Chapter 21: Call Him Daddy!

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“Hmm.” Li Qiandong nodded.

In truth, Li Qiandong was even more worried about the CIS situation than Cen Shaoqing.

However, there was nothing that he could do.

They had searched far and wide, but a mogul who was capable of solving their problem had yet to appear.

“Alright. You can go home first.” Cen Shaoqing massaged his temples with his long, slim fingers.

Li Qiandong turned around to leave, but just as he was about to walk out of the door, Cen Shaoqing’s voice was heard from behind him.

“Turn on the light while you’re there.”

Li Qiandong was speechless. He had even suspected that Cen Shaoqing had him coming to the room in the middle of the night just so he could turn on the light. However, he did not have any proof.

The next morning, Ye Zhuo checked her phone while she munched on a steamed bun. Her expression was nonchalant while her jade-like fingertips pressed on the screen gently. All of a sudden, she stopped at a website.

It was a house rental advertisement.

It was a three-bedroom house at a rental of 5000 bucks a month. The terms for payment would be one month’s worth of rental as a deposit and three months’ worth of rental fees in advance. It was a direct rental from the landlord, and the rental was considered somewhat reasonable.

Ye Zhuo clicked to enter the page and communicated with the landlord online to make an appointment so that she could see the house. After breakfast, she headed over.

It was a resettlement housing estate where the residents were primarily senior citizens and migrant workers. It was not considered a great location, but as compared to the basement, it was more than a hundred times better.

She wanted to rent the house on the first floor that came with an attached little garden in front.

The landlord was a very kind old woman. She wore glasses and spoke with a local Yunjing accent.

Through the conversation, Ye Zhuo learned that the old woman was actually a scholar. Before her retirement, she was a professor in Yunjing Province.

“Little Ye, how many family members are going to stay here?”

Ye Zhuo answered, “My mother and I, as well as my uncle.”

The old woman nodded. “I don’t have any requests other than hoping that all of you are hygienic people. The previous tenant was a young married couple that appeared to be rather hygienic. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect that they’d turn the house into a messy kennel! The house was filthy and smelly! I’m just going to be blunt here; some people are just bright and shiny on the outside but rotten on the inside!”

Even though it had already been some time since the incident, the old woman was still very furious every time she talked about it.

In response, Ye Zhuo chuckled and said, “Don’t you worry, madam landlady. My family members are neat freaks. If you’re still worried, you can come and check on the house periodically.”

Upon saying that, the old landlady was quite relieved. “Oh right, Little Ye, how old are you now?”

Ye Zhuo answered, “I’m 18 years old this year.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Ye Zhuo smiled. “I’m still in school.”

The old landlady added, “There are many people who start dating in school these days! In truth, it’s fine to date early as long as it doesn’t affect your studies….”

Ye Zhuo did not expect the old woman to be rather open-minded.

After signing the tenancy agreement, Ye Zhuo did not head home right away but went shopping at the electronic mall to get a computer. She accepted the SSS-ranked mission last night, so she would not be able to do it without a computer.

Frankly, a desktop would be more useful in completing missions, but it was not convenient to carry along, so she had to get a laptop that she could also set up into a workstation when she was home.

The assembly process is troublesome but useful!

All of a sudden, Ye Zhuo started to miss her other world. In fact, she missed the computer that she owned.

As she reminisced, she chose a computer. She would assemble it according to her preferences, so she did not mind the brands. In the end, she chose the cheapest laptop she could find. Then, she purchased a lot of hardware.

Noticing that Ye Zhuo purchased so many accessories, the owner of Computer City said in astonishment, “I didn’t know that you’re an expert, young maiden.”

Ye Zhuo smiled and said humbly, “I don’t know much, so I’m trying to fiddle with it casually.”

The owner was well aware that it was just a humble remark. It was impossible for someone to purchase with such precision if one was just fiddling around.

Upon returning home, Ye Zhuo began to assemble her laptop.

Her sleeves were rolled up high to reveal her long, slim, alluring arms. The intact laptop was dismantled into pieces everywhere such that there was no way to tell that this was previously a laptop.

“Zhuo Zhuo, what are you doing?” Ye Shu entered the room after knocking on the door. She asked out of curiosity, “What’s that?”

