The Noble Lady Gives Birth to My Child in Secret

Chapter 354 - 354: Let’s Go on Livestream Together

Chapter 354: Let’s Go on Livestream Together

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“If you’re on your period, then so be it. It’s okay.”

Ye Xiaofei smiled and said casually.

“Sir,” Li Ziyue pleaded, “I will definitely serve you well. Please let Zixing off today. When she recovers in two days, she will then serve you.”

Ye Xiaofei’s gaze swept over the two of them, then he burst out laughing and said, “What are you thinking? 1 didn’t ask you to come here today to sleep with me.”

“What? It’s not that!”

Li Ziyue and Li Zixing widened their eyes in surprise.

Ye Xiaofei frowned when he saw the two of them so happy. “What’s wrong? You’re not happy to sleep with me?”

Li Ziyue and Li Zixing were shocked. Li Ziyue stammered, “No, no! We’re willing. It’s just that Zixing is on her period and it’s inconvenient to serve you, SO…SO we’re a little scared.”

“Is that so?” Ye Xiaofei’s eyes turned cold.

The two of them were even more frightened. Li Ziyue quickly said, “Sir, let

Ziyue serve you today.”

“Forget it, there’s something else to do today.”

Ye Xiaofei waved his hand and said, “Take your phones out.”

The two of them really didn’t understand what Ye Xiaofei wanted to do, so they took out their phones, shaking like leaves.

Ye Xiaofei tapped on an icon on his phone and said, “Do you have this software? If not, hurry up and download it, then register for account.” “All, isn’t this a live streaming software?” Li Ziyue asked in confusion.

“Yeah, it’s a live streaming app.” Ye Xiaofei nodded excitedly.

Li Zixing’s face turned pale at once. “Sir, you’re not going to make us do that kind of thing with you and broadcast it together, are you?”

Ye Xiaofei raised his hand and lightly knocked on Li Zixing’s head, saying, “Girl, what are you thinking about all day? Why is it all about these things?”

“Oh…” Li Zixing covered her forehead with her hand and could not help but curse to herself. You get us to serve you every day. How can we not think too much?

“I have a friend who’s a streamer. I’m asking you two to help her gain popularity,” Ye Xiaofei said.

“Ah! Alright! Alright!”

The two of them were overjoyed. They didn’t expect it to be so simple, but they didn’t dare to show it now, lest they make Ye Xiaofei unhappy again.

“Come on, let’s play more comfortably on the bed.”

Ye Xiaofei jumped directly onto the bed. The wide headboard was more comfortable than the sofa.

Li Ziyue and Li Zixing agreed and quickly got on the bed.

This time, they didn’t hesitate or feel forced. They had been with Ye Xiaofei for the past two days and were used to normal physical contact. As long as they didn’t do that kind of thing, they didn’t have any resistance.

Li Ziyue and Li Zixing downloaded the software and found the streamer according to Ye Xiaofei’s request.

The streamer on the screen was a woman. One could tell at a glance that she was not a young lady. She was definitely older than them. She did not have the youthful aura about her, but had the gentleness of a mature older sister.

“What do you think? Good-looking or not?” Ye Xiaofei asked with a smile.

“Good-looking, very pretty, and gentle and cultivated.”

“Sir, do you like the mature style?” Li Zixing’s words were quite bold.

“What mature style?” Ye Xiaofei stared at her and said, “This is my auntie, just like my mom.”


Li Ziyue and Li Zixing were dumbfounded.

Ye Xiaofei was even more pleased. “Her daughter is five years younger than me. She’s a freshman this year. How old do you think she is?”

“Oh my god,” Li Zixing said in surprise, “1 really couldn’t tell. 1 thought it was a lady in her twenties.”

Li Ziyue nodded repeatedly. “Sister, no, Auntie is too young. She’s definitely the envy of countless women.”

Ye Xiaofei shook his head smugly and said, “That’s right. My auntie has just started doing this and isn’t very popular yet. Hurry up and talk to her.”

There were only about twenty people in Auntie Ning’s live broadcast room, and the atmosphere was not very lively.

Auntie Ning didn’t know how to coax her fans, nor did she know how to act coquettishly. She talked and occasionally hummed a tune.

However, Ye Xiaofei could feel that Auntie Ning was very happy. That was sufficient.

The three of them had not even started when a huge rocket flew up in the live broadcast room.

Auntie Ning was stunned for a moment, then she said excitedly, “Thank you!

Thank you to this big brother called ‘I’m Rich’.”

I’m Rich: “Beauty, you’re wearing too much. Come on, take off one piece and I’ll give you a rocket.”

The smile on Auntie Ning’s face froze. She quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, 1 can’t do this.”

I’m Rich: “Two rockets for one!”

Auntie Ning shook her head again. “I’m just here to look for people to chat with. Brother, you’ve misunderstood. I really don’t do such things.”

“What are you pretending for? You can state your conditions. I like flirtatious women like you. As long as you agree to take off your clothes, 1’11 pay you however much you want!”

“D*mn it, how dare you insult my auntie? I’ll kill you!”

Ye Xiaofei was enraged..

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