Unstoppable Martial Arts: Starting from Attribute Points Allocation

Chapter 291 - Chapter 290: Chapter 179: Fifth Grade Alchemist, The Debate of the Imperial Court_3

Chapter 290: Chapter 179: Fifth Grade Alchemist, The Debate of the Imperial Court_3

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With that said, a minister stepped forward.

“I disagree with Imperial Censor Qin’s opinion. The Hundred Sects are constantly sowing discord and ransacking people in our great Morign territory, killing officials appointed by the court and trying to seize our fortune. It is absolutely clear that they have evil intentions.

Moreover, under His Majesty’s leadership, our great Morign Empire is growing stronger by the day, far beyond what the Hundred Sects and Demon Beasts can withstand.”

Senior Captain Gao Yuan spoke up, bowing his hands respectfully and making his case.

“I second that!”

“We, too, second that!”

More than half of the officials in the hall supported Senior Captain Gao Yuan.

The emperor’s expression remained unchanged. He turned his gaze to an aged, calm-faced minister who had been silent throughout the discussion.

“Prime Minister Hu, do you have anything to say regarding this matter?”

Upon hearing this, the elderly minister finally perked up and slowly bowed his hands.

“Your Majesty, since this matter concerns both the Demon Suppression Army and the Sky Patrol Office, I believe we should seek the opinions of their two commanders and the Chief of the Office.”

“Well.” The Yuan Emperor nodded slightly and glanced at an armored general whose presence was as majestic as the sun.

This man was the commander of the Demon Suppression Army.

“Your Majesty, I believe that the Hundred Sects will always be a threat to our great Morign Empire. If not completely eradicated, they will undoubtedly shake our foundation.

However, the influence of the Hundred Sects should not be underestimated, particularly the Red Moon Demon Sect, the Heavenly Mystery Sword Sect, and the Green Cloud Sect, all of which have powerful Celestial Humans guarding them. Their sect’s foundations are profound, backed by sect protection arrays and sect treasures.

Although the Demon Suppression Army’s strength can intimidate the Hundred Sects, if they were to engage in open warfare with them… they would be insufficient.

Furthermore, with the Monster Extermination Army venturing into the Great Wilderness, continuous support is required. If the Demon Suppression Army were to wage war against the Hundred Sects as well, our great Morign Empire’s current resources might be unable to endure.”

Upon hearing this, all the ministers in the hall fell into deep contemplation.

They, of course, could also foresee this issue, but due to their different standpoints, their views also differed.

The emperor’s expression remained calm as he turned to another elderly minister.

“Chief Yuan, what is your opinion?”

“Your Majesty, based on the reports from various levels of Sky Patrol Guard and Sky Patrol Envoy, the Hundred Sects have infiltrated many areas, and some aristocratic families are even colluding with them. As such, the threat they pose is, indeed, no less than that of the Demon Beasts.”

Yuan He replied with a bow.

As the head of the Sky Patrol Office, which oversees the entire nation, he was well aware of the situation in the twelve provinces of Morign and the harms the Hundred Sects could inflict.

Just as everyone thought Yuan He would support a full-scale war against the Hundred Sects, he changed the topic.

“However, the provinces of You, Yan, and Ling are all currently engaged in warfare, and with the Monster Extermination Army delving deep into the endless Great Wilderness, nearly half of Morign’s military force is tied up.

At this time, if we were to wage a total war against the Hundred Sects without guaranteeing victory, fighting on two fronts might completely mire Morign in the quagmire of war.

If those opportunistic aristocratic families were to collude with the Hundred Sects at that time, the consequences would be dire.

However, the Hundred Sects have been eyeing our great Morign with malicious intent, repeatedly abducting our people and killing our court-appointed officials. If we do not take any action, they will only grow bolder.

Therefore, I believe we should mobilize the Demon Suppression Army to eliminate the White Lotus Sect and the Red Moon Demon Sect, among others, to deter the Hundred Sects and display the might of our great Morign Empire.” “I second that!”

“We, too, second that!”

At that moment, with the exception of the Senior Captain and the Prime Minister, the officials in the hall voiced their support for Yuan He.

The Yuan Emperor pondered for a moment.

“The Hundred Sects are indeed a scourge to our human race, a predicament no less than that of the Demon Beasts. Therefore, our great Morign cannot tolerate them, and our rivalry cannot be reconciled.

However, our current main objective is to expel the Demon Beasts and expand Morign’s territory.

Once our great Morign has established its rule over three more provinces, we will surely wipe out the Hundred Sects in one fell swoop.”

Upon saying this, the Yuan Emperor stood up from his throne, and a deeply-gripping, domineering imperial aura erupted from him.

“Prime Minister Hu!”

Recognizing his cue, the composed Hu Xiu immediately perked up.

“At your service.”

“I command you to do your utmost in allocating the resources of Morign’s twelve provinces, ensuring that the Demon Suppression Army can set forth within a month. Can you achieve this?”

With a bow, Hu Xiu answered, “Your Majesty, rest assured, I will not lag behind.”

The Yuan Emperor nodded subtly, and his eyes fell upon the commander of the Demon Suppression Army.

“Xiahou Shu, step forward to accept your command!”

Upon hearing this, Xiahou Shu stepped forward.

“At your service!”

“I command you to lead the Demon Suppression Army’s campaign against the Hundred Sects. You must see to it that they cower in fear for a hundred, even a thousand years and never dare to return to our great Morign. Can you accomplish this?”

“I shall certainly fulfill my mission!”

Xiahou Shu solemnly accepted his command.


With a satisfied nod, the Yuan Emperor turned his gaze to two other figures.

These two individuals were the Dean of the Origin Martial Academy, Wu Wudi, and the President of the Alchemist Union, Gu Chenfeng.

“How are the preparations for the Martial Academy and the Alchemist Union coming along?”

“I have passed on your Majesty’s orders to martial academies across all twelve provinces. On the day the Demon Suppression Army departs, our martial academy will mobilize at least thirty-six Rune Seed Realm experts and a thousand Gold Body Realm martial artists,” Wu Wudi said indifferently.

Gu Chenfeng also replied, “The Alchemist Union will definitely ensure a steady supply of pills for the Demon Suppression Army.”

The Yuan Emperor nodded in satisfaction.

“Good! As long as our great Morign remains united, there is nothing to fear

from the Demon Beasts or the Hundred Sects.”

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