Chapter 35: Given By My Granddaughter-in-law

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“I think that it’s doable!” Ye Sen said, “Zhuo Zhuo’s culinary skills are great. If she were to teach you well, we would certainly be able to make a good profit from it! Sis, don’t look down on the food business; it is a small-scale business, but if the business is good, it’s much better than working for others!”

“Uncle is right.” Ye Zhuo nodded.

Ye Shu still found the idea to be unstable. It was easier said than done.

The act of owning a business and a shop could not be accomplished just by talking about it.

If the business were not doing well, the owner would not even be able to sustain the rental.

Ye Shu furrowed her brows. “The rental for those slightly better locations in our city is very expensive and costs tens of thousands a month….”

“There’s no need for you to worry about money. The money I have now is more than sufficient to rent a shop. When Mrs. Yi’s husband is cured, she will pay a sum of consultation fees to me too. In addition, I am confident that we won’t lose any money in our business venture.”

At the mention of Chen Qiaoye, a worried look emerged in Ye Shu’s eyes once again. “Zhuo Zhuo, can Mrs. Yi’s husband truly be cured in one month?”

When Ye Zhuo visited the house for Yi Tao’s follow-up consultation, Ye Shu followed her as well.

It was evident from Yi Tao’s appearance that he had already reached his end.

However, in response to the question, Ye Zhuo smiled as radiant as the peach blossom basking in the March spring. “Don’t worry; Mr. Yi will recover for sure.”

For some unknown reason, Ye Shu suddenly felt at ease about Yi Tao’s matter; perhaps, it was the moment she saw Ye Zhuo smile.

Nevertheless, she was still concerned about the food and beverage business.

Noticing that Ye Shu still remained in a state of apprehension, Ye Sen could not refrain himself from saying, “Sis, you have to be bold in business! You have to be bold to invest! You can’t do it if you’re overly cautious this way! I’m just going to be blunt. A person like you will never make a good fortune in your life!”

Ye Sen was different from Ye Shu.

Ye Sen was bold, and he had the courage to give anything a try.

What a waste that he did not have the brains for business.

“Alright then.” Ye Shu did not want to overthink it. “I will follow your suggestion.”

“Good. I will write down the recipes for you after breakfast. You can practice at home while I go and hunt for a location.”

“Alright.” Ye Shu nodded.

Ye Zhuo left the house and arrived at a nearby street to see if there were any shops looking to rent now.

It was a coincidence that she really did manage to find a shop front that was looking to transfer their lease.

The shop was deserted with just a woman seated in front of the table. She was playing Happy Poker on her phone and did not even realize when Ye Zhuo entered the shop.


It was only until after Ye Zhuo had spoken that the woman noticed someone in the shop. She hastily stood up and said, “Girl, would you like to dine here?”

Ye Zhuo shook her head ever so slightly. “I saw your post on transferring the lease of this shop at the door?”

“Yes, I am planning to transfer the lease.” The woman sized up Ye Zhuo while nodding.

Ye Zhuo then asked, “How much for the transfer fee?”

The woman did not think that a young girl like this could afford it. So, she continued to play the game on her phone while she answered in a dismissive manner, “The transfer fee for the lease of this shop is 80,000 bucks; everything in the shop will be handed over to you, and we won’t keep anything. The rental fee is 30,000 bucks a month, and it is paid once a year. There are still six more months remaining now. In other words, if you want to take over the shop, you need 260,000 bucks.”

Unlike the woman, Ye Zhuo was not surprised by the quoted number. Not the slightest change could be seen on her beautiful face.

Meanwhile, the woman narrowed her eyes. Could it be that this young girl was a low-profile wealthy person?

At the thought of this, the woman’s attitude became much more enthusiastic. She took Ye Zhuo on a leisurely tour around the shop and explained the situation in the shop meticulously; she even touched on the purchasing channels of the business.

“Everything else is quite good except for the location, which is a little out of place.” Ye Zhuo furrowed her brows ever so slightly.

