cracked into a faint smile and placed the notepad on the table.

It was an international technology website.

The prominent tech moguls from around the world, along with some renowned tech groups, would post rewarded missions on the website.

By completing the mission, one would be rewarded with a large sum of monetary rewards.

Ye Zhuo’s other world had such a technology website too. However, the current world and her previous world were very different dimensions.

It was fortunate that they still had the same result in technology. Therefore, she spent some time and managed to find the website by tracking down the page with clues. Moreover, she managed to sign on to the page rather smoothly.

Ye Zhuo brought up the registration page and signed up for a new account.

On the username section, she typed a few words slowly. ‘Niohuru.YZ.’

The users on the website were prominent tech moguls from all around the world. Therefore, since Ye Zhuo’s account was still new without much popularity, no one would come looking for her for important missions. So, Ye Zhuo clicked on the website’s forum section. She could see a high-reward mission pinned on the top of the forum’s page.

The mission’s difficulty level was ten stars.

It was a rare SSS-ranked mission.

No wonder no one accepted it.

The platform had its rules too. If a user were to accept a mission but was incapable of completing it, the user’s credit score would be deducted by ten points, and they may not be able to accept a new mission.

An SSS-ranked mission like this promised a high reward, but the credit score deduction was very high too.

An ordinary novice would be rewarded with 20 points in the system from the start.

As a result, a beginner would certainly need to be cautious when accepting his or her first mission.

If they got their credit score deducted, the novice would not be able to accept a new mission the next time.

Nevertheless, Ye Zhuo tapped on the mission to take a look. The corners of her lips cracked into a faint arc, and then she clicked on accepting the mission and added the poster of the job as a friend.

After sending the friend request, Ye Zhuo went offline.

It was getting late, so the young beauty should be resting in bed.

On the other side, a loud shriek was heard ripping through the entire villa.

“F*ck! F*ck! Someone accepted the mission!” Li Qiandong received the notification that someone accepted the mission that he posted; he was thrilled. He hastily approved the person’s friend request and immediately sent over a reply. ‘Expert, you there?’

The person did not reply right away, so Li Qiandong clicked on the person’s page information.

The person’s information was very simple.

The display photo was the system’s default avatar.

The user ID was ‘Niohuru.YZ.’

It was a very childish, lowly name.

Nonetheless, the name was not the crucial part because the most crucial part was that the person was actually a novice!

A novice?


Moreover, it was a novice without any experience points…

Were all the novices so wild these days?

This novice even had the courage to accept an SSS-ranked ten-star difficulty mission!

Perhaps, the person did not even know what an SSS-ranked mission was and simply accepted a mission when he found one…

At the thought of this, Li Qiandong’s excited expression vanished without a trace.

He was originally very excited because he was under the assumption that the person was an expert. He did not expect that the person was a clueless beginner, so it was a crushing blow to him.

Li Qiandong scratched his head in agitation and felt so uneasy that he did not manage to sleep well throughout the night.

The following day, Ye Zhuo woke up to find that the person had already approved her friend request. She replied while she brushed her teeth, ‘I’m here. May I inquire if there are any other requests for the CIS database design?’

The person on the other end did not reply immediately, so Ye Zhuo placed the phone in her pocket and continued to brush her teeth.

Next, she headed to the market to get some ingredients so that she could make breakfast.

The medicine that Ye Shu had been consuming every night contained ingredients that helped her sleep, so Ye Zhuo had been making breakfast daily all this time.

In a villa, Cen Shaoqing sat in front of the desk right next to the window. He had one hand rifling through a prayer book while his other hand moved prayer beads. A bright red branch of Crepe-myrtle flower extended into the room from the outside. The scene resonated with a poem – ‘He is more alluring than a flower that it pales in comparison; if he stands behind a colorful flower, its color fades to no avail.’

“Brother Fifth.” Li Qiandong walked into the room from outside. “Are you looking for me?”

Cen Shaoqing’s beautiful finger flipped through a page of the prayer book as he said without even looking up, “Someone accepted the mission?”

At the mention of this, Li Qiandong’s face was filled with sorrow. “Someone did accept the mission, but the person who took the mission is a novice. I suspect that he might have accidentally clicked it.”

In fact, Li Qiandong had even suspected that the person was an elementary school student.?Otherwise, why would he come up with such a childish name?


Why would he not just name himself Niohuru.ZhenHuan instead? Did he think that he was in an imperial-harem movie?

All of a sudden, Li Qiandong’s phone beeped.

He turned on the phone and took a glance to see that the ‘Niohuru’ person replied, ‘I’m here. May I inquire if there are any other requests for the CIS database design?’

Li Qiandong could not be bothered to waste time on this person, so he replied casually, ‘All the requests are listed on the mission page; you have three days.’

The person replied quickly with just two simple words.

‘Sure thing.’

Seeing the reply, the mocking look in Li Qiandong’s gaze became even more intense.

He really wanted to know which retard was on the other end of the line. How could the person have the audacity to boast so shamelessly!?

Li Qiandong did not reply anymore. What was the point of chatting with a retard anyway? He even proceeded to delete the contact.

He figured that he must have been mad last night for addressing a retard as an ‘expert.’

Meanwhile, Cen Shaoqing continued to speak, “Since it’s accepted by a novice, you should post it again.”

Li Qiandong shook his head. “The platform stipulates that the shortest time limit given to a mission is three days.”

Before the three days are up, the mission cannot be deleted or posted again.

No one would be pleased to waste three days for no apparent reason. Since nothing could be done for the time being, Cen Shaoqing furrowed his brows ever so slightly and changed the topic of conversation. “Do you have any updates on the batch of stocks from Korea?”

“I’ve already managed that properly.”

Upon hearing that, Cen Shaoqing’s expression calmed down a little. “Monitor the CIS situation closely. We don’t have too many ‘three days’ to waste anymore. We must figure out a way no matter what it takes.”

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