“Chapter 2713: 618: she is faith and Light, Glory World Wedding -LRB-end chapter)7”

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“After receiving the reminder, Cen Shaoqing immediately knelt down on one knee. “Leader, marry me.” ”

“Before ye Zhuo could say anything, Li Yueyue continued, “If I want to marry you, I should at least carry three followers and four virtues on my back.” ”

“Hearing this, the relatives and friends around immediately echoed, “Three followers and four virtues! Carry three followers and four Virtues!” ”

How lonely was Cen Shaoqing usually?

Everyone also took this opportunity to make fun of him.

“After all, this was a rare opportunity. ”

“If he missed today, he would be the unattainable CEN fifth master again. ”

“Carrying three followers, four virtues, such a small matter was not difficult for CEN Shaoqing. It was simply a small matter that came out of his mouth, “When leaders go out, they have to follow. When leaders order, they have to obey. When leaders say mistakes, they have to follow blindly. When leaders put on makeup, they have to wait. When leaders spend money, they have to bear with it. When leaders are angry, they have to bear it. When leaders have birthdays, they have to remember.” ”

“Looking at Cen Shaoqing, who was kneeling on one knee with three followers and four virtues on his back, Zhou chuyue lowered his voice and said to he ziteng, “Fifth brother will definitely be strict with his wife in the future.” ”

And it was the late-stage kind.

“He ziteng smiled and said, “Do you even need to say that?” ”

“After memorizing the three followers and four virtues, ye Zhuo removed the fan in her hand and revealed a bright and moving face. She said word by word, “Mr. Cen, from today onwards, you are officially promoted from an intern.” ”

“After saying that, Ye Zhuo took the flowers from his hand. ”

“Looking at her face, Cen Shaoqing was so excited that his heart almost jumped out of his chest. ”

“In a trance, he returned to the afternoon when he expressed his feelings to her. ”

“”Let’s go home!”As he said that, Cen Shaoqing was about to get up and carry ye Zhuo. ”

“”Wait,”Zhao Pingting said at this time. ”

“Is there anything else?”Cen Shaoqing turned his eyes and asked.

“Zhao pingting continued, “Fifth master, we haven’t found the burning shoes yet!” ”


“Cen Shaoqing lowered his head and lifted the hem of ye Zao’s dress. Under the hem of the dress, her feet were indeed bare. ”

“Where are the shoes?”Cen Shaoqing asked.

“”Where are the shoes? Of course, you have to find them yourself,”an Lizi said. “You can also ask your best man and bridal escort team to help. I’ll give you a warm reminder that the shoes are in this room. “Hurry up and look for them.” ”

“After getting the clues, everyone immediately got busy. ”

“But after searching for a long time, they couldn’t find the shoes even after rummaging through the trash can. ”

He ziteng looked at the bridesmaids. “I’ll give you another hint!”

“Li Yueyue crossed her arms across her chest. “I can give you a hint, but there are conditions.” ”

“I understand.”Zhou chuyue immediately took out the red packet that he ziteng hadn’t given out yet.

Li Yueyue and the other two bridesmaids accepted the red packet with satisfaction. Only then did they show them the way.

“After going through a lot of things, they finally found the wedding shoes. ”

“Cen Shaoqing knelt on one knee and helped ye Zhuo put on the wedding shoes. Then, he lifted him up lazily. “Let’s go home.” ”

Cen Shaoqing carried him into the wedding car in one go. He was afraid that the bridesmaids would go back on their word and make things difficult for him again.

“Fortunately, the bridesmaids did not make things difficult again, but sat in the wedding car at the back. ”

“Today was a traditional wedding. Cen Shaoqing originally wanted to prepare eight large sedan chairs, but he was afraid of causing traffic congestion, so he did not arrange a sedan chair. ”

There were a total of 28 wedding cars.

“All of them were Maseratis, and the license plates were also numbered. ”


At the same time.

A fleet of luxury wedding cars flooded the internet.

Everyone was guessing which big shot was getting married.

“Not only that, many helicopters appeared in the sky during the peaceful morning. ”

“Although there were many big shots in the capital, it was rare for many helicopters to appear and fly in the same direction. ”

“[ according to a reliable friend of mine, almost all the big shots in the world are gathered in the capital today. ] ”

[ is it because of this wedding? ]

[ stop bragging. What kind of people get married to gather all the big shots? ]

“[ there are some, such as Miss Ye and Cen Wuye! But it seems that they haven’t announced the wedding date yet. ] ”

“[ upstairs, did your reliable friend tell you who’s Getting Married? ] ”

[ ... ]

“There were many different opinions on the internet, and there were all kinds of guesses. ”

“On this side, the wedding car was parked at a five-star hotel. ”

“This hotel was Cen Shaoqing’s own. In order to prepare for the wedding, the hotel had been closed for half a month. ”

“At this time, the hotel was full of guests. ”

The big shots had also gathered at the hotel.

“Ye Zhuo was held by Lin Jincheng’s arm and stood behind the door of the auditorium, waiting for the arrival of the wedding in time. ”

The light was a little dim.

“The expression on Lin Jincheng’s face could not be seen clearly, but ye Zao’s arm was stained with a smear of liquid. ”

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