The Immortal Cultivation Game Has Come True

Chapter 321 - Chapter 321: Chapter 273: Encounter with Kui Wood Wolf

Chapter 321: Chapter 273: Encounter with Kui Wood Wolf

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With a nervous heart.

The Jing River’s Dragon King stepped into the Taoist temple, leaving all the dragon children and grandsons outside, staring at each other.

Upon entering the Taoist temple,

Before him was a Daoist in a Daoist robe, whose duster swayed gently with the breeze, emitting an even more peaceful and natural aura.

Hiss… This Immortal Xuanqing is even more powerful than before.

The Jing River Dragon King lowered his head, not daring to look directly at the other, and respectfully said, “Greetings Immortal Xuanqing.”


Xuanqing nodded slightly, scanning the other party, and said indifferently, “Jing River Dragon King, what brings you to my Black Wind Mountain?” “Answering the superior immortal, ever since the incident last time, the little dragon… the little dragon has been tossing and turning, unable to sleep at night.”

The Jing River Dragon King Ao Yi wore a bitter face, then cautiously began to probe, “I heard from my big uncle that the West Sea Dragon Clan has already joined your party, so… the little dragon, with his family, also wants to join the superior immortal.”

Upon hearing this,

Xuanqing neither confirmed nor denied it.

For he was not surprised and had already guessed this outcome when he first saved the Jing River Dragon King.

Since the Jing River Dragon King underwent such an ordeal, he remained within the Tang Dynasty, the whirlpool of the Journey to the West Fetching the Scriptures event, and as soon as he escaped the karmic intelligence reduction halo, he would surely flee from there at the first opportunity.

“Since you are here in Black Wind, I can offer you the position of Black River Water God. As for your dragon children and grandsons, they can each find a tributary stream to live in. Are you willing?”

“Yes, the little dragon is willing!”

Jing River Dragon King was overjoyed and immediately knelt on the ground, shouting, “Subordinate kowtows to Sir!”

He had also made some inquiries before coming.

The so-called Black River was the moat of the capital of Black Wind Country… Black Wind City, and his position as the Water Archon of the Great Tang Jing River was equivalent in rank.

For his homeless refuge, to still be granted a divine position equal to his previous one, the other party was already treating him very generously. Moreover,

The superior immortal not only granted him the position of Water Archon of the city’s moat but also made arrangements for his dragon children and grandsons, showing thoughtful consideration.

So… that’s why he was overjoyed and accepted it without hesitation.

“This is my imperial edict token, you go find the Black Wind Country’s King Qingwan; she will arrange the worship and enshrining of gods for you.” As Xuanqing spoke, he tossed a token.

“I shall obey Sir’s order, I take my leave!”

Jing River’s Dragon King Ao Yi took the token and bowed again.

Leaving the Taoist temple.

Jing River Dragon King…no, it should be Black River Dragon King Ao Yi, as soon as he stepped out of the temple, he was surrounded by his dragon children and grandsons.

“Father King, how did it go? Is the superior immortal willing to take us in?”

“Father King, what’s the situation?”

Faced with the inquiries from his children and grandsons,

Ao Yi stroked his beard and laughed heartily, “Hahaha, thanks to the superior immortal’s regard, I was granted the position of Black River Water God.”

Upon hearing this,

The dragons were overjoyed.

“Father King, has… the superior immortal arranged anything for us?” asked one of the dragon children.

“Arrangements have been made, all have been arranged. The superior immortal said that the children of this king can each find a stream to live in and also serve as water gods,” said Ao Yi.

When these words came out,

The top eight dragon children had no expressions since they had been water gods of major rivers during the Tang Dynasty.

However, the ninth dragon child, the Turtle Dragon, was overjoyed.

“It’s so good, the child finally has a place to settle.” With a look of delight on his face, the Turtle Dragon couldn’t help but exclaim.

The proverb “one carrot, one pit” was apt. In the Tang Empire, Ao Yi occupied the Jing River Dragon King, and the other eight children each occupied major rivers, virtually dividing the rivers near Chang’an City.

As a result… for his ninth child, the Turtle Dragon, unless he was willing to leave his hometown, there was no work for him.

Now the tide had turned, as he fled with his father, he had been arranged with a job, truly going from misfortune to fortune, and vice versa.

“Haha, children, the superior immortal treats us well. In the future… we must diligently manage the water veins, carrying out our duties of regulating the clouds and distributing rain.”

Ao Yi instructed his children and grandsons.

“Yes, Father King!” All the dragons earnestly agreed.

Seeing this,

Ao Yi nodded in satisfaction and then said, “Having come here, I haven’t visited my big uncle yet; you all follow me to the West Sea!”

Leaving aside the story of Jing River Dragon King’s family,

Let’s look at the Desert Ridge.

Yellow Wind Ridge.

It belongs to the Sha City of Black Wind Country, which was originally the dwelling place of the Yellow Wind Monster. After the Yellow Wind Monster was killed by Daoist Xuanqing, it became vacant.

On this day,

A Daoist riding a lucky cloud, holding a duster, and emitting a peaceful aura, floated above Yellow Wind Ridge.

“Whip Mountain, Move Rock!”

The Daoist waved his duster, and it transformed into a ten-thousand-feet – long whip, carrying an unstoppable force, enveloping Yellow Wind Ridge.


With a low roar,


Mountain crumbled and the earth split as if an earth dragon had turned over. Such a scene like a natural disaster appeared, but it did not panic the people living nearby at all.

Because the nearby residents of Sha City received advance notice, knowing this was the work of the Black Wind Country’s god.

In no time at all,

This several hundred-feet-high mountain was lifted by the whip and floated in the air, covering a large area of sunlight.


Xuanqing roared low again.

An incredible thing happened.

The huge mountain, hundreds of feet tall, disappeared abruptly after the word “take” was uttered.

However, an additional mountain peak of several hundred feet appeared in his game backpack.

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