“Chapter 2714: 618: she is faith and light, the Golden Age wedding (end chapter)8”

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Father’s love is silent.

“At this moment, Ye Zao was also very reluctant to part with her. He turned to look at Lin Jincheng and said, “Dad.” ”

“”Yes.”Lin Jincheng held back his tears. “Zao Zao, dad is very happy today.” ”

“It was a very plain sentence, but ye Zao’s eyes turned red when he heard it. ”

“”Three, two, one...”the voice of the wedding emcee penetrated the auditorium and came from inside. “Now, let’s welcome our beautiful and moving bride.” ”

The door of the auditorium was pulled open by the best man.

The bell rang.

Lin Jincheng held ye Zhulong’s hand and walked towards the stage step by step.

Cen Shaoqing was standing at the other end of the red carpet.

“The red carpet was not long, and he quickly walked to Cen Shaoqing’s side. ”

“Lin Jincheng looked at CEN Shaoqing and said, “You are not allowed to bully zhuoluo.” ”

“”Don’t worry.”Cen Shaoqing looked straight at Lin Jincheng. “I promise you that I will never bully zhuoluo. In the future, she will not only be my wife, but she will also be my life.” ”

“”CEN fifth master, if you dare to treat miss ye badly, all of us will be Miss Ye’s backers!”Among the guests, the bigwigs from various countries stood up. ”

These people were usually seen on the news.

“And US.”More and more people stood up from the seats.

The scene was quite spectacular.

“To them, Ye Zao was not only a god-like existence, but also a religion. ”

“Below the stage, Old Mrs. Cen, Zhou Xiang, Ye Shu, and the others were already red-eyed. ”

“Cen Shaoqing faced the crowd and promised once again, “Please rest assured.” ”

Only then did Lin Jincheng choke and reluctantly place ye Zhuo’s hand in Cen Shaoqing’s palm.

Cen Shaoqing immediately held ye Zhuo’s hand tightly.

The wedding went very smoothly.

“Finally, it was time to change the topic. ”

The relatives of both parties sat on the stage. The newlyweds had to toast and change the topic.

“First, it was the woman’s parents. ”

“Not only Lin Jincheng and ye Shu, but also ye Langhua, the grandmother. ”

“Cen Shaoqing served tea. “Grandmother, please have some tea.” ”

“Okay.”Ye Langhua’s face was full of smiles as she stuffed a red packet into CEN Shaoqing’s hands.

“”Father and mother, please have some tea.” ”

“Although Lin Jincheng was quite unwilling to drink tea, he still took it with a straight face. ”

“On the Cen family’s side, there were only Zhou Xiang and old Madam Cen. ”

“Ye Zhuo carried the tea. “Grandmother, please have some tea.” ”


“Upon hearing this form of address, old madam Cen could no longer hold herself back. She thought of the first time she met Ye Zhuo. At that time, she knew that ye Zhuo would definitely be her granddaughter-in-law in the future. ”

“”Good, good.”Old Madam Cen took the Teacup with both hands and took a sip. Then, she stuffed the red packet into ye Zhuo’s hands. ”

“After that.., old Madam Cen looked at ye Zhuo and said, “Zhuozhuo, from now on, you will be the mistress of our family. As long as it’s about you, we will never go back on our word. Other than the red packets, there are also the family’s bank cards, various certificates of production, and keys.” ”

“As soon as she said this, a waiter came over with a tray. ”

“At this point, Old Madam Cen paused. “If Shaoqing dares to bully you, I will not have this grandson in the future.” ”

“As soon as she said this, the air was immediately filled with applause. ”

“After the toast, the banquet officially began. ”

Ye Zhuo went backstage to change into a toast outfit and followed Cen Shaoqing to toast.

“After the wedding banquet ended, it was already 10 pm. ”

Ye Zhuo was so tired that he did not even want to remove his makeup. He just lay limp on the bed.

“Downstairs, Cen Shaoqing was still being dragged by he ziteng, Zhou Chuyu, Yu Niannian and the others to drink. ”

“In his memory, Cen Shaoqing had never been drunk. ”

It was the same tonight.

“The three of them refused to believe it and insisted on drinking Cen Shaoqing down. However, before they could drink Cen Shaoqing down, the three of them were already drunk. ”

“Looking at the unconscious three of them, CEN Shaoqing heaved a sigh of relief. At least no one could disturb them. He lowered his eyes and dusted off the non-existent dust on his body before walking towards the wedding room. ”

The door was closed.

