Chapter 17: Pretending To Know What One Does Not Know

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After Ye Zhuo left the house, Chen Qiaoye immediately ordered her servant to buy the herbs listed on the prescription.

She then called up her mother-in-law, Li Wenru, to tell her the good news.

Li Wenru immediately rushed over to the house upon hearing about the matter. “Qiaoye, can Tao Tao really be cured? Where’s the doctor? I want to meet her!”

There was also Li Wenru’s niece, Li Qingyue, who came with Li Wenru.

Li Qingyue’s parents passed away when she was young, so she was raised by Li Wenru. It was a coincidence that Li Wen Ru and her husband, Yi Xuezheng, did not have a daughter; so, they treated Li Qingyue as their biological daughter over the years.

Chen Qiaoye replied, “Ms. Ye has already left. However, she will be back again in one week.”

Li Wenru said, “Is Ms. Ye really confident that she can cure Tao Tao?” After consulting so many doctors without any fruit, Li Wenru was very anxious and wondered if the girl could solve their problem.

Then, Chen Qiaoye ordered the servant to bring over a glass jar.

“Please take a look at this.”

The glass jar in sight was the color of blood, and she could see the thread-like transparent creatures squirming inside.

Upon seeing that, Li Qingyue was stunned for a moment. A wisp of radiance flashed past her eyes and vanished as soon as it appeared. Soon afterward, she grabbed Chen Qiaoye’s hand tightly and said in fear, “Cousin! What is that!? It looks terrifying!”

Li Wenru was startled as well. She immediately felt goosebumps all over her body.

Chen Qiaoye answered, “This is the parasite inside Yi Tao’s body. Frankly, we have been mistaken all this time. Yi Tao isn’t ill at all, but he has contracted a parasite. Ms. Ye said that the parasite is especially cunning and cannot be detected using ordinary medical equipment.”

Li Qingyue narrowed her eyes with a profound look in her gaze. She wondered where Ms. Ye came from.

Meanwhile, Li Wenru said incredulously, “So you’re saying that these worms came from Tao Tao’s body?”

Chen Qiaoye nodded.

Just like that, Li Wenru’s eyes were filled with terror.

She found the sight of these worms to be terrifying and could not imagine how much her son had been suffering.

Noticing Li Wenru’s reaction, Chen Qiaoye hastily said, “Mom, there’s no need for you to worry too much. Now that we have found the cause of the illness, Ms. Ye will certainly be able to figure out a way to cure Yi Tao.”

Li Qingyue consoled Li Wenru as well. “She is right. There’s no need for you to worry too much, aunt. Cousin Yi Tao will certainly recover.”

Upon returning to the house, Ye Zhuo turned on her phone and deleted her old WeChat ID as well as her other social media accounts. Then, she signed up for new accounts again.?Later, she went to work in the evening.

Li Boyang sat by the bar to work on his homework as usual. He took the initiative to greet Ye Zhuo upon noticing her arrival. “Hey, you’re here.”

“Mmhmm.” Ye Zhuo nodded.

Soon, Li Boyang noticed the phone in Ye Zhuo’s hand, so he said, “Did you get a phone?”

“I just got it today.”

“Shall we add each other on WeChat? I’ll scan your QR code.”

Ye Zhuo hesitated for a moment but then passed her phone to him. “Sure.”

“I’ve added you; you can just approve my request.”

It did not take long before Li Boyang received the notification – ‘the person has agreed to add you as a friend.’

Ye Zhuo’s display photo was an unknown little flower while her WeChat moniker was a poem. It said, ‘Home is where the heart is.’

Li Boyang furrowed his brows ever so slightly upon seeing it.

Ye Zhou did not even finish junior middle school, so could she really understand the meaning behind the poem?

If she didn’t, this could be classified as ‘pretending to know what one does not know.’

One would basically be making a fool of one’s self, pretending to know it all!

What a hypocrite!

No wonder Qian Lingyu was not fond of her.

Li Boyang furrowed his brows again and turned off his phone to calm his mind and continue working on his homework.

An elderly woman came begging at the shop at about seven in the evening.

She had tattered clothes, a head full of silver hair, and a cane in her hand. She walked in between the tables slowly with her back bent.

There were truly too many swindlers these days, so everyone chose to avoid her and pretended not to see the old beggar.

On the other hand, Ye Zhuo felt tears well up in her eyes when she saw the old woman. She saw the shadow of her grandmother from another world in this old woman’s presence.

