Chapter 31: Is It Because You Can’t Stand Being Challenged?

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Cen Shaoqing had never been so curious about a person like this before.

After sending the message, he stared at the screen closely in fear that he might miss something.

After a while, the person finally replied.

Cen Shaoqing hastily clicked on the chatbox.

The reply was a line of ice-cold words.

‘Sorry, I’m not interested in private chat.’

He could feel the coldness emanating from the person’s body even from across the screen.

It was Fifth Master Cen’s first time taking the initiative to ask to add someone on WeChat.

It was beyond his expectation that he would be rejected.

The feeling… was rather exciting!

“Heh.” Cen Shaoqing smirked faintly while the red mole at the corner of his eyes seemed to become more lively. The sight of Cen Shaoqing’s excitement was so charming that it could drive anyone crazy.

Nevertheless, Li Qiandong felt chills run down his back after hearing the unexpected chuckle. “Bro... Brother Fifth, what’s going on?”

According to his understanding of Cen Shaoqing, every time Cen Shaoqing laughed this way, nothing good would come out of it.

Then, Cen Shaoqing shut the laptop with one hand and asked, “Did you find out anything about Niohuru?”

“W has been blocked a few times, and he is still tracking the person down.” Li Qiandong continued, “The international division’s reply is that this is an unknown user.”

Unknown user… It was acceptable to him that W could not do it; nonetheless, he did not expect that there was actually someone that the international information division could not investigate.

This Niohuru person was rather intriguing.

Cen Shaoqing’s finger that was moving the prayer beads halted to a stop. The red prayer beads were wrapped around his fair, white fingers. The red beads were enchanting, while the white hand was almost translucent as if it was enshrouded in a layer of cold glow. “Continue to investigate until there’s a result.”

Li Qiandong nodded. “The expert, Niohuru, is really impressive! I’d really like to meet him! Brother Fifth, do you think that the expert Niohuru is a male or a female?”

Before Cen Shaoqing could answer, Li Qiandong continued, “Judging by the expert’s chatting style and capability, I have a feeling that he is a man. How can a common woman have an IQ as high as this?”

Every time he chatted with Niohuru, the words he sent over exuded domineeringness. Niohuru’s reply was very brief, and he had never wasted time engaging in nonsensical chatter.

Moreover, even W and the international division could not find anything about this person, so he could imagine how capable this person was. How many female tech moguls were there in China, anyway?

Could a woman be this impressive? As a result, Li Qiandong felt that the expert was most certainly a man! Apparently, only men like them could be so remarkable!

Meanwhile, Cen Shaoqing stood in front of the window and gazed down at the scenery while moving the prayer beads in his hand. “Have you looked up the registration information of Niohuru on the international website?”

The website would verify its user’s account upon them furnishing their identity card. Upon hearing that, Li Qiandong’s eyes lit up as he said in excitement, “That’s right! Since we can’t find the expert himself, we can start from the website! I shall talk to W now!”

“Go ahead.” Cen Shaoqing nodded ever so slightly.

Next, Li Qiandong hastily contacted W.

On the other end of the video call, W pulled on a long face. “Brother Li, do you really think that I haven’t looked into Niohuru’s registration information yet?”

“You have?” Li Qiandong asked.


Li Qiandong added eagerly, “So is the expert Niohuru a male or a female? The expert is certainly a man, right?”

W shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“I thought you’ve looked into this?”

W replied, “I said that I’ve looked into it, not that I managed to get a result. Niohuru is too impressive that there’s utterly no trace of his registration information on the website. All the information is left blank.”

Li Qiandong said in puzzlement, “Doesn’t the website mandate registration using real names?”

“This person is an expert for a reason.”

Li Qiandong was rendered speechless while W continued, “There’s no update from the international division either, right?”

Li Qiandong shook his head.

After hanging up the call, Li Qiandong passed W’s message to Cen Shaoqing.

Cen Shaoqing furrowed his brows ever so slightly once he received the update. Niohuru did not even leave behind any registration information on the website... who the heck was he?

“Brother Fifth, if there’s nothing else, I shall head home first.”

