Chapter 16: Could She Really?

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In the eyes of Zeng Rou and Lin Wuyue, Ye Zhuo was basically a retard. She was nothing more than a full-blown retard!

If they were to order Ye Zhuo to head east, Ye Zhuo would not have the courage to head west.

If she did, she would not have been toyed around so easily by them and become an accessory for so many years.

Lin Wuyue did not even bother to pretend anymore. Her facial expression was filled with mockery. “Zhuo Zhuo, remember to get yourself more cosmetic products tomorrow! Rou Rou and I still have some affairs to attend to; we’re leaving now.”

“Sure.” Ye Zhuo nodded.

Gazing after Wuyue and Zeng Rou’s departing silhouette, the corner of Ye Zhuo’s dark red lips curved into an arc. She would never believe that something would fall into her lap so easily in the past. She believed it now.

Meanwhile, Zeng Rou and Lin Wuyue headed to the Mu family’s home. They wanted to eagerly report about Ye Zhuo’s tragic state to Mu Yourong.

“Yourong, guess who Wuyue and I bumped into out there earlier?”

“Who?” Mu Yourong looked up for a moment.

Zeng Rou answered, “It was Ye Zhuo! Do you know what that shameless faker is doing now? She is actually working as a cleaner at a street vendor! Do you know how piteous she is now!?”

Upon hearing that, excitement returned to Mu Yourong’s originally bored face while the corner of her lips curled into a mocking smile. “Is that so?”

“It is, it is!” Zeng Rou continued to speak, “She was wearing the staff uniform of the street vendor, and we even greeted her! She is just as dumb as she was in the past!”

Lin Wuyue added, “She was an idiot since the beginning, and she is a b*tch who took Yourong’s place! How can she be compared to Yourong!? Yourong is a phoenix perching on a branch while she... she is worse than the mud on the ground!”

“No matter the case, Ye Zhuo and I share a predestined sisterly relationship. Why don’t we set a time to pay her a visit?” Mu Yourong asked.

Ye Zhuo was in such a disheveled state now, so if she were to lend her a helping hand, Ye Zhuo would certainly feel indebted to her kindness… Just like how it was in her previous life, Ye Zhuo would be under her control once again. Naturally, Mu Yourong’s gaze was filled with scheming intention.

“Let’s do it tomorrow night then?” Lin Wuyue asked.

Mu Yourong nodded. “Sure.”

The next morning, Ye Zhuo went for her usual early run after waking up just as usual. She was dressed in a simple white T-shirt and looked graceful even though there was no particular expression on her fair face. If anything, only coldness was seeping through her brilliance.

When passersby noticed her presence in succession, their eyes lit up with shock and admiration.

After the run, Ye Zhuo headed to the market and then came home to make soup and prepare breakfast.

She was very skilled in cooking to the point where Ye Sen could not stop praising her talent every time he tasted her food. “You’re really impressive, my niece! The minced pork congee with preserved egg tastes much better than the ones you find in the breakfast shops!”

Upon saying that, Ye Sen seemed to have recalled something, so he said, “Oh right, someone called my phone this morning looking for you.”

“Who was that?” Ye Zhuo was stunned for a moment.

“He said that he is the owner of Wellness TCM Dispensary.”

Ye Zhuo suddenly recalled the time she went to buy medicine for her mother. “Did he say anything?”

Ye Sen answered, “He asked for you to head over to his dispensary this morning if you’re free.”

“Alright, noted.” Ye Zhuo nodded.

After breakfast, Ye Zhuo washed up and was planning to head out. She went to buy herself a phone, signed up for a phone plan, and then headed to the TCM dispensary.

“Hello, are you looking for me?”

“You’re here, young maiden.” The owner’s eyes lit up upon seeing Ye Zhuo, so he hastily welcomed her into the shop.

“So you were looking for me; is there anything that I can help you with?”

The owner continued, “Young maiden, I was looking for you because I have something that I need your help with.”

“Go ahead.”

“Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chen Dafeng….”

This was how the story went roughly… Chen Dafeng had a nephew-in-law, and he fell very ill a year ago. The illness was not diagnosed due to the rather strange symptoms. He consulted countless doctors during this period, but the illness was getting more and more serious by the day to the point where he was on the verge of death.

As a result, the family members wanted to give traditional Chinese medicine a try. Chen Dafeng noticed how the prescription written by Ye Zhuo in the past was basically perfect, so he tried to seek Ye Zhuo’s help to check on his nephew.

“The matter permits no delay. Please take me to check on him,” said Ye Zhuo.

“Sure.” Chen Dafeng nodded.

