Chapter 18: So Bright It Burns One’s Eyes

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Qian Lingyu trotted over to Ye Zhuo and said smilingly, “Little Ye, stop what you are doing! Get back inside and serve the customers.”

“What?” Ye Zhuo was stunned for a moment.

Qian Lingyu explained, “There’s a table of customers inside who requested you to serve them! Is it because you are acquainted with those people?” She pondered to herself and thought that It was impossible for Ye Zhuo to be acquainted with distinguished guests like them due to her family’s background.

She meticulously observed them earlier and found that the prettiest one was dressed in luxury brands that could only be seen on the television.

The random t-shirt on her body cost over a thousand bucks. If Ye Zhuo was acquainted with this kind of person, there was no need for her to work here.

Ye Zhuo furrowed her brows ever so slightly and followed Qian Lingyu back into the shop.

Qian Lingyu beckoned with her chin. “There; that’s the table with the three girls. Remember to serve them well.”

After identifying the people clearly, Ye Zhuo walked over with the menu without any change in her expression. “What would you like to order today?”

She carried out her duty and responsibility. If these three people were here looking for trouble, she would act according to the changing circumstances.

Besides, Ye Zhuo had never feared anyone in her life so far.

Hearing the familiar voice, the corner of Mu Yourong’s lips curled into a mocking arc as she raised her head to look over.

Right there and then, Mu Yourong was dumbfounded at once while her smile remained frozen on her mouth.

Was... was that Ye Zhuo? Since when did the ugly Ye Zhuo turn into this?

Mu Yourong was under the assumption that she would see an unkempt, pitiful wretched. She did not expect the exact opposite! How did this happen? How did the little b*tch, Ye Zhuo, look so good? Did she get plastic surgery done? How did she look even prettier than Mu Yourong herself!?

Mu Yourong’s jealous expression changed drastically. She could not care about anything else now and did not bother to conceal her true feelings. She could not allow anyone else to surpass her.

Lin Wuyue and Zeng Rou were rather dumbstruck as well.

Did Ye Zhuo not take money from them yesterday and claim that she was using it to buy cosmetic products? Why did she not put on any makeup today?

“Ye Zhuo, why didn’t you put makeup on today? Do you know that you might scare someone with your hideous face!?” Lin Wuyue queried her with a frown.

“Makeup?” Ye Zhuo furrowed her brows ever so slightly and feigned her confusion. “What do you mean by putting on makeup? Also, am I acquainted with the two of you?”

Looking at Ye Zhuo’s innocent face, Zeng Rou and Lin Wuyue had even doubted if the person they saw yesterday was Ye Zhuo. What was wrong with her?

Lin Wuyue stood up in a rage at once and pointed at Ye Zhuo as she said, “Stop pretending, Ye Zhuo! You’ve obviously taken our money!”

Ye Zhuo smiled. “If you’re not planning to order now, I have other matters to attend to.”

Zeng Rou attempted to calm herself with great effort. However, she looked toward Ye Zhuo and said, “I’ll get one of every dish available on the menu!”

“You know that you’ve ordered so much that the three of you may not be able to finish it, right?” Ye Zhuo reminded them.

Zeng Rou narrowed her eyes. “Are we the customers? Or are you the customer? Don’t you know that the customer is always right? I’m ordering from you, so I expect you to serve me what I’ve ordered! You’re just a trifle server, yet you still dare to query the customer?”

Mu Yourong did not utter a word all this time.

At this exact moment, she had to suppress the rage and jealousy in her heart with great effort. She could not allow this matter to stray from her control.

“If that is the case, please hold on for a moment.” Ye Zhuo carried the menu and walked to the back kitchen.

Mu Yourong helplessly watched as Ye Zhuo’s silhouette vanished into the air, only to then turn around to look toward Lin Wuyue and Zeng Rou. “What happened between both of you and her?”

Lin Wuyue explained to her about the incident that took place last night. “The little b*tch, Ye Zhuo, broke her promise! She told us that she was going to buy cosmetic products today! All of a sudden, she now refuses to acknowledge us!”

“Are both of you idiots?” Mu Yourong narrowed her eyes. “You don’t even know that you’ve been tricked by the little b*tch! Why are both of you still giving her free money despite knowing that the little b*tch is in need of it now?”

Idiots! They were simply idiots!

