Martial God Asura

Chapter 39 Displaying Strength

MGA: Chapter 39 – Displaying Strength

Chu Feng did a great service for the Chu family so Chu Yuanba wanted to focus on developing Chu Feng. Everyone in the Chu family knew about that thus their attitude towards Chu Feng also changed.

On the road back to the Azure Dragon School, the people that were hostile towards Chu Feng started to take the initiative to get closer to him. But other than Chu Yue, Chu Feng’s attitude while facing them could only be neither cold nor hot.

Seeing Chu Feng and Chu Yue joking together, playing around, and being lively, many people endlessly envied Chu Yue and also at the same time they regretted their actions towards Chu Feng.

Their intestines even became green, but they could only regret because the only thing that the world didn’t have was a medicine for regret.

[TN: “Intestines becoming green” -> Intestines only become green after dying, so it’s exaggerating that they “died from regret”.]

“Chu Yue, if you have anything remember to find me. You know where my residence is.”

After arriving to the Azure Dragon School, Chu Feng only said goodbye to Chu Yue and didn’t care about the feelings of others as he left while swaggering.

Chu Wei’s expression was very complicated as he looked at Chu Feng’s back. He really wanted to say to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, join the Chu Alliance. If you want, you can even take the spot as the head of the Alliance.”

But he could not say that because he knew that he had no face to say it. Also, he also knew Chu Feng would not enter even if he said that.

Even he felt that Chu Feng did not deserve the Chu Alliance. The Chu Feng who was able to beat a person who was at the 7th level of the Spirit realm. Even in the entire inner court, he could certainly be seen as outstanding.

Chu Feng did not directly return to his residence. He came to the inner court’s Mission Selection Location.

The inner court disciples were fairly free, but a lot of people still willingly remained at the school to cultivate because the Azure Dragon School could provide a large amount of cultivating resources.

Other than the yearly Spiritual Medicine Hunt, this Mission Selection Location could be said to be only route to gain cultivating resources.

Just as the name implied, the so-called Mission Selection Location was to select all sorts of missions, and after finishing, the appropriate reward would be given.

There were light missions and there were more serious ones. The light ones were finding items for people or escorting convoys; whereas the more serious ones were killing monsters or helping in fights. As for the reward for the missions, naturally, they was related to the difficulty.

“Why are all these missions so simple?” Chu Feng was standing inside the Mission Selection Location’s main hall while supporting his chin with his hand. He looked back and forth on the mission plates which were hung on the mission board. But after looking for a good while, he did not find any that he liked.

Because of the Divine Lightning in his body, if Chu Feng wanted to raise his cultivation level, the amount of spiritual energy he required would get larger and larger. It would not be simply settled by a few Saint Spirit Grasses.

So that was why Chu Feng put his current goal on the Spiritual Beads. But, after looking through the entire mission board, the highest reward for a mission was only a few Saint Spirit Grasses. Spiritual Beads? No need to even think about it.

“Ahh... It seems that I can only stack up the little things to form the great.” Thinking to that point, Chu Feng did an insane decision. He flicked his arm and madly grabbed all the high difficulty missions plates that rewarded Saint Spirit Grasses on the mission board into his hands.

“Damn. Look at what that boy is doing? Is he crazy?”

“He isn’t here to create trouble is he?”

Chu Feng actions undoubtedly attracted people’s attention. In their eyes, with Chu Feng’s age, at most he would be at the 4th level of the Spirit realm. The high difficulty missions required at least the 6th level of the Spirit realm to complete which was not something he could do. So, every felt that if Chu Feng wasn’t crazy then he was creating trouble.

But, after all, there were limited high difficulty missions. So, after taking all the missions that rewarded Saint Spirit Grasses, Chu Feng cast his gaze onto the medium difficulty missions.

If Chu Feng crazily took the high difficulty mission plates, it would only attract their attention. But if Chu Feng extended his hand towards the medium difficulty plates, it would attract their hate.

“Oi! What are you doing? Do you have a problem?” Suddenly, someone yelled out.

Chu Feng frowned and looked at the person who yelled at him. Only then did he discover that he knew that person. He was someone that entered the inner court disciple exam at the same time as Chu Feng, and also the person who people thought highly of, Duan Yuxuan.

The current Duan Yuxuan’s face was very ugly. After searching hard for a long time, he finally found a mission that he liked. But Chu Feng just grabbed it.

If Chu Feng really wanted the mission, then it would be fine. But obviously Chu Feng didn’t so Duan Yuxuan couldn’t tolerate that.

“You’re cursing me?” Chu Feng calmly asked.

“So what if I am? Do you have a damn problem? Do you think this is opened by your family? From what I can see, with your mission grabbing, you are just here to make trouble...”

*bang* Before Duan Yuxuan even finished talking, a clear slap landed on his face.

A strong power made Duan Yuxuan feel that he was floating for a moment as his entire body flew up. As he landed, he opened his mouth and 3 teeth came out.


The crowd went into uproar because just now, everyone could feel that the seemingly unimpressive young man was an expert of the 6th level of the Spirit realm. His aura was also extremely thick and all of that made people speechless.

6th level of the Spirit realm. Although it wasn’t the strongest within the inner court, to be able to reach the 6th level at that age already took people aback. The Dragon and Tiger brothers in the Wings Alliance were also at the 6th level of the Spirit realm, and obviously, the young person in front of them were stronger than the brothers.

Chu Feng ignored the shocked gazes of the crowd as he stuffed a large amount of mission plates into his bag on his shoulder. He pointed at Duan Yuxuan who was on the ground and said,

“Pay attention when you speak next time. I’ll take how many missions I want and it has nothing to do with you.”

After saying that, Chu Feng elegantly left. With his current strength, the people in the 7th level of the Spirit realm were not even suitable for him. Even against people who were at the 8th level of the spirit realm, as long as he used everything he had, he could have a battle as well.

From what he knew, in the entire inner court, the strongest people seemed to only be from the 8th level and there were no more than 10 people who were like that. So, in the entire inner court, there were not many people whom he was afraid of.

Also, after being in contact with Su Mei, he did not worry about people’s suspicions towards his cultivating talent which was caused by his special body.

After all, in the inner court, there was already a genius like Su Mei. To know, in the Azure Dragon School, in the Azure Province, and even in the entire Nine Provinces, there would be even countless more impressive geniuses. So, the current innate skill that he was displaying was not worth being suspicious towards.

That was why Chu Feng felt that there was no need to hide his strength anymore. At least he wouldn’t lower his head towards others.

After experiencing the Chu family gathering, Chu Feng also discovered a principle. Only with powerful strength will people respect him. So, from now on, he would not have a trace of restraint towards people that disrespect him.

“Who is this guy? The pressure that he was emitting just now was quite scary. I don’t think that I’ve heard of him before.” People started the discussions as they looked at Chu Feng’s elegant back.

“I know who he is. He’s Chu Feng, and he’s also the person that refused the invitation of the Wings Alliance.” Just at that time, someone yelled that out. With those words, the crowd exclaimed in surprise once again.

As for the Duan Yuxuan who was lying on the floor, he had some lingering fear. Someone who was at the 6th level of the Spirit realm and also who has the support of the Wings Alliance was not someone he could offend.

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