Chapter 19: My Mom Won’t Let Me Play With A Retard

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Sister Liu furrowed her brows ever so slightly and then said softly, “Little Ye, just give in….”

If Qian Lingyu was called over, there was no way to put an end to this matter. By then, Ye Zhuo would have to apologize and compensate the company as well.

It was obvious that these three people were targeting Ye Zhuo on purpose.

Zeng Rou chuckled softly. “You don’t display the slightest politeness at all; no wonder you can only be a server. I’m just going to be blunt with my words. If you give us a kowtow now and admit your mistake, I can still forgive you. Once your manager is here, you can just pick up the tab yourself.”

The bill that cost two to three thousand bucks was nothing for a rich daughter of a wealthy family like her. However, it was a huge sum of money for a pauper like Ye Zhuo!

“Little Ye.” Sister Liu tugged at the hem of Ye Zhuo’s shirt. “Don’t be stubborn anymore, child. Just admit your mistake; how hard is it?”

Sister Liu was doing this for Ye Zhuo’s benefit. Two to three thousand bucks was Ye Shu’s monthly wage. If Ye Zhuo were to insist not to admit her mistake, her effort in working here for this entire month would be futile.

Was it not more cost-effective to give an apology and a kowtow so that the damage could be minimized?

Ye Zhuo lowered her head and looked at Sister Liu. “Don’t need to worry about me, Sister Liu. Please get the boss.”

Sister Liu heaved a sigh helplessly upon realizing Ye Zhuo’s stubbornness.

Meanwhile, Mu Yourong took out a card from her wallet and passed it to Ye Zhuo while saying with a gentle voice, “My dear sister Ye Zhuo, this is my card, and the passcode is six 6’s. Use it to pay the bill so that your boss won’t make things difficult for you later.”

Ye Zhuo was akin to a drowning ant and would certainly have to owe something to the helping hand that was extended toward her.

“Thank you, but there’s no need.” Ye Zhuo smiled.

Mu Yourong did not expect Ye Zhuo to actually be that gullible. The smile on the corners of her lips became frozen for a moment but then turned natural soon afterward.

Ye Zhuo… She had truly changed. In the past, Ye Zhuo would have certainly accepted a helping hand with both hands wide open.

It did not take long before Qian Lingyu came. “Little Ye! What the heck is going on with you!? How did you get the customer’s order wrong, huh!? Apologize to the customer, quick!”

As the owner, Qian Lingyu naturally refused to offend the customer. They were running a business operation, so they prioritized their customer service.

Upon saying that, Qian Lingyu bowed down to apologize to Lin Wuyue. “We’re really sorry, miss.”

Lin Wuyue lowered her head while sipping her tea in an arrogant posture. She paid no attention to Qian Lingyu at all.

Qian Lingyu then looked toward Ye Zhuo. “Little Ye, come and apologize to the customer, quick!”

“Boss, there’s no need to rush into things. Let’s listen to this first.” Ye Zhuo took her time to take out the phone in her pocket.

In a moment, the sound of a conversation was heard coming from the phone.


“I’ll get one of every dish available on the menu!”

“You know that you’ve ordered so much that the three of you may not be able to finish it, right?”

“Are we the customers? Or are you the customer?...”


No one would have thought that Ye Zhuo would actually record it.

The atmosphere was now a little awkward, and Mu Yourong was growing a little restless as well.

She wanted to let Ye Zhuo have a little taste of her strength, yet she did not expect that she would end up being entrapped by Ye Zhuo.

How could anyone suppress this anger? Damn you, little b*tch!

Lin Wuyue and Zeng Rou looked at each other, and they could see the anger in each others’ eyes.

Ye Zhuo continued to speak, “Could it be that these few people are here to pick a fault on purpose? Boss, why don’t we just file a police report on this matter?”

File a police report?

Lin Wuyue and Zeng Rou were people who treasured their reputations. If this matter escalated from the police report and news of this were to travel, could they still keep a foothold in their social circle?

Quickly, Lin Wuyue stood up with a whoosh. “Who’s claiming that we did that on purpose? We were only trying to play a prank on you!”

Ye Zhuo smiled. “Please pick up the tab first then. The total is 2,617 bucks. Would you like to pay by WeChat Pay or AliPay?”

“I’ll pay by card!” Lin Wuyue suppressed the anger in her heart while Ye Zhuo took the card smilingly.

Then, Ye Zhuo returned the card to Lin Wuyue after the payment went through. “Enjoy your meal.”

Lin Wuyue took the card with a furious expression on her face as she shifted her gaze to look toward Mu Yourong and Zeng Rou. “Sis Yourong, Rou Rou, let’s go.”

“Mmhmm.” Mu Yourong nodded and walked ahead of the group.

