Martial God Asura

Chapter 13 Kneel Down and Beg For Forgiveness

MGA: Chapter 13 – Kneel Down and Beg For Forgiveness

*whoosh* Chu Feng dashed to the side and dodged Chu Cheng’s attack.

At the same time, one of his foot touched the ground. He suddenly spun, and after one rotation, his foot was retracted.

Seeing that, Chu Cheng’s face slightly changed and he hurriedly backed off. But sadly, not only were Chu Feng’s feet abnormally quick, his positioning was accurate and there was no way to dodge it.

As he panicked, Chu Cheng could only put both his arms together and forcefully block Chu Feng’s attack.



After the sweep of the leg, Chu Cheng was forced back several steps and a numbing feeling continuously came from his arms.

At that instant, Chu Cheng frowned slightly. No matter what, he did not think that Chu Feng would have such powerful strength.

That strength completely exceeded his expectations so he had to treat the fight seriously.

“You know your stuff, but with only a body of brute strength, at the end, it is impossible to become useful. I’ll let you experience the might of the martial skills.”



Chu Cheng continuously hit the acupuncture points of his body and he suddenly yelled out loud. In a instant, his body expanded quite a bit and his fists increased were also increased in size.

Also, his skin turned from white to purple and veins emerged. It was quite frightening.

“A strengthening skill.”

Chu Feng squinted his eyes and he could tell that Chu Cheng used some sort of strengthening skill.

That kind of skill would not change the amount of skills one had, but their entire body would receive an upgrade.

After cultivating to a certain point, one’s body would not be invaded by the elements, nor can swords or spears pierce through the body. Their entire body would like a lethal weapon.

He saw Chu Feng’s change in expression so Chu Cheng was instantly proud of himself. Although Chu Feng’s strength was unexpected, he knew that Chu Feng’s biggest weakness was that he did not cultivate any martial skills.

The skill that he used was called Body of Steel. With that skill, one would be almost invincible while physically battling a person of the same level, so he had absolute confidence that he could defeat Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you can kneel down and beg for forgiveness, or...”

But not even letting him finish his words, Chu Feng’s body flashed, and disappeared.

When Chu Feng reappeared, he arrived in front of Chu Cheng. A strong, heavy fist got bigger and bigger before in his eyes.

Seeing that Chu Feng dared to battle with him physically, Chu Cheng sneered and he also threw his fist out at Chu Feng’s fist.


With the collision of the two fists, a sound rang out, as if it was the collision of steel.

But after that exchange, Chu Cheng got pushed back a few steps. The numb feeling did not decrease but rather increased on his fist and he looked at Chu Feng who did was not even pushed half a step back.

“How is this guy’s body so strong?”

Chu Cheng finally realized that something was wrong. With his current cultivated skills, there was pretty much no one that dared to meet his force with force in the same cultivation level.

But right now, in front of his eyes, not only did Chu Feng meet force with force, he even had the advantage. That really made him feel that the situation was not good.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s body dashed in front and he struck out with a single palm. He directly attacked Chu Cheng’s right in front of him.

Chu Cheng who had two previous lessons did not forcefully accept it. Instead, he aimed at Chu Feng’s wrist and grabbed it.


But it still wasn’t time for Chu Cheng to be happy. He surprisingly found out that his hand grabbed onto nothing, and the palm that was heading straight for him also disappeared in the air.



As he was surprised, an extremely powerful palm fiercely landed on his chest.

Chu Feng’s palm had a lot of power. Chu Cheng got pushed back beyond ten meters then fell on the ground while spraying out a mouthful of blood.

That scene made the observing Chu Zhen widen his eyes and mouth. No matter what, he wouldn’t have thought that even the Chu Cheng that was in the 4th level of the Spirit realm would be defeated by Chu Feng’s hands.

That already exceeded his bearable boundaries. After all, before, Chu Feng was a useless person that could not be more useless.

