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Chapter 337 - Chapter 337: Unemployed

Chapter 337: Unemployed

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When Teacher Qin came out of the student’s house, his expression was a little ugly. Although Teacher Liu’s expression was not good, he was much more open-minded. He patted his shoulder and said, “Don’t blame Sister-in-law for this. It was us who didn’t make things clear.”

Teacher Qin’s expression turned even uglier. “Since when is it her turn to interfere in our matters outside? You don’t have to persuade me. It’s obvious that she has bad intentions.”

At this point, Teacher Qin was slightly discouraged. “But what’s the point of saying this now? The most important thing is you. I don’t know how many students you’ve lost. I’ll go visit them with you one by one.”

Teacher Liu nodded. Since the academy belonged to the two of them, it was more convincing for the two of them to show up together.

However, the situation was not optimistic. After walking around, they realized that most of the students had gone to a new academy to pay the deposit. Even of the 12 who had not paid the deposit, eight had found a new academy and had to hand in their deposit in the next two days. Among the remaining four, two had decided not to continue their studies, and two had also found an academy they liked.

Therefore, although Teacher Qin and Teacher Liu sincerely apologized, they might not be able to retain them in the end.

Teacher Qin said in shame and anger, “I will definitely give you an explanation…”

Teacher Liu shook his head and patted his shoulder. “The most important thing for you now is to study. Don’t worry about this. There’s still a lot of time before spring. I’m sure I’ll find a way.”

“By the way, we haven’t gone to the Mu family yet.” Teacher Qin said, “Haven’t you always liked that child? Go and ask him if he’s switched to a new academy.” “He hasn’t, but he’s the only one left now…” Teacher Liu sighed. “Forget it, go back first. Don’t argue with Sister-in-law about this. We’ll talk about it after your exam.”

Teacher Qin’s lips twitched. Knowing that his friend wanted to calm down he nodded and left.

Teacher Liu returned home in low spirits. Madam Liu was pacing around the house uneasily. Her children’s eyes were wide open and they squeezed together uneasily.

When Teacher Liu saw this, he couldn’t help but look at his wife reproachfully He quickly went forward to hug the children and patted their backs with a smile. “Daddy is back. Tomorrow, Daddy will bring you to the streets to buy candy, okay?”

When the children saw their father’s smile, they immediately felt at ease and happily replied, “Okay.”

Teacher Liu patted their butts and asked them to go back to their rooms to play. Madam Liu hurriedly asked, “How is it? What did Teacher Qin say?” Teacher Liu roughly explained the situation and said, “It’s not Old Qin’s fault. Don’t mention this matter anymore. Let’s just let it go.”

On the other hand, Madam Liu cried out loud. “Then what about our family? It’s almost the New Year now. Mother just sent a letter two days ago to ask for money for the New Year. Big Brother and Sister-in-law have provided for you for so many years. Now that the harvest is bad, they’re counting on you to support them…”

“Tomorrow, I’ll go find a few teachers to see if their academy is still hiring.” Madam Liu opened her mouth but didn’t say anything discouraging. However, they all knew in their hearts that this would probably be very difficult.

For two consecutive days, Teacher Liu did not make any progress. In the end, he knew that he would not have any work come spring. Without students, it ’ was impossible for the academy to open.

Teacher Liu said, “I’ll go to the Mu Residence today and explain this matter to

Miss Mu so that they can find an academy for Bowen.”

Madam Liu nodded. Since her husband could no longer open the academy, they could not let Bowen wait in vain.

When Teacher Liu arrived at the Mu Residence, Mu Shi had yet to set off for Xingzhou Prefecture. This was the second time the two of them had met.

As far as Teacher Liu knew, Mu Yangling had always been acting as Mu Bowen’s parent. He also knew that Mu Shi was in the military camp and rarely went home. Hence, he was surprised to see Mu Shi this time before exchanging pleasantries.                        °

Very sad that he could not continue studying with Teacher Liu, Mu Bowen stood behind his father in a low mood. When Mu Yangling brought tea in, she saw him and dragged him out.

“Why do you look so dejected?”

“Teacher said that the students have all left, so the academy can’t be opened anymore. He wants to give the examination a shot next year.”

Mu Yangling tilted her head. “Does he have the money?”

“Even if he doesn’t, he doesn’t have a choice now that he doesn’t have any students anymore. Instead of wasting a year waiting, he might as well give it a try.” Bowen said sadly, “But I’m very fond of Teacher Liu. He treats us very well Teacher Qin even punishes students by making them stand in the corridor but Teacher Liu never punishes us. If we make a mistake, he will only call us out to reason with us…”

Most importantly, Teacher Liu liked him the most and had always taken good care of him. Mu Bowen also liked his lessons. He felt that if it were another Teacher, he would definitely not be able to adapt quickly.

Is Teacher Liu in severe need of money?”

Bowen nodded. “Unfortunately, he ran all over the county but couldn’t find a second student. Why are students so difficult to find nowadays? In the past, Teacher merely posted an announcement and students simply signed up.” ’ “That’s because it’s too late,” Xiuhong said from the side. “Academies usually post an announcement on the second day after the Winter Solstice. Afraid that the slots for good academies will be taken up, the parents are usually in a hurry to confirm an academy. At the latest, ten days later, even the worst students will have signed up. Teacher Liu also found out too late because he wasn’t informed in time. Therefore, Cousin is right. We have to listen to the voices outside often. Otherwise, we’ll really become frogs in a well.”

Bowen felt that Xiuhong was wrong and frowned slightly when he heard that. Just as he was about to retort, he heard Mu Yangling say in a cadence, “Students? I have plenty of them. Ah, so my Nursery Manager is here. To think I had been searching for so long…”

As Mu Yangling spoke, she turned around happily and pinched her brother’s chubby cheek. “Kid, don’t you want to manage the nursery but are afraid of delaying your studies? I’ve found a balanced method for you, as long as your beloved Teacher Liu agrees to it.”

After saying that, she ran into the kitchen and picked up a plate of snacks before running in.

Bowen and Xiuhong looked at each other and ran in as well.

Mu Yangling’s idea was very simple. She hoped that Teacher Liu could become the Nursery Manager of the nursery.

Mu Yangling had hired teachers in academics and crafts for the nursery, so Teacher Liu did not need to teach the students. However, they still needed someone to manage such a huge academy. Mu Yangling had been looking for a suitable candidate, but until now, she had not found anyone.

just as Bowen had said, Teacher Liu was a person with a good character who adored children. Now that he was in a hurry to use money, Mu Yangling felt that it was not difficult to convince him to be the Nursery Manager.

Mu Yangling laid out the conditions and said very sincerely, “A portion of the miscellaneous matters in the nursery can be handed over to Xiuhong and Bowen. Teacher Liu, you only need to oversee and deal with some important matters. Of course, because Bowen has to stay at the nursery, he can’t fall behind in his homework, so I hope Teacher Liu can continue to teach him. We’ll pay you for tutoring him as well..”

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