Chapter 36: Hallucinating

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Zhou Xiang looked at Granny Cen and was confused.

She wondered if the old woman wanted to have a granddaughter-in-law so badly that it had driven her mad; was she hallucinating?

Granny Cen repeated herself once again with a smile. “I said this prescription was given to me by my granddaughter-in-law.”

“No, mom. How did you get a granddaughter-in-law, huh?” Zhou Xiang asked.

“I’m going to get changed first, then I’ll tell you in a while,” said Granny Cen.

A few minutes later, Granny Cen got changed and walked out of the room.

Zhou Xiang was shocked. “My god! Why are you dressed this way!?” She could see that Madam Cen was dressed in tattered clothes such that even the beggars on the street would tear up from the sight of her.

It looked like someone in the family abused Madam Cen.

Madam Cen said smilingly, “If I don’t dress this way, how can I get a granddaughter-in-law?”

After experiencing the incident with Mu Yourong, Madam Cen was especially reserved and cautious in her effort to get a granddaughter-in-law. As a result, she dressed like a beggar on purpose.

Her trick was actually rather effective.

Poverty was just like a mirror that detected evilness.

Any sort of bad character would reveal its original form in the reflection of this mirror.

Granny Cen managed to see many things that she was not used to seeing on usual days in her disguise.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xiang was rendered speechless. “Are you sure that you want to look for a granddaughter-in-law dressed like this?”

Would she really not scare the granddaughter-in-law away in her current state?

Granny Cen held a bottle of sunscreen spray and sprayed it on her body while she said, “Not everyone is the same as Mu Yourong. Let me tell you this, Xiang Xiang. I met an amazing girl. She is beautiful, kind-hearted, and speaks with a sweet voice; she doesn’t even mind that my clothes are tattered. I like her so much!”

Granny Cen was a beauty known to all when she was young. Hence, not many people were lucky enough to be praised by her for being beautiful.

Even Mu Yourong, the prettiest girl in her school, only deserved to be labeled as ‘looking alright’ by Granny Cen.

Granny Cen’s remark piqued Zhou Xiang’s curiosity. “Is she really as beautiful as you described?”

The television was playing the most popular drama series at the time, coincidentally. Granny Cen pointed to the female lead character on the television and said, “She is a hundred times prettier than that young maiden! No! I retract my statement. She is a thousand times prettier!”

The female lead character was the hottest female artist now named Song Chenyu.

Song Chenyu was so beautiful that fish dived into the water in shame, just like the meaning behind her name. She made a debut with her shockingly beautiful face, and she was reputed to be the most beautiful woman in China by local and foreign media channels.

In truth, no one was more beautiful than Song Chenyu in the entire entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xiang was someone who had a strong liking for beauty, so she was very fond of Song Chenyu.

She had a rather close relationship with Song Chenyu in private too.

It was only Madam Cen who could not seem to remember Song Chenyu all this time.

Zhou Xiang was rather speechless. She said, “Mom, you’re exaggerating! If she is really that beautiful, you should call her a fairy then!”

Granny Cen said with a proud expression, “You’re right, Xiang Xiang. My granddaughter-in-law is really a fairy!”

Zhou Xiang was speechless. She suspected that Madam Cen was fabricating rumors, creating something out of nothing in her head.

“Mom, do you know who Chenyu is? She is the most beautiful woman in China!”

“Her?” Granny Cen was speechless. She added, “She is the most beautiful woman in China? If she is the most beautiful woman in China, my granddaughter-in-law is the most beautiful woman in the world!”

Upon saying that, Granny Cen continued, “My granddaughter-in-law is not only pretty, but she is also skilled in traditional Chinese medicine! Is this fish person capable of that? If my granddaughter-in-law is in the entertainment industry, the fish person won’t have a place there anymore.”

“What do you mean by the fish person!? Her name is Song Chenyu!” Zhou Xiang remarked.

“Let me ask you this… is the meaning of the word ‘Yu’ in Chenyu’s name related to a fish?”

“That’s right.” Zhou Xiang nodded.

Granny Cen then added, “Isn’t she a fish person then? Anyhow, this fish person is not as beautiful as my granddaughter-in-law!”

Zhou Xiang was at a loss for words. Madam Cen was too skilled, so she admitted defeat.