Ye Zhuo followed them in an elated mood and sent the three people to the outside of the shop. “Travel safe. If you wish to look for trouble again next time, I’ll keep you company anytime. However…”

At this point, she paused for a moment and used a long, slim, fair finger to touch her temple. “Remember to grow some brains next time because my mom won’t let me play with a retard.”

“You!” Lin Wuyue was so furious that she stretched out her left hand and delivered a slap to Ye Zhuo’s face.

However, Ye Zhuo leaned to one side ever so slightly and dodged Lin Wuyue’s hand just like that.

Due to the strong momentum of the strength she used, Lin Wuyue’s hand smacked into the camphor tree behind Ye Zhuo!


“Are you alright, Wuyue?” Zeng Rou was startled.

“Ouch…” Lin Wuyue was tearing up in pain.

Witnessing the scene, Ye Zhuo could not refrain herself from exclaiming emotionally, “Retards are found every year, but somehow there are more this year….”

Upon saying that, she turned around and walked back into the shop.

Lin Wuyue gazed after Ye Zhuo’s departing silhouette and said through her clenched teeth, “You little b*tch! Just wait and see!”

She would certainly make Ye Zhuo pay for what she did. At that very moment, a dash of ruthless glint was seen emerging in Lin Wuyue’s eyes.

In the shop, Sister Liu noticed Ye Zhuo entering, so she hastily walked over and said, “Little Ye, you’re really quite something!” She was under the assumption that Ye Zhuo would certainly need to bear the losses, yet she did not expect that Ye Zhuo still had a trick up her sleeve!

Ye Zhuo took her sweet time to roll up her sleeves and revealed a small portion of her delicate, fair-complexioned wrists. “It’s nothing.”

Sister Liu continued, “Oh right, are you acquainted with those three people?”

Ye Zhuo shook her head. “No.”

“Why were they trying to make things difficult for you then?” Sister Liu asked.

Ye Zhuo raised an eyebrow. “The three of them… are jealous of my beauty, perhaps?”

After all, she was very fine-looking!

Sister Liu burst out laughing. Although the remark was meant as a joke, it was the truth. Ye Zhuo was genuinely beautiful. She did not need any products to make her look beautiful, so it was difficult for anyone to replicate it.

Ye Sen came to pick Ye Zhuo up when she finished working. They had been going to the gambling den almost every night these days, so Ye Sen subconsciously headed in that direction.

“Let’s not go to the gambling den today, uncle,” Ye Zhuo said.

“Why?” Ye Sen asked.

Ye Zhuo answered, “Making money from gambling is not a long-term plan, uncle.”

Ye Sen scratched his head. “My niece, you’re so skilled in gambling that it would be a huge waste not to go to the gambling den! You will be wasting your talent!”

“You’re not allowed to go to the gambling den from now on either, uncle.” Ye Zhuo turned her head to look toward Ye Sen.

“Why?” Ye Sen had a confused expression on his face.

Usually, the senior member of the family was supposed to govern the actions of the junior members.?Since when had things changed, and how did this girl make it seem so natural? Ye Sen really felt that he could not go there anymore now that Ye Zhuo ordered him not to go…

Ye Zhuo said righteously, “The gambling den is not a good place. We must have the desire to advance in life, and we can’t always think about gambling! In addition, how can a beautiful young girl like me be allowed to visit the gambling den? It will be a bad influence for others if they see me there!”

Ye Sen was speechless. She made it sound like the person who was actively working her skills in the gambling den a few nights ago was not her.

He had not managed to see that his niece still had another side to her.

“There’s a stall that sells spicy noodles over there. Let’s go and have some noodles.” Ye Zhuo suddenly noticed that a small street vendor was selling spicy noodles by the side of the road.

Ye Sen could only compromise. “Alright then.”

They arrived at the stall and took a seat.

The enthusiastic stall owner immediately asked, “What would you like to order?”

“I would like to order a bowl of beef noodles; how about you, uncle?” Ye Zhuo was not a fussy person. She took a seat right away and poured herself a huge glass of barley tea.

Ye Sen answered, “I’ll have the same and a bottle of beer too.”

“I’d like a beer too,” said Ye Zhuo.

Ye Sen quickly added, “Why would a child like you want to have a beer? Boss, add a glass of iced Coke instead!”

A child… She lived through two lives, yet no one had ever treated her like a child.

Ye Zhuo’s eyes narrowed from smiling widely; later, they lit up as well. Her coldness faded a little.

In the underground gambling house, two silhouettes appeared at the guardrail on the second floor on time.

One of the silhouettes was dressed in a Chinese robe that was buttoned meticulously all the way to the top. He leaned against the carved guardrail while a string of polished, smooth prayer beads was hooked in between his fair-complexioned fingers. His entire person emitted a gush of abstinence-like estrangement aura.

“I thought you said that she’s playing hard to get? She’s not here tonight.” The remark was made in a carefree tone but was enshrouded in coldness.

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