He left a few words with the staff member in the shop and then took Ye Zhuo to his nephew’s home.

Chen Dafeng’s nephew was no ordinary person. He lived in a villa located in a rich housing estate and had a few servants in his home.

“Uncle, you’re here.” The woman of the house was very beautiful, and she looked to be about 27 or 28 years old. However, it was apparent that the dark circles under her eyes appeared rather severe.

Chen Dafeng then said, “Qiaoye, this is Little Ye, the traditional Chinese medicine practitioner I told you about. Little Ye, this is my niece, Chen Qiaoye.”

Chen Qiaoye had only just noticed Ye Zhuo standing next to the dispensary owner. A look of astonishment flashed past her gaze.

The woman looked exquisite, but she seemed to be a little too young. Was she treating her illness? Could she really?

Ye Zhuo took the initiative to greet Chen Qiaoye. “Hello, my name is Ye Zhuo, but you can call me Little Ye.”

“Hello, Little Ye. Please take a seat.” Chen Qiaoye ordered the servant to serve tea.

Ye Zhuo took a seat and drank a sip of tea. “Please take me to see the patient.”

Chen Qiaoye hesitated for a moment but eventually answered, “Sure.”

Even though the maiden was young, she was highly recommended by her uncle, Chen Dafeng. So, she could not just dismiss her uncle’s effort.

Chen Qiaoye took Ye Zhuo to the bedroom.

The bedroom was huge, and the stench of disinfectant filled the air. It was not a pleasant smell.

The man was already so emaciated to the point that his body had lost its form. He laid still on the bed, and no vital signs could be seen from his body.

Ye Zhuo sat next to the bed, stretched out her hand, and placed her finger on the man’s vein while she focused her attention on him.

After a long while, she loosened her grip on the man’s wrist and looked up to see Chen Qianye. “Ms. Chen, did your husband visit a tropical country before he got ill?”

Chen Qiaoye was visibly stunned for a moment, but then she nodded. “Yes! We visited Bolivia.”

Ye Zhuo nodded. “That is right then. Your husband has a very rare condition that is known as Annox Disease. It’s very rare for humans to contract this disease, and it is usually spread by ingesting raw meat. Moreover, it is only found to spread in tropical countries.”

“Annox Disease?”

Ye Zhuo continued, “In simpler terms, this is a parasitic disease, and there have been fewer than three diagnosed cases globally!”

“If it is a parasite, why hadn’t the hospital found it when we went for a check-up?” Chen Qiaoye asked straightforwardly.

Ye Zhuo explained, “That is because the Annox Parasite is translucent and thread-like. The parasite is especially cunning. Once it finds its human host, it will fuse into the host’s flesh, so it is very hard to find it using the currently available technology.”

The disease was very common in the world where Ye Zhuo lived; it was just like the ordinary flu. Nevertheless, Ye Zhuo did not understand why the people of this era could get infected as well.

“If you don’t believe me, I can prove it to you.” Ye Zhuo removed the blanket and pressed a few trigger points on the man’s chest with her left hand.

“Blargh!” The man who was lying on the bed suddenly sat up and vomited a mouthful of fresh blood on the ground. Then, he fainted again.

Chen Qiaoye was startled. “Yi Tao! Yi Tao!”

Ye Zhuo then said, “Ms. Chen, please take a look at the floor.”

Chen Qiaoye lowered her head to look toward the floor, and her face turned ghastly pale in an instant. “What! What is that!?”

A few translucent thread-like worms were squirming in the red blood. The sight of it was unusually horrifying.

“That is the Annox Parasite.”

As compared to the panicked dispensary owner and Chen Qiaoye, Ye Zhuo was calm beyond comparison.

“Ms. Ye! Ms. Ye! Please save my husband, I’m begging you! Please save him!” Chen Qiaoye subconsciously went from addressing her as Little Ye to Ms. Ye. It was a sign of her trust in Ye Zhuo.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Chen. I will certainly do my best.”

“Do you have a pen and paper with you?” Ye Zhuo asked.

“I do! I do!” Chen Qiaoye hastily ordered her servant to bring her a pen and paper.

Then, Ye Zhuo lowered her head and wrote a prescription before passing it to Chen Qiaoye. “Consume the medicine as prescribed. I will come back for a follow-up after one week.”

“Sure! Sure!” Chen Qiaoye received the prescription; she was so emotional that she was kneeling. “Ms. Ye, if you can cure my husband, you will be the benefactor of our entire family!”

Ye Zhuo hastily helped Chen Qiaoye back to her feet. “Ms. Chen, it won’t be too late for you to thank me when your husband is fully cured.”

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