The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 2255 - 2255: The Crown Prince’s Scheming (4)

Chapter 2255: The Crown Prince’s Scheming (4)

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“I sent someone to follow the Crown Prince to find out about him, but I was discovered.”Wen Luochun frowned.” I didn’t expect him to be so vigilant!” If he had not escaped in time, he might have been discovered by now.

Of course, even if they weren’t discovered, Wen Luochun’s subordinates weren’t in a good situation.

After all, the blisters on his body were itchy and painful. Moreover, it might infect others. This was too terrifying.

“He will definitely be vigilant.” Qi Xibei nodded.” To be able to do such a thing, he definitely won’t be discovered so easily.”

To be able to start planning from ten years ago, this crown prince’s thoughts were really deep. Ordinary people really could not play against him.

Qi Xibei finally understood why the Third Prince was so afraid of the Crown Prince.

With such deep thoughts, he was indeed a terrifying enemy.

Of course, Qi Xibei did not have a good impression of the crown prince.

After all, he was still related to Qiao Yanyu.

He was also using poison to restrain Qiao Yanyu so that he could not act rashly.

If Qi Xibei wanted to meet Qiao Yanyu smoothly, the Crown Prince would be the most troublesome key.

While they were chatting, the two people who went out to buy medicine returned.

“We went to a few drugstores to buy these. Moreover, we also discovered that there were people guarding outside the pharmacy.” “When we came back, there were people following us, but we lost them.”

Their words made Wen Luochun even more shocked.

They should be the Crown Prince’s men!

lightsΝοvel He must have noticed that something was wrong, so he wanted to find out the problem from the pharmacy.

“Will we be discovered?” Wen Luochun was a little worried.

He had recovered his strength, so he did not need to be afraid of the Crown Prince. However, he did not want to face the Crown Prince head-on, at least not now.

“I won’t.” Qi Xibei shook his head.” This antidote is my own creation. The prescription must be different from the other party’s. Therefore, they wouldn’t suspect too much. Besides, we sent two people to buy medicine and went to a few drugstores. The other party can’t possibly keep an eye on us.” Qi Xibei’s explanation made Wen Luochun finally heave a sigh of relief.

If that was the case, that would be great.lightsnovel

He did not want to be targeted by the Crown Prince.

“Alright, I’ll detoxify him first.”

Qi Xibei said as he looked at the man who was tied up on the bed and had a pained expression on his face.

“Alright, then I’ll have to trouble you!” Wen Luochun immediately said.

This poison was too terrifying. It was better to quickly cure it.

Qi Xibei went to the kitchen and began to boil the herbs.

An hour later, a barrel of boiling black liquid that emitted a terrifying smell was brought into the room.

Then, she asked someone to put the man into the water.

As soon as he entered the water, the man could not help but scream.

Qi Xibei was quick to react. He stuffed the cloth into his mouth and stopped the terrifying scream.

This move shocked everyone.

What potion was this? It felt terrifying!

The man soaked in the water for a while. His face, which had been twisted into a ball, slowly relaxed, revealing a relaxed expression.

“Continue soaking for an hour.”

After an hour, the man was carried out.

The blisters on his body had already disappeared.

Qi Xibei took out a bag of silver needles and inserted them into his body.

Another hour passed, and the man finally fell into a deep sleep. His brows were no longer furrowed.

“Alright.” Qi Xibei stood up and wiped his sweat.

“That’s great!” Wen Luochun nodded happily.” Thank you, Master Maverick!”

“You’re welcome.” Qi Xibei smiled..

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