Triple Blessings: Mr. Fu’s Passionate Pursuit

Chapter 506 - Chapter 502: Master Fu Leaves the Hospital

Chapter 502: Master Fu Leaves the Hospital

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Roy Lewis and Richelle Dunn were both highly efficient people.

On one side, Roy Lewis asked Nathan Caroule to return quickly and set up the most comprehensive security measures around the Lewis residence.

Richelle Dunn conducted another thorough examination and assessment of Roy Lewis, confirming that he met the criteria for returning home to convalesce.

Thus, after a near-death experience, Roy Lewis left the hospital and finally returned home after more than half a month.

Of course, the process of him returning home was a bit twists and turns.

They used three different cars and drove halfway around Kindur before arriving back at the Lewis residence.

Having spent two or three days in the old house, Mr. Lewis moved back once Roy Lewis was discharged from the hospital.

The whole family enjoyed a happy reunion dinner together, and afterward, Richelle took their three children upstairs to play.

In the living room, Roy Lewis sat in his wheelchair, chatting and drinking tea with his grandfather.

“Grandpa, my uncles haven’t been bothering you recently, have they?”

Mr. Lewis, in his old age, would inevitably be affected by constantly dealing with a bunch of unworthy children and grandchildren.

“I stopped letting them in the door, I’m too lazy to deal with them!”

Roy Lewis had also instructed the security guards at the entrance to refuse all visitors except for Kennedy Green’s family and Nathan Caroule’s family.

“Grandpa, you should still be cautious when you go out, especially with my uncles. You should be on guard.”

When Mr. Lewis heard what Roy Lewis said, he understood the implication.

“What? Are your uncles colluding with outsiders to cause trouble?”

Roy Lewis shook his head. “I’m not sure, but haven’t their intentions always been easy to guess? They originally thought I was gone, so they could pressure you to hand over power. They surely didn’t expect that you’d rather trust Richelle, Timmy, and Timothy and Tifanny, than believe in them.”

Mr. Lewis sighed, “With their character, even if I didn’t hand over the Lewis Group to Richelle, I would rather hire a professional manager to manage the company instead. Otherwise, it would be a waste of our blood, sweat, and tears all these years.”

Roy Lewis refrained from commenting on this.

Continuing, he said, “I suspect my uncles have suffered a massive loss in their recent investments. Nathan mentioned to me a couple of days ago that they have listed properties for sale in several overseas cities, with the prices at 80% of the market value. They are clearly in need of money.”

Hearing this for the first time, Mr. Lewis couldn’t help but feel upset. Although he knew his children were no good, the extent of their ruin was surprising.

“Ah, I knew they were squandering the family fortune, but I didn’t think they could get it to this point. The dividends from the Lewis Group are more than enough, but not even that is enough for them to squander. How come, Roy? How could they be so different from you and your father when you all have the same parents?”

Roy Lewis, being an only child himself, used to be unable to answer such a question.

However, now that he had three children of his own and had been a stay-at-home dad for a few months, he had gained some insights.

“Perhaps it’s because you and Grandma had high expectations and hopes for my father since he was young, while they were mostly indulged and unrestrained. Gradually, they lost their ambition.”

“In this regard, Richelle is doing an excellent job. She holds all of the children in high esteem and has high expectations for them. Each of them has their own strengths, and they all appreciate, support, and encourage each other.”

Roy Lewis was pointing out that this was a common problem among large families like theirs.

Firstly, they were used to investing most of their energy and resources in cultivating the heir.

Secondly, they were afraid that too many capable people in the same generation would pose obstacles to the heir and cause unnecessary internal consumption.

Even Roy Lewis had initially cultivated Timmy as the heir.

Probably, if it hadn’t been for Richelle’s different educational philosophy, even after Timothy and Tifanny returned, they would have continued with the original approach: being relatively strict with Timmy and lenient with Timothy and Tifanny.

If that had been the case, not only would the children’s abilities have varied, but it would have likely impacted their psychological well-being as well.

“Sigh, in any case, there’s no point discussing it now. I’ve reflected on myself before, so I’ve tried to be as tolerant as possible with them. And I know that you’re always leaving some room for them, but it’s a pity that they don’t know how to be grateful and always feel that we’re suppressing them.”

In actuality, Mr. Lewis was heartbroken.

After all, they were his own biological children.

Roy Lewis understood his grandfather’s pain and disappointment by putting himself in his shoes.

Especially considering that his grandparents were a rare loving couple in their social circle.

However, aside from his father, who was loyal and devoted, the rest of the children were like genetic mutants, playing wildly outside one after another.

In the past, Grandma Lewis would get half-dead from anger because of her sons’ promiscuity and fickleness.

“Grandpa, how about we teach them a lesson this time while I’m ‘playing dead’?”

Upon hearing this, Mr. Lewis couldn’t help but be curious.

“How do you plan to teach them a lesson?”

“Previously, because I was around, people would still give them some face for my sake, even if they didn’t respect them. Now that there are so many rumors about my ‘death’, why not take advantage of it and set up a trap? Let them stumble badly, and perhaps they will keep quiet for a while after that..”

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