“How did this happen...”

At that time, on Chu Cheng’s face, other than pain, most of it was shock.

He could not understand. He could not understand why he wasn’t able to grab onto Chu Feng’s wrist and got hit by him instead.

“Did he train in a skill?”

“Impossible. Absolutely impossible. He’s only been in the inner court for ten days. How is he able to use skills?”

Chu Cheng felt that what Chu Feng showed could not be martial skills, because within ten days, it was impossible to learn a martial skill.

But if he knew that not only did Chu Feng use martial skills, it was even the strongest skill in the inner court, the Illusionary Palm, who knew how he would feel.

“Brother.” Just at that time, Chu Zhen ran over, supported Chu Cheng and wanted to escape.

He was really panicking. He only thought that if Chu Cheng could not defeat Chu Feng, he could only think of escaping.

“No need to leave so quickly you two.”

But just at that time, Chu Feng appeared without even making a sound and blocked their path.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing?”

Chu Zhen had a calm face on the surface, but he could not cover the fear in his heart.

It was because the current Chu Feng was completely different from the Chu Feng in his memories. It was as though he was a completely different person. That change really terrified him.

“I’m not planning on anything, just take out all the things on you, kneel and beg for forgiveness, then I’ll let you go.” There was a small smile that hung on Chu Feng’s face, but that smile made them even more frightened.

“Chu Feng, don’t be excessive.” Chu Cheng said while grinding his teeth.

“I’m excessive? You all said with your mouths that I’m garbage. Humiliating and insulting me in front of others.”

“You even followed me sneakily, and you wanted to rob me and beat me up. Now you say I’m excessive?”

“I know that you don’t see me as part of the Chu family, but that doesn’t matter, because I have never seen you as family either.”

“Insulting me is fine, but to treat Chu Yue like that is intolerable, because Chu Yue is family to me, and she is one of the few people I want to protect.”

After saying that, Chu Feng’s face suddenly turned cold and he extended his hands. With two sharp “bangs”, two clear slaps landed on Chu Cheng’s and Chu Zhen’s face.

Those two slaps were very powerful and the two of them rigidly fell on the ground. After that, Chu Feng suddenly extended his leg and fiercely kicked Chu Cheng’s chest.

“How’s your mouth now? Weren’t you able to force your logic? Weren’t you very threatening?”

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Talk. Say...please forgive me.” While Chu Feng was speaking, he slapped Chu Cheng two more times.

After those two slaps, both of Chu Cheng’s cheeks were left with two red palm marks and a trace of blood flowed from his mouth.

“For me to beg to trash like you, you wish.” Chu Cheng seemed very unyielding.

But Chu Feng only smiled, and started waving both his arms. Several slaps continuously landed on Chu Cheng’s face.

In that situation, Chu Cheng’s cheeks quickly started swelling, and his head became a pig’s head.

“Chu Feng!” Seeing that his own elder brother was cruelly hit by that, Chu Zhen finally exploded.

“Move.” Just with a wave of his huge sleeve, and with a slap, Chu Zhen laid on the ground without even having strength to climb back up.

That instant, Chu Zhen truly understood the difference between him and Chu Feng. So it turned out he really couldn’t even take one attack from Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, kill me if you dare!” Chu Cheng revealed a sinister glare and started bellowing.

“You think I don’t?” As he said that, Chu Feng took a dagger from Chu Cheng’s waist, aimed it at his dantian and said,

“I will count to one. If you don’t beg for forgiveness, I’ll destroy your dantian and you won’t be able to cultivate anymore in your life.”

“You dare?!?” Hearing Chu Feng words, Chu Cheng face instantly changed. There was no more sinisterness, and replacing that was incomparable fear.

He felt the same as Chu Zhen. He also thought that the Chu Feng in front of him was completely different from the Chu Feng in his memories.

He could really not be sure whether or not Chu Feng would destroy his dantian, or whether or not he would kill him.

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