The Wizard Path From The Simulator

Chapter 284 - Chapter 284: Chapter 173: “Rules Space” and “Final Answer” (Subscription Requested) _2

Chapter 284: Chapter 173: “Rules Space” and “Final Answer” (Subscription Requested) _2

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Lan nodded and started to speak.

What Milton Cheney said was actually pretty simple, but there is no wrong in his explanation.

“Whether or not to merge with a rule determines whether a Level 4 Wizard can become a Level 5 Wizard.”

“The limit of a Rules Space also determines whether a Level 5 Wizard can become Level 6.”

Lan spoke.

Without waiting for Milton to speak, Lan continued:

“The pure white sea region that you saw in the South Guardian Sea actually represents a Wizard’s External Spiritual Sea.”

“And the External Spiritual Sea of a Level 6 White Wizard, it represents his

‘Rules Space’.”

“But this Rules Space, consists of more than one rule.”

As Lan’s voice trailed off, an expression of contemplation appeared on Milton’s face.

This conversation had somewhat exceeded Milton’s comprehension.

It’s quite normal, after all, Milton is just a Level 4 Wizard, Level 5 is still quite far-reaching for him.

However, Lan’s words had already implicated a Level 6 Wizard.

However, because Lan explained clearly, Milton naturally could understand a part of it.

In Lan’s meaning.

The External Spiritual Sea of a Level 6 White Wizard is actually equivalent to the Rules Space of a Level 5 Wizard.

But it is more advanced than the Rules Space.

Conversely, if the potential limit of Rules Space is very low, then rashly integrating a rule will make it impossible to become a Level 6 Wizard. “Thank you for your explanation, I think I understand now.”

Milton said seriously.

A Level 5 Wizard explaining so much to him, it was enough to show how much this Level 5 Wizard valued him.

As for why Lan would explain so much to him, Milton has some guess.

“I think you have some guesses.”

“Yes, the Rules I possess can fully support you to open up your own Rules Space.”

“But the limit of this Rules Space is a Level 5 Wizard, it will never reach a Level

6 Wizard.”

“Now, I can give you two options.”

“The first option is that you can get this rule at no cost, but the prerequisite is that you must integrate this rule. As for the other option, you are already clear.”

Lan spoke.

If it wasn’t Milton in front of him at the moment, but another Level 4 Wizard.

Then, ninety-nine percent of the time, the choice made by that Level 4 Wizard would be the first one.

After all, the first choice would almost certainly make him a Level 5 Wizard.

Ninety-nine percent of Level 4 Wizards would not refuse.

Even Milton is not denying it right away.

The temptation to become a Level 5 Wizard was too great.

“You should think it over carefully.”

“If you lose this opportunity, there is little hope for you to get another Unowned Rules in the future.”

Lan spoke.

Milton naturally understood, if it was up to him alone, wanting to obtain an Unowned Rule would certainly be very difficult.

“Thank you, but I think the rule I should merge with is something I should find myself.”

Milton said.

This is the final answer he came up with after pondering over it.

Admittedly, he could choose the first option, which would stabilize him as a Level 5 Wizard.

After all, with the Simulator, he would just need a few decades to reach the limit of Spiritual Power that a Level 1+ Wizard could achieve.

But because he has the Simulator, he would never be just a Level 5 Wizard in the future.

If becoming a Level 5 Wizard could stop him, it would be a disservice to the Simulator Plugin.


When Milton refused, Lan seemed not surprised.

With a motion of his hand, the pale blue light cluster disappeared from his hand.

This treasure, which could make nearly all Level 4 Wizards in the Wizard Realm go crazy, disappeared right in front of Milton.

“Now, aren’t you curious about why I gave you the choice for this rule.”

After retrieving the light cluster, Lan spoke.

Milton nodded.

It was impossible not to be curious.

The rule representing a Level 5 Wizard was one of the most treasured items in the Wizard Realm.

Milton did not doubt that if he really made the first choice, Lan would indeed give this rule to him.

“Actually, this rule was originally prepared for your Mentor, Bernard.”