Granny Cen said, “When the butler is back, have him send the medicine to the kitchen; I’ll drink it when I’m home at night! I’m heading out for a while.”

Zhou Xiang replied with a frown, “Mom, is that medicine really effective? Are you sure that you weren’t swindled?”

Granny Cen turned around to look toward Zhou Xiang. “Don’t worry; my granddaughter-in-law won’t swindle me.”

“The swindlers today are very good at acting! Who knows if she is putting up an act.”

“Don’t worry.” Granny Cen patted Zhou Xiang’s hand. “The granddaughter-in-law that I’ve personally chosen is flawless.” She was not a blind person, so she could tell if someone was putting up an act.

Zhou Xiang continued, “Where are you going? I’ll have the driver send you.”

Granny Cen waved her hand. “No need, no need. I’m just going to take a stroll.” Madam Cen had already formed a new habit. As long as she was going out, she would put on her robe.

The butler returned with the medicine not long after.

Zhou Xiang received the medicine and pondered for a moment; she realized that she still could not be at ease with the situation, so she said, “Uncle Zhang, will you please call up Doctor Lin to come for a visit.”

“Alright.” The butler nodded.

Doctor Lin came over soon.

Zhou Xiang passed the medicine bought by the butler to the doctor. “Doctor Lin, will you please take a look and see if there’s anything wrong with the medicine.”

Doctor Lin took the medicine, unwrapped the packaging, and placed it in front of his nose to sniff it meticulously.

After a moment, he placed down the medicine and raised his head to look toward Zhou Xiang. “There’s nothing wrong with the medicine; the only problem is that it won’t have much effect on Madam Cen’s headache.”

Upon hearing that, Zhou Xiang furrowed her brows ever so slightly. She knew that Madam Cen was tricked.

No one in this world was perfect in all aspects. She was beautiful, yet she was skilled in traditional Chinese medicine? Was that not absurd?

Yet, somehow Madam Cen was still fully convinced about this girl.

Zhou Xiang nodded. “Alright, noted. Thank you for taking the trouble to come here, Doctor Lin.”

“It’s no trouble; it’s what I should do.” Doctor Lin added, “Madam Cen’s headache is a symptom caused by factors relating to a cold. She will need to recuperate slowly; it can’t be rushed. Don’t stop taking the medicine prescribed by me yet. Any medicine contains a little toxicity. It’s best not to consume useless medicine like this in order to prevent delaying Madam Cen’s treatment progress.”

Doctor Lin was a very famous western medicine practitioner in Yunjing Province.

He was confident that he could cure Madam Cen.

He needed the Cen family’s trust, after all. There was hope for Madam Cen to get a full recovery if she consumed the medicine prescribed by him. How could a junior without any reputation and fame deserve to be compared to him?”

“Alright.” Zhou Xiang nodded repeatedly.

“If there’s nothing else, I shall make a move first.” Doctor Lin bidded farewell.

Zhou Xiang stood up with him and ordered the butler to see Doctor Lin to the door.

At the barbecue shop... the shop opened at half-past six, and customers began arriving to eat in succession. It was business as usual.

The weight on Qian Lingyu’s heart was finally lifted. She knew that business in the shop was getting better because of the new recipe and not because of Ye Zhuo! Who was Ye Zhuo anyway?

Qian Lingyu returned to the house to get some rest and felt relieved. She did not sleep well at all last night because she was very worried that business would be bad today.

Qian Lingyu went back out to take a look after she woke up from her nap. Then, she felt sick to her stomach at once. In fact, she was still under the assumption that she was hallucinating.

“Sister Liu! Sister Liu!” Qian Lingyu called for Sister Liu loudly.

“What’s going on?” Sister Liu was startled.

Qian Lingyu continued, “What’s going on with tonight? Why are there fewer customers than usual?” One should know that there was a long line out the door at this time yesterday, yet half of the tables in the shop were empty now, to her surprise!

Sister Liu looked toward Qian Lingyu and hesitated for a moment. “I think that… it’s possibly due to Little Ye.”

“Due to Ye Zhuo?” Qian Lingyu furrowed her brows ever so slightly.

Sister Liu nodded and said, “Many customers left right away after realizing that Little Ye was not around. They even claimed that they wouldn’t come again if they were to find out that Little Ye had resigned.”

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