Chapter 728: Area 6

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Year 1081 of the Holy Brilliance Calendar, the Month of Flowers.

The Thunder Dragon Family officially announced that they would be purchasing the Black Pearl Wizard Market and would be taking over this place within a month.

Hearing this news, some people were happy while others were sad.

More than half of the Intermediate Wizards had left. Those who could cultivate this realm generally did not like to be restricted by a wizard family.

As for low-level wizards and apprentice wizards, they had no better place to go, so they could only stay here.

To them, it was the same no matter where they went in the inner sea region. They were all low-level wizard who were ordered around.

However, if they were to go to the outer sea region where the elemental power was thin, then they would not be willing to give up the good cultivation environment here.

Unlike people like Levi who had a proficiency panel, these low-level wizards who had average talent and no resources or background had to think of ways to increase their cultivation speed in order to break through to a higher realm in their lifetime.

Levi’s wizard tower was already empty.

The fur clan had already packed up everything and stored them in Alice’s ring.

“Let’s go.”

Levi threw out the Flying Shark.

Coulomb piloted the airship and quickly left the Black Pearl Island, flying towards Area 6 of the inner sea region.

Coincidentally, at this moment…

A thousand-meter-long giant wizard airship broke through the clouds in the sky and cast a huge shadow on the sea. It was very oppressive!

This was the top model [Cloud Whale 380] developed by the Seven Waters Steeple.

Compared to this airship, Levi’s wizard airship was like a firefly against the bright moon.

On the side of the Cloud Whale Airship, there was a purple Thunder Dragon that was roaring ferociously. Its wings covered the sky, and endless thunder fell from the sky, destroying the world.

This was the emblem of the Thunder Dragon Family, which revealed their arrogant and powerful family style.

Levi retracted his gaze, and the Flying Shark quickly left the horizon, turning into a glimmer of light.

On the huge Cloud Whale Airship, a fifth-circle wizard looked at the flying airship with an indifferent gaze.

He was Rex’s father, the oldest member of the Thunder family, Thunder Blade Tyrrell

“In this turbulent era, ants are exhausted and at a loss. Only the strong can do whatever they want. ”

Tyrrell sighed. He had no idea that the ant who had fled earlier was the murderer of his good son, Rex.

The Cloud Whale Airship slowly descended above the grand array.

The grand array slowly opened, allowing the Cloud Whale Airship to enter.

Tyrrell was escorted by a team of Intermediate Wizards as he moved.

In front of him was the White Robe Wizard with an old and kind face, Garcia.

Behind Garcia, the four fourth-circle wizards were expressionless. Sparrow clenched his fists and lowered his head in silence.

“Sir Tyrrell, I didn’t expect you to be in such a hurry to take over.” Garcia smiled.

“Black Pearl kid, you made a wise choice. The Black Pearl Wizard Market has been established for thousands of years. During its heyday, there was even a six-circle primordial soul wizard here. But now, it has fallen into decline and is no longer as prosperous as it used to be.”

“Our Thunder Dragon Family is here to change this situation. I believe that under the leadership of the Thunder Dragon Family, the future of the Black Pearl Wizard Market will definitely be better than the present.” Tyrrell said loudly, and the wizard of the Thunder Dragon Family behind him applauded.

Among the crowd in the city, some people started to clap, cheer, and jump for joy.

“Thunder Dragon Family!”

“Thunder Dragon Family!”

Sparrow looked at all of this, his heart turning cold.

“Sparrow, don’t forget, nothing is more important than staying alive.”

“I’m fine, Varil.”

Garcia’s old voice sounded, “From now on, this Black Pearl Wizard Market will be managed by the Thunder Dragon Family,”

He didn’t say much. He had made his fortune here and became the legendary Black Pearl kid who had made a comeback.

But now, he was leaving.

“Let’s go,” said Garcia.

He flew forward without looking back.

Sparrow glanced at Tyrrell and left quickly under Varil’s urging.

The remaining two of the four Black Pearl wizards stood rooted to the ground, not moving at all.

Sparrow and Varil’s expressions changed. They asked, “Crohn, Monet, what’s the meaning of this?”

“I’m sorry, Sparrow. We thought about it and decided not to leave. We can’t bear to leave this place.” Crohn’s smile was bitter, clearly hiding something.

“I hope that the two of you will go further and further on the path of pursuing the truth together with Lord Garcia. I feel that the future of the wizard civilization described by Lord Garcia is really good. I look forward to seeing that day,” said Monet.

“You guys…” Sparrow looked at Tyrrell. The old man had a half-smile on his face. He was obviously very proud of himself.

“Let’s go. Everyone has their own aspirations. Don’t force it.” Garcia’s calm voice came from the front.

Sparrow and Varil quickly followed and disappeared into the horizon.

“Crohn, Monet, you won’t regret following the Thunder Dragon Family,” said Tyrrell.

“Thank you for taking us in.”

A month later.

The Thunder Dragon Family took over the Black Pearl Wizard Assembly and named it Pearl Island. They built the Thunder Dragon Family’s wizard tower on top of it and stationed their wizard team there.

After leaving the Black Pearl Market and with the Flying Shark, Levi arrived at the familiar Area 6 within half a month.

He didn’t go to Riptide City. Instead, he went straight to Hundred-Eyed Demon Territory..

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