Chapter 30: Can I Add You On WeChat?

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After being ill for such a long time, Yi Tao was well aware of his condition. He knew that he did not have much time left.

Rather than just do nothing and die this way, he might as well give Chen Qiaoye a gleam of hope.

He knew that Chen Qiaoye trusted Ye Zhuo. He was already prepared to go, but he did not wish to leave behind any regret in Chen Qiaoye’s life.

Upon hearing that, Li Wenru held Yi Tao’s hand and said while bawling, “Tao Tao! My silly child! They are trying to kill you! That Ye Zhuo is good-for-nothing! How can she be skilled in medicinal practice, huh!?”

Yi Tao squeezed Li Wenru’s hand. “Mom, I’ve never asked you for anything much all my life... will you please promise me this for once? I’m begging you….”

At this point, Yi Tao vomited another gulp of fresh blood.

Noticing her son’s condition, Li Wenru had no other choice but to nod in consent. “Alright! Alright! I promise you!”

“Thank, thank you, mom…” Yi Tao hastily turned his head to look toward Chen Qiaoye. “Qiaoye, thank mom, quick.”

“Thank you, mom.”

Li Wenru turned her head away because she refused to look at Chen Qiaoye.

She really had no idea what sort of drug Chen Qiaoye must have fed Yi Tao that made Yi Tao trust her so much. What a b*tch!

“Tao Tao, just rest and recuperate.” Upon saying that, Li Wenru turned her head to look toward Chen Qiaoye. “Come with me for a moment.”

“Mom, don’t make things difficult for Qiaoye, please.” Yi Tao clutched Li Wenru’s hand tightly.

Li Wenru patted Yi Tao’s hand. “Don’t worry.”

Chen Qiaoye followed behind Li Wenru as they went to the study room.

Then, Li Wenru’s originally smiling face immediately dimmed. “Chen Qiaoye, if Tao Tao is unable to pull through this time because of you, I want you to pay for his life with your life!”

Chen Qiaoye looked at Li Wenru and said calmly, “Ms. Ye said that the effect can be seen in a month after taking this medicine. Don’t worry, mom. If anything were to happen to Yi Tao, I won’t drag out my ignoble existence either. Please give me a month.”

In the end, Chen Qiaoye bowed deeply in salutation.

Li Qingyue stood outside the door and eavesdropped on the conversation going on inside. Her eyes were filled with gloomy coldness.

Now that she had confirmed that the prescription given by Ye Zhuo was utterly useless, she would not stop Yi Tao from continuing to consume it naturally. If he were to die from consuming the medicine, it would save her the effort of having to take action.

Yi Tao was the only son of the Yi family, and he had yet to bear any heir to the family until now. Li Wenru loathed Chen Qiaoye to her bones, so if anything were to happen to Yi Tao, who would be the sole successor of the family? It would be her, of course!

She had already been plotting for this day for way too long. In the end, heaven rewarded the faithful one. Now, she would only need to wait for Yi Tao to fall into eternal sleep patiently.

It did not take long before Li Wenru opened the door and walked out of the study room.

Li Qingyue immediately stepped forward. “Aunty.”

Li Wenru replied, “Qingyue, let’s go.”

“Mmhmm.” Li Qingyue nodded.

After walking out of the villa, Li Qingyue said, “Aunty, you didn’t get into an argument with my cousin-in-law in there, right? Cousin-in-law is really something! How can she trust Ye Zhuo so much, huh? If anything were to happen to Yi Tao, you and uncle…..”

The remaining words to her sentence were self-explanatory.

Meanwhile, Li Wenru heaved a sigh. “Your cousin is obsessed with her; what can I do… Qingyue, it’s good that I still have you by my side in this period.”

Li Qingyue was her maternal niece, after all. Additionally, she was so outstanding. If anything were to happen to Yi Tao, Li Qingyue would be the Yi family’s only hope.

Li Qingyue said, “Don’t worry, aunty. I will always be right by your side, no matter the situation. Just like how you were there for me when I was young.”

“Good child.” Li Wenru hugged Li Qingyue; she was visibly moved. “That b*tch, Chen Qiaoye! I won’t let her go so easily!”

From an angle that Li Wenru could not see, the corners of Li Qingyue’s lips curled into a proud arc.

After Li Wenru and Li Qingyue left, Chen Qiaoye returned to the room once again.

Yi Tao laid on the bed and looked at Chen Qiaoye. He said guiltily, “I’m sorry, Qiaoye… for letting you down….”

“It’s fine. Yi Tao, I’m willing to do anything for you as long as you can get well.” Chen Qiaoye looked at Yi Tao and said with a hoarse voice, “Do you really believe that Ms. Ye can cure you?”

