Chapter 374: Celebration

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Seeing the sweet interaction between Gu Xiao and Chu An, the surrounding students all revealed sour expressions. They even turned their heads and stopped looking at Gu Xiao and Chu An.

A smile appeared on Gu Xiao’s face. “I saw on the school forum that you’re almost done with your exams, so I thought of coming over to take a look.”

When Chu An heard Gu Xiao’s words, for the first time, he felt that the school forum wasn’t bad.

He did not want Gu Xiao to keep waiting for him outside. That would make Gu Xiao feel tired. However, the feeling of discovering the person he liked standing outside and waiting for him after the exam was really not bad.

He had originally planned to deal with the school forum, but at this moment, he set this thought aside.

On account of the merit contributed by the school forum, he didn’t mind those words that were getting more and more overboard.

Gu Xiao and Chu An exchanged a few words before leaving the school building arm in arm, leaving behind the students who had come to watch the show.

After Chu An left, the students took out their phones and opened the school forum.

[Latest news! Chu An passed the exam! And judging from the two teachers’ reactions, Chu An seems to have done well.]

[The instructor of the Weapon Systems and Engineering major even said that he wanted to bring Chu An’s test paper back and let his students see how outstanding he was.]

[Previous poster, there’s no need to say anything. I’m a student of the Weapon Systems and Engineering major. I just received a message from the mentor in our group chat, telling us take a good look. He said that we can’t be worse than a student who hasn’t officially started class, and told us to study hard.]

[This is the first time I hate Chu An so much… Can’t he restrain himself a little? Our mentor is already very strict with us! With Chu An’s example, our mentor will probably be even stricter with us in the future. Despair…]

[Hahahaha! Although 1 feel a little sorry for the first-year students in the Weapon Systems and Engineering major, I still find it a little funny. Please forgive the smile on my face! ]

Most of the discussions on the school forum were about Chu An, the examination and Weapon Systems and Engineering major.

When the students from the Weapon Systems and Engineering major came out to say that Chu An’s test paper was very difficult for a person who had never attended class at all, and even the freshmen who had already attended classes might not be as good as Chu An.

The slanderous comments about Chu An on the Internet finally disappeared, not daring to incite public anger at this time.

However, there were people who paid attention to the content of Chu An’s exam, and there were naturally people who paid attention to the scene of Gu Xiao coming to pick Chu An up and interacting with him.

[To be honest, Chu An and Gu Xiao’s interaction is really sweet. It can make people feel so sweet to the point of getting diabetes.]

[I knew it. Only a real couple is the best-looking! Ahhh! I’m really obsessed!]

[Wu wu wu, when will it be my turn to fall in love sweetly? Every time I see Gu Xiao and Chu An’s interaction, I feel like I want to fall in love sweetly. But when 1 come back to my senses, my brain tells me that I don’t want to!]

On the school forum, while there was still a heated discussion about Gu Xiao and Chu An, Gu Xiao and Chu An had already planned to go for a celebratory feast.

Gu Xiao and Chu An contacted Jiang Meng, Mo Nan, and the others respectively. When they received an answer that the others were willing to have a meal together, the group majestically arrived at the famous hotpot restaurant outside A University.

Because Mo Nan and the others were around, Jiang Meng and Wei Shu appeared a little reserved. However, after getting to know each other, they gradually relaxed a little, and the scene became lively.

However, Chu An, who was very familiar with the true nature of Mo Nan and the others, glanced at Mo Nan and the others from time to time from the corner of his eyes as he paid attention to Gu Xiao.

There was something wrong with the three of them. Something was really wrong. They had never been so quiet before.

After all, they had already been together for a very long time, so he still had some concern for Mo Nan and the other two.

After having a meal with Gu Xiao and the others, Chu An didn’t stay downstairs for the first time. Instead, after a simple explanation to Gu Xiao, he walked towards his own dormitory.

Gu Xiao was happy to see Chu An make more friends, so she was not concerned about Chu An’s departure. She even approved slightly of him leaving.

When Chu An returned to the dormitory, he saw Mo Nan and the other two sitting listlessly in front of the desk. Everyone seemed to be surrounded by a low pressure.

Looking at the three of them, Chu An raised his eyebrows and asked, “What happened to you?”

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