Chapter 214: Enough Ups and Downs

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The hashtag #Song Qingyou & President of the Jiang Group# quickly popped up.

Even if the gossip media did not dare to add fuel to the fire, it did not stop most people from filling in the blanks.

[ If I remember correctly, there was once a media outlet who wanted to enter the Jiangyuan Corporation to interview Mr. Jiang. In the end, they were chased out by the security guards on the grounds that the Jiangyuan Corporation prohibited the media from filming.]

[ Now that 1 think about it, the reason why All-Class Challenge was able to enter the Jiangyuan Corporation wasn’t because Director Wei Zhengrong was amazing, but because Song Qingyou was on the show? ]

[ This CP seems to be a little too powerful.]

The more they thought about it, the more they felt that Song Qingyou and Jiang Zhihan’s relationship wasn’t normal.

Of course, there were also people who thought that the program team and Song Qingyou were just creating hype.

The reason was that Song Qingyou was just a small star and didn’t have the right to be associated with a “God’s favored son” like Jiang Zhihan.

After watching the show, didn’t Song Qingyou explain that she only knew Jiang Yi and not Jiang Zhihan?

After Song Qingyou learned about the comments online, she turned on the second episode.

Even though the production team didn’t include the scene where she and Jiang Zhihan had dinner together, Song Qingyou was still surprised. Why didn’t they cut the scene of Jiang Zhihan?

She immediately called Wei Zhengrong and told him that she needed an explanation.

Wei Zhengrong coughed lightly and said, “Young Master Jiang accounts for quite a large proportion. If the previous part was cut, wouldn’t the later part of your relationship with him… seem inexplicable?”

“Moreover, the program was shown to Assistant Fang in advance. Assistant Fang said that there was no problem, so we edited it…”

If Fang Yan said that it was no problem, it meant that Jiang Zhihan had agreed.

Song Qingyou didn’t say anything else.

Anyway, she had explained it a few times after that. The netizens would probably only be addicted to the couple and would not really take Jiang Yi’s words ‘Little Aunt’ seriously.

It was just as Song Qingyou had thought.

After she took the initiative to explain, the fans spontaneously helped to clarify.

Only a small number of people who liked to ship CPs secretly started to root for this couple.

Most people guessed that Song Qingyou and Jiang Zhihan were acquaintances. They had met a few times, but they weren’t close.

This was also why Song Qingyou stood up for Jiang Zhihan when he was slandered.

The program continued.

Every time Jiang Zhihan appeared in front of the camera, there would always be viewers scolding the production team for not showing them the president’s face.

There were also people who were watching the show with a microscope on and noticed that Song Qingyou’s expression would change when Jiang Zhihan was around.

[ 1 feel like Qingyou and Mr. Jiang are making eye contact. 1 wonder what they’re talking about…]

[The two of them must have known each other for a long time. The more you try to cover it up, the more obvious it will be.]

[ Wow, that intern wanted to sit in the back row, right? Assistant Fang dragged her away and let Qingyou sit inside.]

[ Why is the camera gone? I wanted to see if Sister Qingyou and Mr. Jiang were having s*x in the car! The program team is so incompetent ]

[ Sister Qingyou looks so good in business attire. When can I have a secretary like her?]

When the four of them arrived at the hotel, the audience saw that the documents in Song Qingyou’s hands had been swapped, and they were all worried for her.

Fortunately, Song Qingyou took out a USB drive and printed a new copy.

[ 1 feel like Mr. Jiang knows that this document is newly printed.]

[ Mr. Jiang didn’t say anything. Is he protecting Song Qingyou?]

[ CEO and secretary, it’s a little sweet]

[ What sweet or not? Song Qingyou took the wrong document. If she can’t remedy it in time, it will be a major accident!]

[Mr. Jiang wouldn’t say it out loud in such an occasion, would he?]

Many viewers began to question Song Qingyou’s ability to do her job.

After hearing Manager Sun point out the contract’s mistakes, many people criticized Song Qingyou for not working seriously.

Fortunately, Manager Sun was willing to give Song Qingyou half an hour to remedy the situation.

[ Didn’t Shen Fei say earlier that this sister is Sister Qingyou’s fan?]

[ Fortunately, she’s a fan. Most people won’t give her a chance when they encounter such a thing…]

[Can’t Song Qingyou be more serious when she’s working? What kind of ability is relying on fans?]

[ Fans are connections. How can having a wide network not be a skill?]

There was no need for the program team to deliberately guide them. The debate on the bullet screen almost never stopped.

However, those who doubted Song Qingyou’s seriousness were quickly slapped in the face.

After Song Qingyou spent half an hour remembering the contents of the contract and quickly reversed the situation, the people who mocked her for not being able to work no longer appeared.

Not to mention, Song Qingyou was deliberately framed.

When Jiang Xuyan appeared in the office again, the audience took screenshots of his dumbfounded expression and made it into an emoticon.

[ Hahaha, Teacher Jiang, 1 didn’t expect that the two times you came to apprehend someone would be related to Qingyou.]

[ I really want to know what Teacher Jiang is thinking. Could it be: ‘Qingyou, why are you so nosy?’]

[ Heheheh that’s true. Sister Qingyou’s career life is really full of ups and downs. Ordinary people don’t even encounter so many things.]

[ Ordinary people can’t meet them because once they meet them, they can only be fired… 1 feel that if it were me, 1 might have already packed up and left.]

Whether it was the harassment of the higher-ups or the framing of their colleagues, they could not guarantee that they would be able to handle it themselves.

Song Qingyou gave a perfect answer.

Even if she and Jiang Zhihan knew each other, no one would doubt her ability.

Because the program team had also released some related highlights, including a video of Song Qingyou’s work that had not been edited.

Not to mention, Song Qingyou even got an offer from Jiangyuan Corporation.

Most of the audience were envious.

[ If I were like Sister Qingyou, I would be able to work in a big company.]

[ I’m so envious that I’m almost tired. Brother Qingyou is really capable.]

[ Speaking of which, Sister Qingyou said that she only had a high school education, right?]

Amidst the praises, someone remembered that Song Qingyou hadn’t even gone to college.

However, these comments and bullet screen comments were quickly brushed away by the fans.

At the end of the program, the most eye-catching part was Jiang Zhihan’s evaluation of Song Qingyou.

There were also employees of the Jiangyuan Group who said that Mr. Jiang had almost never praised anyone. Even all the higher-ups were under great pressure in front of Mr. Jiang.

Therefore, the phrase “good performance” was very valuable.

The CP fans were even more excited.

After watching the show, Song Qingyou remembered that she hadn’t asked Fang Yan if he had found the person who deleted the surveillance footage from Luo Zhen’s sudden death.

As expected, she received a negative answer.

At this moment, a bullet comment appeared on the screen.

[ I keep feeling that Muhuai doesn’t seem very happy throughout the entire episode. Did he have a conflict with the production team?]

Yu Muhuai..?

Song Qingyou remembered that Luo Zhen had spoken to Yu Muhuai before and asked Fang Yan, “What about Yu Muhuai? Wasn’t he the temporary assistant of the Planning Department? Did Assistant Fang investigate him?”

“Not really.”

Fang Yan paused for a moment. “I’ll check the surveillance cameras immediately.”

Song Qingyou nodded. “1 just feel that since we’re going to investigate, everyone in the Planning Department is a suspect. Assistant Fang, don’t think too much.”

“I understand.”

Song Qingyou said this to show that she didn’t suspect Yu Muhuai. She just wanted Fang Yan to investigate everything..

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