“Go ahead.” Cen Shaoqing spoke nonchalantly.

After Li Qiandong returned to his home, he logged onto his account on the international tech website, opened the chat history, and discovered that Cen Shaoqing had actually taken the initiative to propose to add Niohuru on WeChat.

Unexpectedly, Niohuru rejected him.

Li Qiandong opened his mouth in astonishment while his eyes were filled with astonishment.?The expert behaved just like an expert! Impressive! He was growing more and more curious about the expert now!


In a quiet room in the Mu family’s home, the moonlight was shielded by the thick, heavy curtains, yet one could still see a person sleeping on the bed.

“Don’t! Don’t!” The person on the bed jolted awake from a nightmare and turned on the reading lamp in a panic. That person’s face was as pale as a paper while layers of cold sweat permeated from her forehead.

Who else would it be if not Mu Yourong?

Mu Yourong had that nightmare again.

Even after she had awakened, she still could not forget the dream… it was the same agony and despair she felt before she died in her past life.

As soon as she remembered the face of the man, she could not refrain from feeling terrified.?It was a form of terror that came from the bottom of her heart.

She would not allow history to repeat itself in this life! She would not!

Then, Mu Yourong clenched the blanket tightly in her shaky hands.

After a moment, she brought up the system and typed a name into it.

After a while, the system displayed an ‘Error 404’ page.

She could not find any information related to him.

The feeling of her fate being in someone else’s control was too unpleasant. Meanwhile, a blurry silhouette appeared before her eyes.

Oh right! There was still Fifth Master Cen!

She would certainly get married to Fifth Master Cen in this life and stand on the highest peak of the world!

However, in order to attract Fifth Master Cen’s attention, it would not be enough for her to just depend on her looks. She needed to depend on her capability as well.

It seemed that she still needed to put in more effort with Li Qiandong. Hence, Mu Yourong narrowed her eyes to focus.

Ye Zhuo continued to work in the barbecue shop daily.

The temporary job that lasted a month was about to end soon.

Ye Zhuo had just stepped into the shop when she heard a voice speaking in English.

Her footsteps halted for a moment.

She was fluent in ten languages in her past life while the people around here were all elites, so there was no need to mention their linguistic skills. At that very moment, she could not stand hearing such a rigid pronunciation of words and felt the urge to correct the reader.

Noticing Ye Zhuo’s arrival, Li Boyang took the initiative to greet her. “You’re here, Ye Zhuo.”

Ye Zhuo nodded.

Li Boyang continued, “I’m practicing English... are you interested in the English language?” At this point, Li Boyang suddenly remembered that Ye Zhuo did not even finish middle school, so perhaps she could not even distinguish the 26 basic alphabets in English.

How could she possibly be interested in English?

“In truth, it’s very easy to learn English. If you’re interested, I can teach you. I’m the class representative for my English class.”

Li Boyang’s gaze was filled with pride in his final sentence.

There were many types and ranks between students too.

The poor students would mingle with other poor students.

The good students would mingle with other good students.

Li Boyang was good-looking, and he was a class leader too. That made him the ideal boyfriend for many of the girls in his class.

Since he offered to teach Ye Zhuo, he felt that she would certainly feel very honored for the opportunity.

“No thanks, I’m good.” Ye Zhuo respectfully turned down his offer.

‘No, I’m good?’

Li Boyang did not expect that Ye Zhuo would reject his offer. He looked at her in astonishment and said, “English is an international language. I think that learning a little English will not be a disadvantage to you.”

Then, Ye Zhuo rubbed her nose and said humbly, “Uh… frankly, my English is pretty good.”

“Alright, forget it if you don’t want to learn.”

Li Boyang wanted to help to pull Ye Zhuo out of the hopeless situation that she was in. However, he did not realize that it was not her goal to pull herself out. Instead, it seemed that she wanted to stay there.

“Forget it, forget it!”

No wonder there was a saying that ‘one can’t put sand on a wall’.

It was still fine if she acknowledged that she could not be put on a wall; however, she enjoyed lying to herself so much.

Ye Zhuo was speechless by his reaction. Why was he furious? Was it because he could not stand being challenged?

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