“But your mentor encountered some accidents when he became a Level Wizard, which resulted in him never being able to become a Level 5 Wizard in his life.”

“Giving this rule to you, was actually your mentor’s decision, as this rule originally belonged to him, but I didn’t expect that you would eventually


Lan began to explain.

Giving Milton a rule for no reason, was obviously not possible.

The reason was actually his only student, also Milton’s mentor.

Bernard has only one student, Milton Cheney, who has now also become a Level 4 Wizard.

So, he hopes to leave this Rule for his student, Milton Cheney.

Upon hearing this from Lan, Milton Cheney was shocked.

He didn’t expect his mentor to value him so highly. To say that he wasn’t a bit touched would be impossible.

“My mentor, he…”

“You want to ask if something unexpected happened to him when he became a Level 4 Wizard?”

Before Milton Cheney could finish, Lan predicted what he would say.

So he cut him off, asking a question in return.

Milton Cheney nodded.

He was really curious about what could cause a Level 4 Wizard to lose all hope of ever becoming a Level 5 Wizard.

“I can’t tell you that.”

“Maybe you can ask your mentor personally.”

Lan said.

When it came to this topic, there was also some other emotion in Lan’s eyes.

However, this emotion was well hidden by Lan, and Milton Cheney did not notice it.

Upon hearing Lan’s words, Milton Cheney naturally did not continue to inquire.

“Since you refused this Rule, I guess this old man will have to hold on to it for a while longer.”

Lan joked.

A hint of a smile appeared on Milton Cheney’s face.

An Unowned Rule with a potential limit set for a Level 5 Wizard indeed was rare.

But Milton Cheney wouldn’t have any particular feelings just because he lost this Rule.

After all, Milton Cheney was confident that his future was definitely not limited to being a Level 5 Wizard.

“Kid, it’s time for you to leave.”

When Lan’s voice rang in Milton Cheney’s ears, his consciousness darkened once again.

By the time Milton Cheney regained consciousness, his body was already at the top of the Wizard Tower.

All of the previous events seemed like an illusion.

But Milton Cheney was aware that everything before this was real.

He truly declined the opportunity to become a Level 5 Wizard.

Before Milton Cheney’s appearance here, Bernard had already been waiting.

Seeing Milton Cheney suddenly appear, Bernard unconsciously fixed his gaze on him.

The next moment, a gush of Spiritual Power blew over Milton Cheney like a breath of wind.

The smile on Bernard’s face stiffened, a hint of astonishment appearing on his face.

“You didn’t merge with that Rule?”

A somewhat baffled Bernard asked.

Hearing Bernard’s question, Milton Cheney nodded.

The next moment, he felt a pat on the back of his head.

And the one who gave him the pat naturally was his mentor, Bernard.

The pat wasn’t heavy, but Milton Cheney still subconsciously reached a hand to the back of his head.

“Are you an idiot, do you have any idea what an Unowned Rule represents?”

“You turned down the chance to become a Level 5 Wizard, what can I even say about you?”

A somewhat disappointed Bernard said.

This was the first time Milton Cheney had seen Bernard in such a state, he knew his mentor was truly angry.

His mentor didn’t Imow about his Simulator.

In Bernard’s mind, a Level 5 Wizard was already the pinnacle of the Wizard Realm.

As for a Level 6 or Level 7 Wizard, it was something too far fetched to even contemplate.

And now, when the opportunity to become a Level 5 Wizard was put in front of his student, the student declined.

“Mentor, the limit of that Rule is only a Level 5 Wizard.”

Milton Cheney said.

Upon hearing Milton Cheney’s words, Bernard was stunned for a moment.

Was it because of that? “So what?”

Bernard asked instinctively.

“Mentor, I believe my future surpasses being a Level 5 Wizard.”

Milton Cheney replied.

Bernard rubbed his forehead slightly.

Then he said, “Seems like my mentor withheld some things from you.”

“Do you know what portion of all known Rules are Rules with an upper limit of Level 5 Wizards?”

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