Chapter 310: Finale

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“Don’t even think about it!” Liao Ning gritted her teeth, her determination shining through her eyes.

She was acutely aware of just how unpredictable Sami and Liao Xi could be. In this critical moment, she needed to secure the heart crystal swiftly and not get entangled with this unpredictable woman.

However, Sami’s grip on Liao Nings ankle tightened, and the port’s guards couldn’t help but notice the escalating situation.

“Who are you?” demanded one of the guards.

The group of guards quickly converged, encircling the trio.

Zhou Ling’s expression grew more severe. He managed to pry Sami’s hand from Liao Ning’s ankle and attempted to lead her away, but the numerous guards had already surrounded them.

Curiously, there was no anger in the guards’ eyes. Instead, they exchanged meaningful glances.

“Haha, who do we have here?” Quidy’s voice rang out, and Liao Ning’s heart sank like a stone.

She had reverted to her original appearance, and judging by the guards’ expressions, it was apparent that she had been discovered — and not just by Quidy.

Quidy grinned wickedly and whispered into Liao Ning’s ear, “You must be my long-lost niece I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting. You’re the spitting image of my sister!”

Zhou Ling stepped forward, positioning himself defensively between Liao Ning and Quidy, his expression radiating hostility.

Quidy then turned to address the guards, saying, “Seize them! These individuals are trying to steal our Heart Crystal and endanger the sea demons. They wish for our destruction!”

However, the guards remained motionless, and whispers began to ripple through the nearby sea demons.

“Who is she? Is she one of our kind, a sea demon?”

“She bears a striking resemblance to our Patriarch. Could she be the Young Patriarch?”

“With the Patriarch’s powers, we could cleanse our seawater and rid ourselves of the poison forever!”

“Is she truly a descendant of the Patriarch? Could she be our new leader?”

Hearing the murmurs of those gathered around, Quidy clenched his fists and shouted, “She’s the one the elder used an illusion to disguise! She’s no sea demon! She employed a secret technique to pilfer the crystal and plotted for our demise right here!”

However, his words fell on skeptical ears. To most, Liao Nings ability to abscond with the crystal suggested a connection to the Patriarch’s lineage.

In that critical moment, Sami surveyed her surroundings and then cast a deliberate glance at Liao Ning. She hastened to approach Quidy.

“Sir is absolutely correct. She isn’t a sea demon. She hails from the Liao family of the Interstellar Alliance!”

Quidy regarded Sami with newfound respect, and she pressed on, her voice trembling with urgency. “I’m also from the Liao family. In her pursuit of survival, she extracted my heart’s blood. Her name is Liao Ning. She’s not one of us!”

Sami parted her shirt, revealing a gruesome scar that left the onlookers gasping in shock.

In the midst of this, numerous sea demons quickly utilized Al to investigate, unearthing Liao Ning’s true identity in a matter of moments.

“She’s that live-streamer, isn’t she? She does look familiar!”

“Indeed, she mentioned her surname was Liao. She can’t possibly be our Patriarch!”

“She’s been associated with rebel armies and empires. Her presence here on Deep-sea Planet must involve a larger agenda!”

The mood among the crowd shifted, and it was only then that Quidy wore a triumphant smile, signaling for the guards to apprehend Liao Ning.

Seeing the approaching sea demons, Zhou Ling promptly transformed into a white tiger, taking a protective stance in front of Liao Ning. However, in this aquatic realm, the sea demons held direct control over the seawater. Before long, Zhou Ling began to pant heavily, his stamina rapidly dwindling beneath the relentless waves.

Despite Liao Ning’s relentless efforts to shield herself from the guards, she remained utterly powerless.

In a moment of desperation, a memory surfaced – the elder had mentioned that the Heart Crystal could grant her a transformation if she could harness its power.

“Please, Heart Crystal, lend me your strength!” Liao Ning implored repeatedly, but the Heart Crystal remained inert, offering no response.

In the midst of this dire situation, Zhou Ling had succumbed to the Sea Demons’ control, his body bearing numerous wounds that bled profusely. Liao Ning’s eyes welled up with tears as she watched helplessly.

As her tears cascaded down, a few drops found their way to the crystal’s surface. In the blink of an eye, the crystal erupted in a dazzling display of seven-colored light.

When the radiant light finally dissipated, the sea demon guards were left in awe, their actions coming to an abrupt halt.

Liao Ning had undergone a remarkable transformation. Her once-white hair now radiated a brilliant silver hue, while her sea-blue eyes emitted a soft, azure glow. Her expression had transformed into one of regal dignity.

Behind her, the seawater rose to form a majestic curtain. As Liao Ning ascended gracefully into the sky, the sea demons knelt in reverence.

Their voices united in a chorus of devotion, “Patriarch is back!”

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