Martial God Asura

Chapter 5804: Bloodline Mystery

Chapter 5804: Bloodline Mystery

Chapter 5804: Bloodline Mystery

“Elder, why is that so?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s because I chose you,” the red lightning beast replied.

“Is the Heavenly Lightning Bloodline inside the soul the one my father passed down to me? Elders, did you enter my body when I was ten? Or were you there even earlier, but I awakened it that year? Also, why am I unable to sense my own bloodline?” Chu Feng asked.

In truth, he already had some guesses about this matter.

Back in the Ancient Realm, the red lightning beast had said that it had chosen Chu Feng, and Chu Feng’s cultivation had only started advancing quickly when the nine-colored lightning struck him and dwelled in his dantian when he was ten years old.

From that, he deduced that was when the nine-colored lightning entered his body.

However, he couldn’t understand why these lightning beasts would choose him when they were already so powerful themselves. It also didn’t make sense to him why he had never been able to sense his own bloodline power. There were simply too many questions in his mind.

“Brat, I only have one thing to say. Your bloodline going berserk has nothing to do with us,” the red lightning beast said with a hearty laugh before departing.

Chu Feng still had many doubts, but he didn’t bother voicing them out as he knew the red lightning beast wouldn’t tell him anything else. Nevertheless, this was an important clue for him. At the very least, it meant that his own bloodline was formidable, considering how it was able to go berserk.

Most people might have felt uncomfortable learning that they had been developing a bloodline power that wasn’t truly from their own bloodline, since there was a risk the power might leave them, but Chu Feng didn’t feel uneasy at all.

After all, he had progressed thus far relying on that bloodline power in his dantian that didn’t belong to him.

Instead of leaving his dantian, Chu Feng first observed the surroundings before closing his eyes once more.

He had obtained the Genesis Bloodline, but he couldn’t sense its presence no matter how he looked around.

“Am I unable to communicate with the Genesis Bloodline due to the limits of my cultivation?” Chu Feng murmured as he returned to the real world to work on his formation.

He wasn’t too worried about the Genesis Bloodline, as it was most definitely in his body. Since he was unable to sense even his own bloodline power, it wasn’t too surprising that he couldn’t sense a strong foreign power like the Genesis Bloodline too.

Ultimately, it was all due to his lack of strength.

While Chu Feng was constructing his formation, the Nine Heavens’ Zenith was on its way to its destination. It wasn’t as fast as the Nine Heavens Secret Domain’s teleportation formations, but it was much faster than ordinary ancient teleportation formations.

Master Nine Zenith was clearly intending to help him all the way.

Soon, Chu Feng finally finished constructing the formations. With them in hand, he looked for his companions and said, “Everyone, I’ll need your cooperation for this formation.”

“Chu Feng, I’ll go first,” Qin Xuan said.

He knew that Long Chengyu, Xianhai Shaoyu, Wang Qiang, and the others were Chu Feng’s friends. There were few ‘outsiders’ here, and he was one of them. On top of that, he knew that it was likely true that the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect had a hand in the Totem Dragon Clan’s internal rebellion.

He was in a sensitive position no different from Ling Xiao and Jie Baobao, and Chu Feng would be keeping a close eye on him.

Chu Feng responded with a smile before relaying to Qin Xuan how he should cooperate with him. Following that, he fused the formation into Qin Xuan’s body.

Qin Xuan made sure to fully cooperate, so everything went smoothly.

While nothing seemed to have changed on the surface, in truth, Qin Xuan couldn’t use any long-range communication means anymore. He would be discovered right away if he used a treasure, and even his voice transmission was restricted to those present here.

Chu Feng proceeded to fuse the formation into everyone present.

As soon as the job was done, a voice transmission was relayed to Wang Qiang, Xian Miaomiao, Long Chengyu, Long Muxi, Xianhai Shaoyu, and Little Fishy, “The formations I infused inside you are fake, so your communications aren’t restricted. Feel free to communicate with anyone if you need to, but don’t let others know about this yet. I need to appear fair on the surface.”

Chu Feng had granted special exceptions to them. He had to put the isolation formation in place to protect himself, but he trusted his friends. He knew that there were usually people protecting his friends, so he wanted to give them the option to bring them along if they wanted to.

The last thing he wanted to do was to endanger his friends for his own safety.

Of course, what they wanted to do with this power was completely up to them. He was only opening up options for them.

“Brother Chu Feng, may I have a private conversation with you?” Xianhai Shaoyu suddenly said.

“Of course.” Chu Feng constructed an isolation formation with a wave of his sleeve.

However, when Xianhai Shaoyu entered the isolation formation to have a private conversation with Chu Feng, Little Fishy quickly followed him too.

“Why are you tagging along? Go out,” Xianhai Shaoyu said.

“Is there anything I can’t listen to?” Little Fishy refused.

“I just want to have a private chat with Chu Feng. Just go out for a while, all right? Are you not going to listen to your big brother’s words anymore?” Xianhai Shaoyu said.

“It’s not as if I’m an outsider... and it’s not as if I’ve ever listened to you before,” Little Fishy replied with a sweet, adorable smile.

Left with no choice, Xianhai Shaoyu turned to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, you need to keep your girl in line.”

“Fine fine, I’ll go out.” Little Fishy immediately surrendered and left the isolation barrier.

“Haa, little sisters really cannot be relied on. She has no respect for me at all,” Xianhai Shaoyu said with pitiful eyes.

However, Chu Feng knew that the two of them were close, just that they were fond of arguing. He first closed the isolation formation so that outsiders couldn’t listen into their conversation before turning to Xianhai Shaoyu, who had already taken out a Cosmos Sack and was passing it over to him.

“Are these Huangfu Jiangyao and Huangfu Shangyang’s possessions?” Chu Feng asked.

“There were too many people earlier, and I didn’t want you to carry the burden alone. It’ll be easier for you to have our Immortal Sea Fish Clan as an ally. I don’t need these items, and I figure you might be able to put them to good use,” Xianhai Shaoyu said.

“You should keep them. I appreciate your goodwill, but these items rightfully belong to you. Besides, their items can’t possibly be better than those on Huangfu Shengyu,” Chu Feng said.

“Brother Chu Feng, there’s no need for formalities...”

“It’s because we’re friends that you need not be so wishy-washy with me. I don’t stand on ceremony. I’d ask for it if I need it.”

Xianhai Shaoyu took back his Cosmos Sack with a chuckle. “All right.”

“Is that all?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, that’s all,” Xianhai Shaoyu replied.

“You sure are...” Chu Feng was rendered speechless, but he suddenly thought of something and said, “There’s something I’d like to ask you. I obtained two God Armaments from the Huangfu Heavenly Clan. And when I tamed Huangfu Shengyu’s God Armament, the character, ‘True’, appeared on the weapon for a brief instant. Do you know what that means?”

“That’s a good thing. It shows that the God Armament is of terrific quality. The character ‘True’ would only appear when taming a God Armament of sufficiently high quality,” Xianhai Shaoyu said.

“Ah! All right,” Chu Feng replied. “You didn’t exert your full strength when previously fighting with Huangfu Shengyu, right?”

“That’s a secret, but you shouldn’t think too much into it. There’s no way I can beat you for the time being anyway,” Xianhai Shaoyu replied with a smile.

Chu Feng chuckled.

Soon, the Nine Heavens’ Zenith arrived at the Totem Galaxy’s Blood Desert Upper Realm.

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