The aunty chuckled and replied, “Even though the location is a little out of place, if the food is good, the customers will still come! The human touch is a decisive factor in everything. I believe that the business will certainly do well as long as you put effort into managing the business! We are in a rush to transfer the lease because we are moving abroad. Otherwise, I would not bear to transfer it too! You have no idea how good our business was just a few days ago. It’s just that I don’t have the time to manage the shop anymore because we are moving abroad. Additionally, the head chef has left, and that is why it’s deserted now.”

Every business person was a mischief-maker, and the ability to lie came naturally to them. She knew that Ye Zhuo was still young, so she suspected that the girl could be easily swayed.

One should know that there were utterly no customers visiting the shop because the location was way too remote. They had already lost tens of thousands now, so they wanted to transfer the lease away eagerly. Unfortunately, people these days were not easy to fool.

“I may consider renting it if the transfer fee is waived,” said Ye Zhuo.

The woman knew that she stood a chance upon hearing that! The fish had taken the bait!

“Girl, you must be kidding me! The things in the shop were all personally purchased by us. Look at the decoration of the shop, it’s so tasteful, and it’s all built with the best materials! I can’t reduce the $80,000 transfer fee!”

Ye Zhuo was not a fool either. She smiled and said, “Aunty, I don’t like to beat about the bush either. If you have the intention to transfer the lease, let’s sign the contract then. If you don’t, I will look for another shop.”

“Go ahead and look for another shop then.” The woman put up a front on purpose.

Losing 80,000 bucks was nothing much for her. They had already put up the post regarding the lease transfer about three months ago, yet they were surprised that no one came to ask about it. Meanwhile, if some dupe would come and take over by paying 180,000 bucks of rental, they would be forever grateful!

Nonetheless, it was normal for people to be greedy. Who wouldn’t want to make an extra 80,000?

Nonetheless, Ye Zhuo did not bother to haggle, so she turned around and left.

The woman did not seem to mind either because she felt that Ye Zhuo would come back to her for sure. So, she watched helplessly as Ye Zhou’s silhouette was about to leave her sight without any intention to turn around.

Suddenly, the woman panicked, so she hastily went after Ye Zhuo. “Don’t go, girl! Look at you being so impatient! I can see that we’re fated to meet, so let’s just do as you wish! I shall waive the 80,000 bucks for you. Let’s sign the contract then! I’m in a rush to move abroad!”

“Alright.” Ye Zhuo nodded.

The woman’s eyes lit up. She did not expect that Ye Zhuo was actually so easily swayed. Had she agreed just like that?

The young girl behaved just as expected. Apparently, she had way too little knowledge of the world and its people! There was a saying that inexperienced people often had less fear. Since she agreed to rent a place in such a remote location, she will have plenty of time to cry about it in the future.

“Let’s go. We have come to an agreement. When the contract is signed, you can’t back out anymore.” The woman concealed the pride in her eyes very well.

Ye Zhuo smiled. “Don’t worry. I can guarantee that I won’t back out.”

“Alright, follow me.”

One hour later, Ye Zhuo walked out of the street with the lease contract in hand.

The woman gazed after Ye Zhuo’s departing silhouette and shook her head helplessly. She could see that the young girl was beautiful… What a waste that she did not have any intelligence to go with her looks.

Renting a remote shop like this, she would lose money sooner or later!


In the Cen family’s home, Granny Cen passed a prescription to the butler. “Old Zhang, please buy the medicine listed on the prescription.”

The butler received it with both his hands and said respectfully, “Yes, madam.”

Zhou Xiang walked into the room from the outside and asked out of curiosity, “What medicine is that, mom?”

“It’s a medicine that can cure my chronic headache.” Granny Cen believed Ye Zhuo without a shadow of a doubt.

Upon hearing that, Zhou Xiang said in astonishment, “Really?” Madam Cen had been having this problem for a few decades, and she had consulted both traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and Western practitioners. Sadly, none of it worked.

Granny Cen nodded. “Of course, it’s real.”

Zhou Xiang answered, “Mom, where did you get the prescription?”

“It was given to me by my granddaughter-in-law,” said Granny Cen, proudly.

“What?” Zhou Xiang thought she had an auditory hallucination.

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