In her past life, her parents had passed away when she was young. It was an old woman who had no blood relations to her who raised her. Had it not been for her so-called grandmother, she would have died.

However, her grandmother passed away when she was ten years old from an illness. Despite becoming a prominent tech mogul whose fame was known worldwide, she did not manage to give her grandmother a good life, which became a huge regret in Ye Zhuo’s life.

Ye Zhuo walked to the old woman’s side and said with a smile, “Madam, please come here and take a seat. What would you like to have?”

The old woman looked toward Ye Zhuo with a rather uneasy gaze. “Young maiden, I…”

Meanwhile, Qian Lingyu walked out from the inside and said with a displeased expression, “What are you doing, Little Ye? Why did you just take this person into the shop? Our shop is not a help center!”

Did Ye Zhuo consider herself to be the owner of this shop? Did she try to take in a beggar to enjoy a free meal here? That was really shameless!

Ye Zhuo looked up ever so slightly and answered, “Don’t worry; I’ll pay the tab.”

Pay the tab?

Qian Lingyu furrowed her brows ever so slightly and came to the realization soon afterward.

Ye Zhuo feigned it. She wanted to show Li Boyang the kind side of her by helping a beggar so that he would be attracted to her!

Right! That was certainly the case and was truly very shameless of her.

Therefore, she had to quickly tell her son not to be deceived by this scheming girl!

Swiftly, Qian Lingyu headed inside.

Meanwhile, Ye Zhuo passed the menu to the old woman and said, “Take a look and see what you would like to have.”

The old woman looked at Ye Zhuo in surprise. “Young maiden, are you really going to treat me to a meal?”

“Mmhmm.” Ye Zhuo nodded.

“I’ll help myself then!” The old woman ordered a few cuisines without the slightest hesitation, along with a bowl of lobster noodles. “Can I have all these?”

“Yes, of course.” Ye Zhuo then added, “Please wait here for a while.”


It did not take long before Ye Zhuo came with a serving tray of the cuisines the old woman ordered.

The old woman used her peripheral vision to check on Ye Zhuo while she ate. Her gaze was filled with satisfaction.

The young maiden was too nice! On top of that, she was very pretty as well and had a sweet voice.

When she was done with the meal, the old woman wiped her mouth and waved her hand to summon Ye Zhuo. “Young maiden! Come over here for a moment!”

Ye Zhuo trotted over. “Is there anything that I can help you with, madam?”

The old woman shoved at the empty bowl. “Young maiden, I’m done eating, and I’m a little thirsty now. Can you please get me a glass of water?”


Ye Zhuo went to fetch the lady a glass of water.

The old woman burped after she finished the glass of water and then said, “I… I’d like a Coke too. May I order one?”

She was under the assumption that the young maiden would be displeased because she proposed such an excessive request; she did not expect the young maiden to nod smilingly just as before. “Sure thing.”

Ye Zhuo bought her a glass of Coke. “There’s some ice in the Coke; please drink it slowly.”

The old woman nodded and finished the Coke quickly. “Young maiden, what is your name?”

“My name is Ye Zhuo, but you can call me Little Ye.”

“Calling you ‘Little Ye’ makes me feel like a stranger! How about I call you ‘Ye Zi’? You can address me as Granny Cen!”

Ye Zhuo chuckled and answered, “Sure, Granny Cen!”

“Yikes! Good child! Good child!” Granny Cen laughed joyously. “It’s getting late, so I have to go home now. Ye Zi, we shall meet again tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”

After sending Granny Cen off, Ye Zhuo helped out in the back kitchen.

She had just begun to step away when the trio – Mu Yourong, Zeng Rou, and Lin Wuyue came.

Noticing that these three people were dressed lavishly, Qian Lingyu hastily stepped forward to welcome them. “Please, come in.”

It was Mu Yourong’s first time visiting a street vendor after reuniting with her wealthy family. She frowned in disdain. In Mu Yourong’s perception, only low-class people would come to these disgusting street vendors.

Then, they found an empty table and took a seat. Mu Yourong said, “Is there a server at your place by the name Ye Zhuo?”

“Yes.” Qian Lingyu nodded in response.

Zeng Rou said in haste, “Send Ye Zhuo to serve us.”

Qian Lingyu replied, “I’m sorry, but Little Ye is busy with other tasks now.”

Suddenly, Mu Yourong took her sweet time to remove a stack of Renminbi notes from her wallet. “This is for your service.”

Qian Lingyu’s eyes lit up, and she immediately took the money. “Please hold on. I shall go and send Little Ye your way now.”

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