Chapter 36: Four Dishes and One Soup

Gu Yundong stroked the little girl's furry and yellow hair and smiled. "You'll know when Eldest Sister does it."

Gu Yunke swallowed. "It must be delicious."

Gu Yundong went to the kitchen. She first took two apples, cut them, and placed them on a plate. She handed them to Gu Yunke, who had followed her in. "Bring them to the central room to eat with Brother and Mother."

"What's this?" The little girl looked curiously at the moist apple petals in a circle and reached out her little finger to touch them quietly.

Gu Yundong was charmed by her cute actions. She picked up a piece and stuffed it into her mouth. "This is an apple. It's delicious, but it's a little expensive. You can't waste it, understand?"

Gu Yunke took a bite. It was crispy and juicy. It was even sweeter than wild dates. Her round eyes immediately lit up. She quickly grabbed it with her small hand and bit it bit by bit.

"Go." Gu Yundong nudged her. The young lady carried the plate and went to look for her brother.

Gu Yundong rolled up her sleeves, washed the rice, and cooked the rice. She stuffed two large sticks of firewood under the stove.

Only then did she go and wash her hands. She first prepared a cucumber and made a cold cucumber for a refreshing dish. She did not dare to add spicy seasoning. Children could not eat it then.

Then, she cut the eggplants and took half a piece of meat to chop it up. She made a minced eggplant dish.

Then, she cracked three eggs and steamed a large bowl of steamed eggs. She sprinkled some green onions. They were yellow and green, and the colors were bright. Just looking at them made one's appetite rise.

Then, she started to roast the braised pork. She had bought streaky pork that cost 25 copper coins a catty. The meat in the prefecture capital was also especially expensive.

Gu Yundong knew how to cook since she was young. When she was alone, she would reward herself from time to time. Although her culinary skills were not as good as a chef in big restaurant's, they were not bad.

Therefore, when Auntie Ke entered the door, she smelled a rich fragrance. It was so fragrant that she subconsciously swallowed her saliva.

She followed the smell to the kitchen and saw the busy Gu Yundong. Then, she saw a few dishes on the dining table beside her and could not move her feet.

Gu Yundong turned around and saw her. She wiped her hands and said, "Aunt Ke, you're back. Rest for a while. I'll cook some soup and we can eat."

Auntie Ke tried her best to look away and said with a straight face, "It's still early. Take your time to cook it. I'll just eat some noodles alone. It'll be quick."

Gu Yundong smiled. "You're treating me like an outsider. You spent so much effort to make dinner for our family of four yesterday. How can I let you eat noodles alone? Let's eat together later. I counted you in when I cooked. If you don't eat, it will be a waste."

Auntie Ke looked at her twice and walked away with her hands behind her back. As she walked, she muttered, "What's there to waste? If we can't finish it for lunch, can't we still eat it tonight? You're a young lady. You don't even know how to speak."

She went to her room. Gu Yundong could not react in time.

Was this a yes? Or a no?

Forget it, she didn't care anymore. She turned around and cooked the last dish, winter melon tofu soup.

When the soup was served and placed properly, she saw three heads lying at the kitchen door, twitching their noses and sniffing desperately.

Gu Yundong suppressed her laughter and asked Gu Yunshu to call Auntie Ke. They could eat now.

Gu Yunshu quickly turned around. He had just taken two steps when Aunt Ke arrived.

She walked up to Gu Yundong and said with a serious expression, "Give me your hand. This is for you."

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