Lin Wuyue and Zeng Rou had only reacted to the situation now. They realized that they were fooled by the deadbeat that they always despised!

“Wuyue, how much money did you give her last night?” Zeng Rou asked.

Lin Wuyue furrowed her brows and said, “I’d say a little over 1000 bucks; how about you?”

Zeng Rou turned pale in anger. “I gave all the cash I had in my wallet to her.” She had three to four thousand bucks in cash in her wallet at the very least! Now that she thought about it, Zeng Rou wished that she could slap her idiotic self to death.

After a short while, Ye Zhuo and Sister Liu walked over with the cuisines that Mu Yourong’s table had ordered. “Watch out! It’s hot! These are the cuisines that you’ve ordered.”

Lin Wuyue was infuriated but cracked into a smirk when she saw the lobster and skewers being served at the table. She suddenly seized the chance to revolt. “Hang on! We didn’t order these dishes. You must have been mistaken, right?”

Sister Liu took a glance at the order bill and said, “These are the dishes that you ordered.”

Zeng Rou realized Lin Wuyue’s intention, so she hastily chimed in by saying, “There are only three of us. How can we eat this much? It’s obvious that this is a mistake made by your server, Ye Zhuo. She must have been distracted when she took the order! We didn’t order these dishes at all!”

The barbecue shop may not be large in size, but they served all sorts of seafood, including lobsters and crabs. These lobsters and crabs were very expensive seafood that people seldom ordered on usual days. So, now that Lin Wuyue and Zeng Rou insisted that Ye Zhuo made a mistake, Ye Zhuo had to pay the tab by herself to cover the cost of those dishes.

Before she revolted, Lin Wuyue had already checked and found that this area was a security camera blindspot.

Then, Zeng Rou smacked the table, stood up, and said with a furious expression, “Where is your manager? I’d like to speak to your manager now! I’d like to know how she trains her staff! The server actually placed the wrong order from the customer! There was not an ounce of service excellence at all! What is it that you’re doing here? Are you trying to force us to spend money!? I’m going to file a police report!”

Despite working in the barbecue shop for such a long time, Sister Liu had never encountered this type of situation before. She hastily said with a flattering smile, “Please don’t be angry. She’s new here. I shall go and get our boss now.”

Mu Yourong smiled and stood up to mediate the situation. “Wuyue, Rou Rou, there’s no need to express so much anger here. I believe that Ye Zhuo didn’t do it on purpose. She’s only working here to make some money, and it’s not an easy feat. Why don’t we just leave this matter be? Do it for me.”

Lin Wuyue spoke in an eccentric tone, “Since you’re begging for mercy on her behalf, I shall forgive her out of respect for you, Sister Rong. However, I have one condition! This is costing us a few thousand bucks, after all! I can’t just bear the loss for nothing.”

Upon saying that, Lin Wuyue raised her head to look toward Ye Zhuo. “Kneel and salute me with a kowtow while you admit your mistake; then, I shall leave this matter be!”

Ye Zhuo placed the tray on the table. She looked at Mu Yourong and Lin Wuyue with a faint smile on her lips with radiance rippling in her eyes. “So you want to play a game, huh? I shall keep you company until the end then!”

The current Ye Zhuo appeared to be normal, yet she was brimming with brilliance. She was glowing so bright that she could burn one’s eyes.

Mu Yourong and Lin Wuyue, who were dressed in luxury brands all over their bodies, paled in comparison before her.

The strange feeling emerged once again as Mu Yourong’s hand that was hidden in her sleeve was clenched over and over again.

Meanwhile, Lin Wuyue squinted her eyes and added, “Since you’re such an ungrateful wretched, I can only ask to speak to your manager then!”

Ye Zhuo was just an insignificant, low-class person now! She had no authority or influence. Could it be that she was still capable of overturning the world?

“Little Ye, why don’t you just yield and admit your mistake? Take a step back for a brighter future,” Sister Liu tugged at Ye Zhuo’s sleeve and persuaded her softly.

The customer is always right. Under the circumstance that they had no direct evidence to prove that it was the customer who ordered the dishes, Ye Zhuo was at a disadvantage!

With the spread of dishes on the table combined with seafood, scallops, and crabs, it would cost two to three thousand bucks at least.

However, Ye Zhuo lowered her head to look toward Sister Liu, “Auntie Liu, can I please trouble you to ask for the boss to come here?”

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