Ye Zhuo answered, “It’s the computer that I just purchased. It seems to be broken, so I’m dismantling it to check.”

“Can... Uh, can you still put it back together again?” Ye Shu was dumbfounded.

Ye Zhuo raised her hand to wipe away the sweat beads on her forehead. “Yes, I can. It’s going to be fine.”

Upon saying that, Ye Zhuo continued to speak again, “Oh right, mom. We’re moving tomorrow.”

“Moving?” Ye Shu was stunned for a moment.

Even though it was bad for one’s health to live in a basement, the housing price in Yunjing Province was rather steep, so how could they afford to rent a house elsewhere?

Ye Zhuo smiled and said, “There’s no need for you to worry about money issues. I made some money from the stocks and funds that I invested in a few days ago. I paid off the money I borrowed from my classmate, and the remaining money is enough to cover one year’s rent.”

In truth, the money was gained from the gambling house’s winnings.

Ye Zhuo had yet to familiarize herself with the rules in this world, so how could she take the risk to invest in stocks? She did what she was most skilled in, of course.

Her money was only enough to rent a house for the time being.

But once she completes the first mission and receives the advertised reward, the sum should be a very good income.

After all, it was an SSS-ranked mission, so the reward should be rather attractive.

“Sure, then I shall pack up,” said Ye Shu.

Ye Zhuo smiled and said, “Mom, throw away the old antiques that should be thrown away. The house that I rented is fully furnished, so you and uncle will only need to bring over some clothes.”

Ye Shu felt unwilling to part with her things. Nevertheless, she replied, “I shall pack it up and send it to the recycle store then.”

“That’s a good idea.” Ye Zhuo nodded.

If Ye Zhuo were to log on to the tech website now, she would certainly see that the world news on the website were all talking about her.

Dog-next-door posted, ‘Have you seen it? A mogul claimed the SSS-ranked ten-star difficulty mission that has been posted for half a month! @Niohuru.YZ’

DA_LittleDai posted, ‘F*ck! Awesome mogul! Please guide me, mogul @Niohuru.YZ.’

ShangguanYuheng posted, ‘....Could it be that you haven’t noticed that Niohuru is a newly-registered novice member?’

I-am-123456 posted, ‘Damn it! It really is a new account!!!’

[email protected] posted, ‘My f*cking mind is blown!’

8thfloor00 posted, ‘Looking at Niohuru reminded me of the retarded version of me from ten years ago….’

Ihaveahusky posted, ‘*Sobbing in silence* I have been waiting eagerly for so many days, yet why hasn’t a real mogul claimed my SSS-ranked mission?’

Father-of-2 posted, If anyone is capable of completing the mission, I shall call him ‘daddy’!’

I-am-ChenHao posted, ‘I second the motion!’

Gonewiththewind001 posted, ‘Screenshot saved!’

Live_everyday_happy posted, ‘Screenshot saved!’

TimeFlies posted, ‘Screenshot saved!’


No one believed that Niohuru was capable of completing the SSS-ranked mission. Nonetheless, it did not take long before everyone’s attention was distracted by something else.

After finding out that they were moving tomorrow, Ye Sen was delighted. “I’m going to drive the company truck over tomorrow and move our furniture there.”

Ye Zhuo smiled and said, “The truck is a little excessive. We don’t have anything much either, so it is fine to move everything in a van.”

“I shall get the van then.” Ye Sen nodded.

At night, Ye Shu packed up all her things. Her small items of sorts still mounted up to a small heap.

“Zhuo Zhuo, shall we throw away the television as well?”

Ye Zhuo tilted her head to the side as she looked at it. “Throw it away. I thought it didn’t work anymore?”

“Alright then.”

Even though these items have already malfunctioned, Ye Shu’s purchases were still with her own hard-earned money. She could not bear to bring herself to sell all these items and even throw them away. Her eyes reddened with sorrow.

She had to catch up to the steps of time. Her daughter was so outstanding so she could not allow herself to slow her daughter down.

With this step, she could finally move out from the basement that she lived in for over a decade. The neighbors were all envious of Ye Shu. “Congrats, Ye Shu! You can finally move out of here.”

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