Chapter 375: Changing Dormitory

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When Mo Nan and the other two heard Chu An’s voice, they subconsciously turned around. When they saw Chu An, they forced themselves to perk up.

The three of them were silent for a while. In the end, it was Mo Nan who said, “It’s alright, Brother Chu doesn’t have to worry about us.”

Xi Cong and Ding Yu also nodded.

When Chu An heard this, he wasn’t in a hurry to continue asking and turned around to do his own things. When Mo Nan and the other two saw that Chu An didn’t have any intention of pursuing the matter, they heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts, but at the same time, they were also a little disappointed.

After a while, Xi Cong suddenly heard a question. “What are you worried about?”

Upon hearing the question, Xi Cong did not realize who was asking and only answered subconsciously.

“Sigh, now that Brother Chu has changed his major, doesn’t that mean that he will have to change dormitories in the future? We can’t bear to part with Brother Chu.” As he spoke, Xi Cong even sighed heavily.

Chu An leaned against Xi Cong’s desk with his arms crossed. He looked at Xi Cong with an unclear expression. “So this is what you’re worried about?”

Hearing Chu An’s voice again, Xi Cong finally came back to his senses and understood who was asking just now.

He raised his head in disbelief to look at Chu An, who was beside him, and met that pair of dark eyes.

He opened his mouth and glanced at Mo Nan and Ding Yu opposite him. He realized that the two of them looked like they could not bear to look at him.

Ding Yu even glanced at Xi Cong and immediately lowered his head, as if he did not want to see Xi Cong being silly again.

Xi Cong retracted his gaze from Mo Nan and Ding Yu, then looked at Chu An, his eyes filled with disbelief. “Brother Chu, how, how can you use such a method to get information out of me!”

However, Chu An did not look at Xi Cong. He did not even have the mood to answer him.

He looked at Mo Nan and Ding Yu, who were pretending to be busy with their own matters. “Is this also the reason why you’ve been so unhappy previously?”

Mo Nan and Ding Yu lowered their heads, not looking up or answering Chu An.

Chu An wasn’t in a hurry. He just quietly looked at Mo Nan and Ding Yu.

Xi Cong looked at Chu An and the other two in a daze. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but when Chu An’s gaze swept over, he hurriedly shut his mouth, not daring to get involved.

It wasn’t easy for Brother Chu to let him off, so he didn’t want to walk into a trap himself.

Xi Cong quietly turned around and faced his desk, looking very serious as if he was reading a book. However, in reality, he did not read any of the words on the book and had been paying attention to the movements of Chu An and the other two.

Perhaps it was because Chu An had accumulated a lot of power previously, but under Chu An’s gaze, even if he didn’t say anything else, Mo Nan and Ding Yu gradually couldn’t take Chu An’s gaze anymore.

In the end, Mo Nan was the first to give up. He looked like he had given up and said what was on his mind. “Yes, it’s precisely because of this that we’re a little unhappy. We don’t want Brother Chu to leave our dormitory.”

When Ding Yu saw this, he knew that he couldn’t avoid it, so he could only raise his head to look at Chu An.

“Brother Chu, we all quite like to be with you. Now that you’ve changed your major, you might have to change your dormitory too. Naturally, we can’t bear to part ways.”

Although Chu An had just entered the school, because of his relationship with Gu Xiao, he often disappeared with Gu Xiao. From time to time, he even had to show off his love in front of single people like them.

Moreover, although Chu An looked rather cold on the surface, as long as his dormitory mates really needed anything, as long as he could help, Chu An would always help as much as he could.

Actually, they all knew that some people in the school were saying that Chu An was not easy to get along with, and how it must be very tiring to be in the same dormitory as him.

However, to them, Chu An could be considered the best roommate, especially to Ding Yu, who had met some weird roommates in high school.

Originally, they had always thought that they could be roommates with Chu An for four years in university. Now that they suddenly knew that Chu An was going to change majors, they naturally felt a little uncomfortable.

They naturally supported Chu An’s choice, and they also hoped that he could study the major that he was truly interested in.

However, emotions had never been something that rationality could completely control.

If the major that Chu An had transferred to was still somewhat related to the current major, they could still hope that Chu An wouldn’t change dormitories.

However, what Chu An was about to go to was the Weapon Systems and Engineering major that had nothing to do with their major. They really couldn’t foolishly hold onto the thought that Chu An wouldn’t change dormitories.

After hearing the two of them, Chu An raised his eyebrows, and there was an indescribable meaning in his tone.. “Who told you that I am about to change dormitories?”

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