Martial God Asura

Chapter 5803: Possessing Two Heavenly Lightning Bloodlines

Chapter 5803: Possessing Two Heavenly Lightning Bloodlines

Chapter 5803: Possessing Two Heavenly Lightning Bloodlines

“My enmity with the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion has nothing to do with you two for the time being. You contributed to the ancient hall, so you’re welcome to join,” Chu Feng told Ling Xiao and Jie Baobao.

“Count us in,” Ling Xiao said.

“It’s good that we are of the same opinion. Let’s leave this place with the power of the Nine Heavens’ Zenith. I’ll prepare the formation. The rest of you wait here for me first,” Chu Feng said as a surge of teleportation energy enveloped him.

Chu Feng was brought to Master Nine Zenith’s monastery, where Master Nine Zenith was waiting for him.

“Are you ready, Benefactor Chu Feng?” Master Nine Zenith asked.

“I’ll be counting on you, Master Nine Zenith,” Chu Feng said.

“Where would you like to go? I can’t directly send you there, but I’ll make sure you get as close as possible,” Master Nine Zenith asked.

“Is this place convenient?” Chu Feng drew out a map with his spirit power, indicating an Upper Realm in the Totem Galaxy.

“Yes, it’s convenient,” Master Nine Zenith replied with a smile. He held his prayer beads in one hand while forming seals with the other.


Above the Pulse Ignition Village, all spirit power related to the Nine Heavens’ Zenith’s formation suddenly vanished.

“This feeling... The Nine Heavens’ Zenith has left the Pulse Ignition Ordinary Realm?”

“The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion allowed the Nine Heavens’ Zenith to leave just like that?”

The crowd outside Pulse Ignition Village noticed the departure of the Nine Heavens’ Zenith, and they weren’t surprised in the least. The Nine Heavens’ Zenith was capable of movement, which was why it was elusive in the first place.

What the crowd was surprised at was the attitude of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master.

As powerful as the Nine Heavens’ Zenith’s formation was, Heavenly Dragon World Spiritists were formidable as well. Given that Chu Feng was currently inside the Nine Heavens’ Zenith, the crowd couldn’t understand why the Mansion Master would allow them to leave just like that.

In truth, the Mansion Master was observing outer space from his palace with glowing eyes, trying to track the movement of the Nine Heavens’ Zenith. Yet, despite his spirit power, he was unable to determine where the Nine Heavens’ Zenith was headed.

He wasn’t surprised by the outcome, as past generations of Mansion Masters had coveted the power of the Nine Heavens’ Zenith’s formation but failed to acquire it. It was not that he didn’t want to stop the Nine Heavens’ Zenith but he didn’t have the power to do so.

Thus, he turned around and said, “Tian’er, get up.”

Jie Tian had been kneeling behind him all this while.

“Grandfather, I have let you down.” Jie Tian refused to get up or raise his head at all. Tears could be seen streaming down his cheeks.

“Tian’er, you didn’t let me down. You let yourself down. I announced your identity at this juncture so that you can make an impact. I never expected you to end up as Chu Feng’s stepping stone. It’s one thing if it was anyone else, but it just has to be Chu Feng of all people,” the Mansion Master shook his head with a bitter smile.

“But grandfather, I didn’t lose to Chu Feng,” Jie Tian said.

“Is there a difference? Where were you when the Ancient Era’s Heavenly Clan provoked the others in the Nine Heavens’ Zenith?” the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master asked.

“I...” Jie Tian had no answer to those words.

He had already been defeated by Little Fishy at that point but was unable to leave the Nine Heavens’ Zenith as he had been imprisoned by Liu Kuo. When the juniors were released from the Nine Heavens’ Zenith, the affairs that had transpired there spread.

The crowd outside swiftly learned that the five Huangfus were descendants from an Ancient Era’s Heavenly Clan, and they were extremely powerful. Fortunately, Chu Feng defeated the strongest Huangfu Shengyu and defended the honor of the present era’s cultivators.

“The Nine Heavens’ Zenith has come to an end. Are you in first place on the ranking board?” the Mansion Master asked.

Jie Tian couldn’t answer that question. He was in first place, but he was in first place on the Elimination Board, whereas Chu Feng was in first place on the true ranking board.

Until another junior defeated Chu Feng, he would be deemed the strongest junior in the world of cultivation with the endorsement of the Nine Heavens’ Zenith.

“Did you conquer the Genesis Bloodline?” the Mansion Master continued asking.

Jie Tian clenched his fists, as indignation and regret filled his face. He had heard about how Chu Feng conquered the Genesis Bloodline. Frankly speaking, he had no idea whether he had the means to conquer the Genesis Bloodline or not, but he still spoke up, “Grandfather, I’ll never let you down again. I’ll defeat Chu Feng and show the world who’s the strongest junior.”

However, the Mansion Master didn’t say a word. He was utterly disappointed in Jie Tian, to the point where he no longer harbored any hope for the latter.

“Grandfather, please allow me to cultivate in our ancestral forbidden land,” Jie Tian said.

The Mansion Master was surprised to hear those words. “Are you certain about it?”

“Grandfather, I have already thought things through. I have embarrassed you this time around, but there won’t be a second time,” Jie Tian said.

“Tian’er, I have told you before what kind of place our ancestral forbidden land is. You know the risks involved. However, I’ll grant you your wish if you have made up your mind. I just hope that you won’t disappoint me again. In God’s Era, you’re shouldering not just the future of our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion but our glory too,” the Mansion Master said.


Meanwhile, Master Nine Zenith prepared a location for Chu Feng to construct his formation.

Chu Feng knew that prodigies like Ling Xiao had powerful protective formations. These formations were restricted under the effects of the Nine Heavens’ Zenith’s formation, but they would swiftly regain their effectiveness once they left the Nine Heavens’ Zenith.

It would be going overboard to destroy their protective formation, so he couldn’t resort to Protection Bane for this. Ideally, he should temporarily isolate their protective formations, but that was not easy to pull off even if he had their cooperation

Chu Feng had already prepared the ingredients he needed, but he didn’t proceed to construct the formation right away. Instead, he delved into his dantian to verify a matter.

As soon as he entered his dantian, he was met with a world covered in red lightning. The red lightning beast was right in front of him as if the other party had been waiting for him.

“You’re a patient one to only enter now,” the red lightning beast’s voice boomed within the dantian.

“I guess it wasn’t my imagination, after all.” Chu Feng knew right away the red lightning beast had something to say to him, considering how the latter usually just ignored him. This was the first time the red lightning beast was taking the initiative to communicate with him.

“Yes, it wasn’t your imagination. There are two Heavenly Lightning Bloodlines inside of you,” the red lightning beast said.

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