“Hearing the sound of the door opening, Ye Zhuo knew that Cen Shaoqing had come in. He got up and leaned against the bed, his tone lazy. “Get me a glass of water.” ”

“Cen Shaoqing walked over and poured a glass of water, but he did not pass it to Ye Zao. Instead, he drank it all in one gulp. ”

“Seeing this, Ye Zao became anxious. “Why did you drink it yourself!” ”

“Cen Shaoqing did not explain. He walked over and looked down at her. In a flash, he lifted her chin and pressed his thin lips down. ”

The cool water followed his thin lips and entered ye Zao’s mouth.

The temperature in the air was getting higher and higher.

“Cen Shaoqing had suppressed himself for too long. Naturally, he would not waste a minute. ”

“Lights! Lights!”

PA —

All the lights in the room were extinguished.

“In the darkness, only a few sounds could be heard. ”


Ye Zao only opened his eyes at eleven o’clock in the morning the next day.

“You’re awake.”

Cen Shaoqing had already returned to his neat and tidy appearance. He stood in front of the bed and looked at Ye Zao. His deep phoenix-like eyes were pitch-black and extremely heavy.

He was completely different from last night.

“Ye Zao moved a little. He felt that his whole body was weak and sore. He threw a pillow over and said, “You look relaxed!” ”

“”Relaxed?”Cen Shaoqing walked over, slightly leaned over and said in a low voice, “But I was the one who put in the effort last night.” ”

“You really dare to say that!”Ye Zao reached out and pinched his face.

“There are no outsiders.”Cen Shaoqing’s low voice was slightly hoarse.

“What time is it?”Ye Zhuo continued to ask.

“11:30.”Cen Shaoqing’s tone was indifferent.

“It was a very calm answer, but it made ye Zhuo very surprised. “11:30?” ”

She thought that it was at most 9:30.


Ye Zhuo immediately lifted the blanket and got out of bed. “Why didn’t you call me earlier?”

“When she lifted the blanket, she realized that she was not naked. She immediately covered herself with the blanket and her jade-like face instantly turned red. “You go out first.” ”

“You should learn to adapt.”

“Go out.”

“”Okay, okay, okay.”Cen Shaoqing said somewhat helplessly, “I’ll go out.” ”

“After Cen Shaoqing went out, Ye Zhuo lifted the blanket and began to change her clothes. ”

“Just as she changed her clothes, Cen Shaoqing’s voice came from next door. “Leader, are you done?” ”


“Cen Shaoqing pushed the door open and walked out. He naturally helped her squeeze the toothpaste. “Quickly wash up and prepare to eat. You’ve slept for so long, aren’t you hungry?” ”

“Speaking up to this point, CEN Shaoqing continued, “I forgot, how could you be hungry! I should be the one who’s hungry.” ”

Ye Zhuo did not stop brushing his teeth and kicked him in the leg.

Cen Shaoqing stopped quibbling and filled ye Zao’s face with water.

“When he came downstairs, ye Zao realized that Old Madam Cen and Zhou Xiang were both sitting in the dining room waiting for her to eat. ”

“”Grandma, Mom.”Ye Zao called out naturally. ”

“Old Madam Cen looked at her with a smile on her face. “Zao Zao, sit down quickly, Auntie Wang! Go and get some rice for young Madam!” ”

“”Yes, Old Madam.” ”

“Old Madam Cen grabbed ye Zao’s hand. “Good child, you must have worked hard last night.” ”

Cen Shaoqing had been working out all year round. He lacked everything except strength.

“Ye Zao was a little embarrassed, so he could only change the topic. “Grandma, have you and mom not eaten yet?” ”

“”We’re not hungry,”Zhou Xiang continued. ”

Old Mrs. Cen quickly nodded. “Your Mom Is Right.”

“Although the wedding was over, the popularity online had not yet subsided. Everyone was guessing who the male and female protagonists of the wedding would be. ”

The next day.

Ye Zao replied on Weibo:

“From then on, the rain fell on the capital city. ”

Cen Shaoqing also replied:

“Luckily, I got to know you. From now on, it will be a warm spring. ”

End of story

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