Martial God Asura

Chapter 40 I Am Su Meis Lover

MGA: Chapter 40 – I Am Su Mei’s Lover

“Get out of my face. If you dare to continue blocking me then I’ll break you.” But just as Chu Feng left the Mission Selection Location, he heard the sharp voice of a girl.

“Su Mei?”

Hearing that voice, Chu Feng couldn’t help but be alarmed. He even thought that Su Mei met with trouble so he quickly went towards the direction of the voice.

Indeed, nearby, he found Su Mei’s figure. But currently around Su Mei were a dozen or so Sword Alliance Members.

They did not conceal their aura so Chu Feng could clearly feel that most of the people there were at the 5th level of Spirit realm. The strongest one was a young man and he was at the 6th level of the Spirit realm.

That person had a high figure, white face, thick eyebrows, and big eyes. It could be said that he was a typical pretty boy. He was currently sinisterly smiling at Su Mei and the group of Sword Alliance Members were teasing Su Mei in front of the crowd.

But perhaps because of Su Mei’s special status, the teasing from the white-faced male had quite some level so it made Su Mei extremely displeased and there was signs of her preparing to flip out.

Seeing that, the Chu Feng that originally wanted to help out instantly stopped his steps. He clearly understood Su Mei’s strength. She was at the 7th level of the Spirit realm yet those people still dared to annoy Su Mei. They were simply looking to die.

But, obviously, the girl still did not want to expose her strength so she forcefully endured and did not attack. So, Chu Feng just joined the observers for the liveliness and hiddenly laughed in his heart, “I’ll see how much longer you can endure this.”

“Lady Su Mei. I, Jian Chen, truly like you. Can’t you give me a chance?”

“In the entire inner court, no matter it be status, strength, or looks, who could fit you other than me, Jian Chen?”

That white-faced male called Jian Chen confessed with deep emotions. But, his pair of thief eyes were scanning back and forth on Su Mei’s body. When he saw an attracting area, he couldn’t help but lick his lips.

“You...” Su Mei’s endurance obviously reached the limit because the thing that she could not stand the most was being annoyed by someone.

But just as she was going to explode, she suddenly saw a familiar figure in the crowd. A thought suddenly occurred and she retracted her angry expression while saying a bit embarrassedly to Jian Chen, “Actually, I already love someone.”

“What? You have a lover? Who?” Hearing Su Mei’s words, Jian Chen was as if he got hit by a huge blow and instantly got angry.

Su Mei smiled proudly, cast her gaze towards the crowd and used an extremely warm tone to say, “Darling, you’re just watching when someone bullies me?” And the person she was looking at was exactly Chu Feng in the crowd.

“Damn!” Chu Feng hidden yelled in his heart. He never would have thought that Su Mei would discover him so soon and she even made a fool of him. Su Mei was obviously taking him as a shield!

Although he was displeased in his heart, as a man and while facing the concentrated gazes of the people all around him, how could Chu Feng retreat? After all, he was originally planning to help Su Mei out.

“Baby, I just arrived. Which bastard is bullying you? I’ll help you take care of him.” Chu Feng put up an act as he walked out of the crowd. He came in front of Su Mei, smiled sinisterly, then did an action that completely stupefied everyone.

He waved his hand and a burst of strong wind swept across. It pushed the delicate little beauty, Su Mei, into his embrace.

That scene could really be said to make people’s eyes widen and jaws drop. Everyone had their mouths wide open and some people almost had their eyeballs fall out.

Who was Su Mei? She was a genius that everyone knew in the inner court and also a renowned beauty. Although there weren’t many people that saw her, those who did see her were charmed by her beauty.

Many people even saw her as the goddess in their eyes. Those who had strong abilities and strong backgrounds directly confessed to Su Mei. This Jian Chen was only one of them.

“You...” Being flirted with in front of so many people, Su Mei was also angry to the point that both her eyes were on fire.

But after thinking that it was for herself, she strongly resisted against her anger. Not only did she not flip out, she was brimming with smiles of happiness and continued to stay in Chu Feng’s embrace.

At that instant, Chu Feng could feel two balls of softness touching his stomach. That comfortable feeling instantly made him quiver once. After that, he couldn’t help but more tightly embrace Su Mei a bit more and enjoyed that soft feeling as much as he liked.

“Damn it, who are you?!”

As he saw his own goddess being embraced by someone else in front of him, Jian Chen only felt anger attacking his heart and killing intent was emitted from his body.

“Who am I? I am the one whom Su Mei loves.” Chu Feng stuck out his chest and raised his head as he said proudly.

“You bastard...” Su Mei cursed in her heart. Everyone could figure out what Chu Feng meant. His meaning was that Su Mei loved him instead of the other way around!

“Damn it. I’ll break you.” Finally, Jian Chen exploded. He pulled out the sword behind his back and stabbed towards Chu Feng.

“Darling, take care of him for me.”

The thing that made Chu Feng speechless was the Su Mei in his embrace actually pushed him out. That push had plenty of power in it and it directly pushed him towards Jian Chen’s sword. That was simply taking advantage of Chu Feng and she was taking revenge without even disguising it!

But what strength did Chu Feng have? People in the 7th level of the Spirit realm weren’t even worth being his opponent, let alone a person of the 6th level.


Chu Feng leaned to the side and dodged Jian Chen’s attack. After that, he raised his leg and directly kicked Jian Chen into a miserable state.

“Boy, you’re looking to die.” Seeing that, the dozen or so remaining Sword Alliance members waved the sword in the hands and unrestrainedly chopped towards Chu Feng.

But, how could they be Chu Feng’s opponent? Within a blink, the dozen or so people all got beaten up to the point where they were bleeding from their noses, bruised all over their body, rolling on the floor, and howling in pain.

*ta* Chu Feng stepped on the body of Jian Chen and said aggressively, “If you dare to disturb my darling in the future, I’ll break all your teeth.”

After saying that, Chu Feng went in front of Su Mei while chuckling and embraced her without restraint. He then said, “Let’s sit over there darling.” Then swaggeringly walked towards his own residence.

“Who is this guy? He dared to do that to Su Mei...”

Seeing the scene in which the two of them were relying on each other as they were leaving, at the same time that the people suspected his identity, the sounds of heartbreaking could also be heard.

As they walked, Chu Feng was really unrestrained. He tightly hugged the Su Mei in his embrace while completely ignoring Su Mei’s gaze of contempt and also that small hand that was hiddenly pinching his arm.

These were Chu Feng’s thoughts: “Even I need to endure the pain, I will still take small advantages of you. The so-called ‘If you don’t take the advantages of the small things, then you don’t take advantage at all’. This is the price for taking me as the shield.”

“Bastard, enough.”

Just as they entered Chu Feng’s residence, Su Mei pushed Chu Feng away. A gust of wind past by, and Su Mei’s sharp kick came sweeping towards him.


Chu Feng was shocked because Su Mei surpassed him no matter if it was speed or strength.

This girl was already at the 8th level of the Spirit realm!

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