Warning : Providence the Beauty is Driven to Villainy

Chapter 701 - Chapter 701: I’ve become a wife fan of the best Actor (19)_1

Chapter 701: I’ve become a wife fan of the best Actor (19)_1

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Just as Fu Shang was scrolling through Weibo …

A cat’s paw reached out from the side, trembling.

Fu Shang raised his eyes.

Then she saw Fu qingchen staring at her with blinking eyes, saying coquettishly,” sister Chu, my stomach doesn’t feel well. I want to go to the toilet…

Fu Shang scanned Fu qingchen from head to toe and reached out his hand, sure, hand over the phone.

Fu qingchen was speechless.

How did this woman know that he was going to check the answers?

The cat retracted its paw dejectedly and shrank back into its nest. It said weakly, “”Forget it, my stomach suddenly recovered.”

An hour passed by in torment.

Of course, this was only for Fu qingchen.

Fu Shang stood up and took the paper from him. He glanced through it and his eyebrows furrowed as his lips twitched.

The big questions were all filled up, leaving no empty space.

As for the multiple choice and fill in the blank questions …

She glanced over and found that there were not many that were right.

Fu min took a red pen and sat down in front of Fu qingchen. He raised his hand and gently pushed the gold-rimmed glasses on his nose.

Three minutes later.

The freshly-made test papers.

The shining 38 points on top of his head and the red crosses all over his eyes showed that he was a 38.

Fu Shang raised the paper in his hand and almost laughed out of anger,” improved? You scored 38 points on a 150-point paper?”

“It’s too difficult. I don’t know how to do it,” Fu qingchen said with his eyes lowered.

Fu Shang took out Fu qingchen’s last monthly test paper from his desk and placed it on the table just like this one.

“Is this question exactly the same as this one? How come you can do it last time but can’t do it today?”

“And this question, you can’t even do it in terms of numbers?”

In the end, Fu Shang slammed the test paper on the table. Fu qingchen, tell me, how did you get 120 on this paper? did you cheat? ”

Fu qingchen’s eyes were a little weak. He rolled his eyes and didn’t dare to look at Fu Shang.

Fu Shang sighed.

“Forget it. 1 already have a rough idea of your Foundation. You don’t have to do these two papers. It’s a waste to do them.”

Fu qingchen felt like he had been stabbed in the heart.

Fu Shang continued,” next time, let’s start from Grade 10.

Fu qingchen, who was already in his third year of high school, felt insulted.

Fu Shang suddenly narrowed his eyes and stared straight at Fu qingchen. did you get the answers in the last monthly exam and then memorize them? ”

The cat was shocked.

With his eyes wide open, he retorted loudly, “”1 didn’t!”

Fu Shang sneered.

“Since you can memorize so many answers, it means that you have a good memory.”

Fu Shang took out a stack of materials from nowhere and handed it to Fu qingchen,” this is the content of your high school language recitation for the third year. I’ve sorted it out for you. You can start to memorize it now, and I’ll write it down from memory later.

Fu qingchen was confused. Three years of high school? You want me to finish memorizing it in an afternoon?”

en! Fu Shang replied coldly.

“You’re being unreasonable!” The cat exploded.

you can’t even remember the mathematical solution when you don’t know anything,” Fu Shang said with a fake smile, what’s the big deal about that?”

Fu qingchen was speechless.

In the end, he found that it was useless after pestering her endlessly. This heartless woman ignored him at all, and the young man went to memorize his books..

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