Martial God Asura

Chapter 12 Fierce Character

MGA: Chapter 12 – Fierce Character

“Chu Yue, why did you come out?” Chu Feng asked confusedly.

Chu Yue ran to Chu Feng’s side while laughing, and using her white hand, she lightly punched Chu Feng’s chest and said happily,

“You’re quite good! I was saying why you were so calm when you were in the outer court. But now, after a day, you already caught up to me.”

Chu Feng embarrassedly shook his head, “Chu Yue, I’ve given you troubles today and it seems that your Chu Alliance gathering has to end unhappily.”

“Don’t worry, giving them a lesson is good or else they would bully you all day.”

“That’s right. Chu Feng, let’s go together in the Spiritual Medicine Hunt tomorrow! Those things are very hard to catch alone.”

“You know my relationship with them. Even if I was willing to join the Chu Alliance, they wouldn’t be willing to.” Chu Feng shook his head.

“Don’t worry about those things and just leave it to me. Just come and find us here tomorrow.” Chu Yue gave another bamboo sheet to Chu Feng and on there was the gathering location for the Chu alliance tomorrow.

“Fine.” Seeing Chu Yue being so persistent, Chu Feng could not bear to refuse it.

After appeasing Chu Feng, Chu Yue jumped and bounced back to the residence. She was really happy today because Chu Feng gave her a huge surprise.

Everyone in the world respected strength, and seeing that Chu Feng revealed unordinary strength, she felt that perhaps people from the Chu family would start to accept Chu Feng.

To unify the Chu family without discrimination was her biggest wish.

“Chu Wei, you guys...” But just as she arrived in front of the residence, Chu Yue found out that all the Chu Alliance members already left.

“Hmph.” Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen fiercely glared at Chu Yue, said nothing and left.

“Chu Yue, it’s not like I want to say it, but today you sided too much with that Chu Feng.”

“Now you’ve done it. Not only did Chu Feng take two Saint Spirit Grasses from us, we even got insulted by him. Now everyone left in anger. Are you happy now?” Chu Wei reprimanded strictly.

“Chu Wei, just view it as my fault and don’t blame him. In any case, Chu Feng is still part of our Chu family.”

“Look, you’ve seen Chu Feng’s strength. He isn’t the trash in your eyes. Also, our Chu Alliance needs people now, so why not let him join?”

Listening to Chu Yue say that, Chu Wei’s face instantly changed. But, as he was going to say something, a strange flicker appeared in his eyes, and at the end, he sighed helplessly,

“Ahh, I can’t do anything about you.”

“Fine, I’ll give Chu Feng another chance. Bring him tomorrow.”

“That’s great! You’re the best.” Chu Yue jumped excitedly and her smile was especially splendid.

“Okay, hurry up and rest early.” Chu Wei shook his head and walked towards his own residence.

“Chu Wei, you should also rest early.” Chu Yue smiled and waved at Chu Wei, then followed Chu Wei with her eyes as he left.

Chu Wei allowing Chu Feng to enter the Chu Alliance made Chu Yue happy beyond her expectations. But, what she didn’t see was that the moment Chu Wei turned his body around, a sinister smile was formed by his mouth.

“Senior Chu Yue, the one called Chu Feng concealed himself quite deeply. I’ve stayed in the outer court for so long but I’ve never even heard his name before. It seems like he was aiming to be the first in the disciple exam.”

Just at that time, a young man walked over. He was the same as Chu Feng, also being a new disciple this year. He just joined the Chu Alliance today.

“You’re correct. Chu Feng must have stayed in the outer court for the exam reward. I wonder if he got it or not...” Listening to what he said, Chu Yue also suddenly realized that.

“Senior Chu Yue, you’re thinking too much. A fierce character appeared in this year’s outer court and that person got first place.”

“Although Chu Feng has quite some strength, he cannot even be compared to that person.” The young man smiled and said.

“Fierce character? How fierce?” Chu Yue curiously asked.

“Extremely fierce. One rank 4 Fierce Beast, nine rank 3 Fierce Beasts, thirty rank 2 Fierce Beasts were all slaughtered by that person within a blink.”

“When the genius disciples of the outer court arrived, they only saw the Fierce Beasts’ corpse that filled the ground. Isn’t that amount of strength fierce?”

“That strong?” At that instant, Chu Yue’s face was filled with shock.

She also passed the inner court disciple exam, so she knew the power of the mechanism stage. She also knew about the terrifying Fierce Beasts.

To be able to kill that many Fierce Beasts before people even arrived really made her imagine how strong that person was. It would require a person of at least the 5th level of the Spirit realm to do that.

“Who’s that person called?” After being shocked, Chu Yue also wanted to know the name of this fierce character.

“Ahh, I want to know as well...”

“But sadly, that person intentionally hid their identity. After taking the reward, that person did not open the door out of the underground palace. Instead, that person concealed themself so no one knew who that person was.” The young man shook his head and left.

“That person is quite strange. So strong, yet so low-toned. Perhaps that person has a secret that cannot be told to other people?”

At that instant, Chu Yue got more and more curious towards the so-called fierce character.

It was because she knew that it might represent another genius disciple rising from the inner court.

“Oh no.” But suddenly, Chu Yue was suddenly alarmed because she thought of a strange scene that just happened.

When Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen left, they did not head towards their own residence. The direction that they headed towards was the same road as Chu Feng.

With that, Chu Yue knew that something was wrong and quickly headed towards the same direction as Chu Feng.

The inner court was extremely huge and there was quite some distance between Chu Feng and Chu Yue’s residence.

However, Chu Feng did not rush nor panic and he slowly walked. He kept on going until he arrived to a desolate location, then he stopped there.

“Don’t be so sneaky and come out.” Chu Feng’s gaze was cast towards a corner in the darkness.

“You are quite alert. It seems that I’ve really underestimated you.” Before even finishing his sentence, two familiar bodies walked out of the shadow. They were the brothers Chu Cheng and Chu Zhen.

Chu Zhen’s face was a lot better, but his anger did not decrease in the slightest. He even had thoughts of killing Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, I’ll give you a chance. Hand over the three Saint Spirit Grasses, kneel in front of my brother, kowtow and apologize. Then perhaps I’ll forgive you.” Chu Cheng glared at Chu Feng and absolute confidence filled his tone.

“What, you two want to rob me?”

“So what if we rob you?”

“You need strength to rob.”

“Strength? I’ll tell you right now what strength is.”

Chu Cheng’s body moved and strong wind rose behind him. In a blink, he arrived in front of Chu Feng. His hand was in a claw state and he directly attacked Chu Feng’s throat.

It had to be mentioned that Chu Cheng’s strength was several times stronger than Chu Zhen, and he was not weak even within the ranks of the 4th level Spirit realm.

However, his opponent was Chu Feng, the fierce character that bare-handedly killed a rank 4 Fierce Beast.

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