“Mmhmm.” Yi Tao nodded.

“Did you know that Ms. Ye is the child from the Mu family’s switched-at-birth incident? Her reputation in the circle is really awful.”

Yi Tao held Chen Qiaoye’s hand. “A gentleman gets along with others but does not necessarily agree with them; a vile person does not get along with others but pretends to agree with them. That is all hearsay. I trust you, and I trust Ms. Ye too.”

“Thank you.” Chen Qiaoye lowered her head and kissed Yi Tao’s forehead.

On the other side of things in the gambling house, Li Qiandong stood at the guardrail on the second floor, observing the situation downstairs.

He wanted to prove to Cen Shaoqing that Ye Zhuo was playing hard to get.

He was certain that Ye Zhuo would step into the gambling house again. However, he had not seen Ye Zhuo at all these days.

Li Qiandong narrowed his eyes. “Could it be that she is using another trick?”

“Mr. Li, Fifth Master is looking for you.” The voice of the gambling house’s staff member interrupted Li Qiandong’s train of thought.

“Coming.” Li Qiandong turned around.

Cen Shaoqing was seated on the sofa with a laptop placed on his lap. His fingers moved across the keyboard swiftly, with his beautiful finger as charming as jade enshrouded in a layer of faint coldness.

“Turn on the laptop. I have something to send to you.”

“Ah, sure.” Li Qiandong immediately picked up the laptop next to him and logged into his account.

Cen Shaoqing operated the laptop with one hand while his other hand grabbed the prayer beads on the table habitually as he began rubbing it. “I’ve sent it.”

“What’s this?” Li Qiandong was puzzled.

Cen Shaoqing replied, “Send it to Niohuru; he’ll know what to do.”

Li Qiandong was stunned for a moment and then asked, “Is this the newest version of the OS system?”

Cen Shaoqing nodded gently.

OS was the artificial intelligence system developed by Cen Enterprise.

Cen Shaoqing began developing it from the age of 16 and finally managed to make a breakthrough when he was 20 years old. He then brought the OS AI system into people’s daily lives.

After ten years of development from Cen Enterprises’ scientific research team, the OS 3.0 era was finally initiated.

However, just as they were about to make a breakthrough to version 4.0, an unprecedented difficulty emerged. The AI development would allow mankind to develop it themselves, but it would turn into something that would dominate mankind if there was any small error.

This was not just a shocking statement to attract attention; mankind would be too powerless in the fight against technology. Therefore, the team had no choice but to stop the research and halt the 4.0 plan.

Li Qiandong did not expect that Cen Shaoqing would trust the expert, Niohuru, so much. Even though he idolized Niohuru a lot, he did not think that the expert had the capability to do what was required.

It was the OS’ AI system! The professional research team assigned to it was made up of a thousand people that had only managed to break through to version 3.0 after developing it for ten years. Could Niohuru, who worked alone, bring it to version 4.0?

Li Qiandong logged on to the international tech website in shock.

He brought up the chatbox and typed, ‘Is the expert there? I have something that I’d like to seek your assistance!’

‘Go ahead.’ It was a very brief reply.

Li Qiandong described the problem briefly.

‘How much?’

Li Qiandong did not expect that the expert’s reply to be so straightforward. He turned around to look at Cen Shaoqing. “Brother Fifth, the expert is asking how much….”

“Pass me the laptop.”

Li Qiandong passed the laptop to Cen Shaoqing.

Cen Shaoqing hooked the prayer beads at his thenar and received the laptop; he typed a message before sending it, ‘You may decide on the commission when the task is complete.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘I’m sure.’ Even though there were only two words, it exuded a gush of invisible domineeringness.

So, it turned out that all the capitalists had no lack of money, just as expected. Ye Zhuo rubbed her nose habitually on the other side of the screen. ‘Deal!’

Cen Shaoqing operated the laptop to send over the file, and the person on the other side clicked ‘accept’.

Cen Shaoqing then continued to type, ‘How long will it take?’

‘The time is not guaranteed, but it won’t exceed two months.’ Ye Zhuo took a glance at the document and figured that it was on an AI system. In order to fix the system without the complete infrastructure, she estimated that it would take about one month.

In short, two months was considered a conservative number. If it were in her own world, it was just a trivial issue that could be solved in a day.

It had been a very long time since Cen Shaoqing had last encountered such a confident person! Cen Shaoqing moved the prayer beads in his hand again while his other hand was still on the keyboard. The light cast from the laptop’s screen enshrouded his facial features faintly at that moment. Then, he raised an eyebrow ever so slightly. “Can I add you on WeChat?”

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