Chapter 37: Two Pieces of News

Gu Yundong looked up in surprise when she saw the tael of silver.

Aunt Ke said unnaturally, "I won't eat your food for nothing. Treat the tael of silver as food money. Anyway, you have to cook for a few people. You can also cook mine to save yourself the trouble. One tael of silver is enough, right?"

"It's enough, enough."

"Come with me to buy groceries another day. I know which store's food is cheap and fresh."

Gu Yundong put away the silver and immediately nodded. "No problem."

Ahh, the one tael of silver that she had spent today was finally back. Her heart did not ache so much anymore.

Gu Yundong happily placed the bowls on the table. The two little ones and Madam Yang looked at the dishes on the table impatiently.

Big Sister was so amazing. They had never smelled such a fragrance before.

Gu Yunke took a bite of the steamed egg. Her face seemed to be glowing as if she was intoxicated.

"It's smooth and delicious."

Gu Yundong looked at her and felt a little sad. The young lady had never eaten steamed eggs. Madam Zhao was very stingy with their family. If there was good food, it was given to the second and third uncle's families. If they dared to crave it, she would slap them mercilessly.

She scooped a big spoonful for Gu Yunke. "Eat more if you like it. I'll make it for you often in the future."

"Eldest Sister, you're the best." The little girl raised her head and chuckled. "I like this place. There's no Grandmother Zhao to scold me, and no Second Sister to hit me. There's also delicious food. It's even better than in my dreams."

The second sister she was talking about was her cousin from Second Uncle's family. She was a year younger than Gu Yundong, but she was arrogant and domineering. Seeing that Gu Yunke was pink and tender and prettier than her, she often pinched her.

The little girl cried and ran to look for Gu Yundong. The original host Gu Yundong was a crybaby and weak person, but she still helped her to reason with the girl from Second Uncle's family. In the end, they quarreled.

Mrs. Zhao immediately slapped her, causing her ear to bleed. She lay on the bed for a few days before she recovered.

The young Gu Yunke was frightened. From then on, she did not complain anymore. She cried silently when she was pinched. In the end, she simply stayed in her room all day and did not go out.

Now that Madam Zhao and Second Sister were not here, her personality gradually became cheerful.

Gu Yundong's heart ached, but at the same time, she was very gratified. She felt that making her family members' three lives better gave her a sense of accomplishment.

Gu Yunshu and Madam Yang also felt sorry for Gu Yunke. They each scooped a spoonful of steamed eggs for her to eat.

On the little girl's left was her eldest sister, and on her right was her brother. She felt so happy and stuffed her mouth with food.

She was very happy, and Gu Yundong could not help but want to pamper her.

Not only her, but Madam Yang, Gu Yunshu, and Aunt Ke also praised her culinary skills endlessly. They ate all the dishes. They had never thought of such a life before.

Gu Yundong also liked such peaceful days. The only thing she was worried about was that the money was decreasing bit by bit.

Fortunately, three days later, Nie Cong finally appeared at the entrance of Aunt Ke's courtyard.

Moreover, he had brought her two surprising news.

When Nie Cong saw Gu Yundong again, he almost did not recognize her. Was this really that little girl with disheveled hair and ragged clothes? She was actually… so good-looking?

Gu Yundong ignored his surprise. She held out her hands like a debt collector. "My silver."

Yes, the voice was very familiar. It was definitely her.

Only then did Nie Cong take out a banknote from his money bag.

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