640 637:The Finale Battle

Ten thousand waves burst out around those lines.

The world around was torn apart by such a wave as the God Of Darkness shot through the vast expanse of space.

However, a little dissatisfaction served in the eyes of Alex who created such a scene.

'I didn't control it well.'

It was because he was trying to annihilate the God of Darkness with a single blow.

However, he immediately erased the dissatisfaction and naturally took a step forward.

The fabric force was torn and cracks started to appear as Alex stepped over the void.


According to the rules of the negated world, a new form of Alex appeared right before the God Of Darkness was thrown out of the atmosphere.

Then Alex clenched his fist and connected all the starlight pouring from the space in one hand, replaced it with nothingness and slammed onto God Of Destruction. Novel Fire - novelfire.net

The world cracked up and shattered by an incident and the God of Darkness responded by changing the other world he had destroyed and using the weapon he created.

In the cosmic expanse where stars flicker like eternal flames, the clash between the God of Darkness, and Alex ignited a spectacle that reverberated through the very fabric of existence.

With each strike, galaxies quivered, and nebulae trembled, as their titanic forces collided. God of Darkness, his eyes ablaze with newfound power, unleashed the Abyssal Annihilation, a torrent of darkness that consumed all in its path. Alex, undeterred, countered with the Celestial Starlight Cataclysm, a wave of pure starlight that shattered the darkness with its brilliant bright light.

Light and Darkness clashed against one another, fighting to overwhelm one another.

Their battle raged on, with each blow echoing across the cosmos, and aftermath creating ripples resounding like thunder. God of Darkness, the embodiment of primordial shadows, unleashed the Void Obliteration, rending reality itself asunder. In response, Alex invoked the Stellar Surge, a radiant burst of cosmic energy that pushed back the encroaching darkness.

[Starlight Slash]

Stars around the world lit up connecting to Alex and soon from the vast expanse of nothingness, a beam of start light shot out with a catastrophic might illuminating the entire world with a blinding flash.

God of Darkness, and Alex who used power, the God of Light, clashed in a cataclysm. God of Darkness unleashed his Abyssal Annihilation, a swirling vortex of unfathomable darkness, Aled responded with the Celestial Cataclysm, a radiant burst of starlight that pierced through the void.

The collision of these opposing forces created a spectacle unlike any other. The Starlight Slash and Darkness of Void Of Obliteration clashed with a deafening roar that shattered the very fabric of space. Waves of energy rippled outwards, distorting the cosmic landscape and sending shockwaves cascading through the universe.

In the epicentre of the clash, where light and darkness converged in a brilliant display of power, reality itself seemed to tremble. The Starlight Slash struggled against the consuming darkness of the Void Of Obliteration, each force vying for dominance in the cosmic struggle but God of Darkness's eyes widened as the power behind the light instead of decreasing kept on increasing as all stars lit up supplying an immense amount of energy.

The clash of these titanic forces created a blinding burst of energy that illuminated the darkness of space. For a fleeting moment, the universe was bathed in a dazzling display of light and shadow, as the Starlight Slash and Darkness battle for supremacy.

But as the dust settled and the echoes of their clash faded into the void, two figures were pushed away and their collision had created a rift in the fabric of reality, a tear in the very fabric of the universe that would have far-reaching consequences for all of creation.

The space splits itself as the God of Darkness figure from the infinite emptiness and disappears...

A huge crack and crater formed in space due to the immense gravity as the god of Darkness tore the fabric.

Before he could even come to sense, all the darkness in the world fell before his God Of Darkness eyes.

An endless ominous yet endlessly thrilling sight.


A white hand protruding from it grabs the God Of Darkness's neck and Alex's next attack begins.



The army of the light world and the Wives of Alex screamed in bewilderment.

The battlefield seemed to have stopped suddenly.

A dazed voice came out of everyone's mouth as they saw the two towering figures fight. One covered the whole darkness of void as if it assimilated in the darkness of space and another was humongous and made of starlight essence connecting forming a vast and numerous cluster of stars.

It wasn't an ordinary battle but rather a fight between two gods for survival.

No one could take their eyes off even for a moment.

'What the hell happened?"

The power of God of Darkness was beyond anyone's imagination to the extent that they thought it was meaningless and that Alex was trying to annihilate such a being but the gaze of everyone almost popped out as.....


It was Alex smashing such a God of Darkness with an overwhelming force.

Alex's appearance in their eyes had become blurry.

Amidst the chaos, screams of agony pierced the void as the cosmic titans clashed. God Of Darkness's voice reverberated with dark fury as he unleashed the Abyssal Nova, a cataclysmic darkness explosion that threatened to consume all. Alex's cry of defiance echoed through the stars as he summoned the last remnants of starlight into a devastating counterattack.

With a deafening roar, God Of Darkness charged forward, his form wreathed in darkness, intent on ending the battle once and for all. 'What is this?'

'What's this overwhelming gap?'

''How did he become so strong? I can't lose..."

God of Darkness's voice filled with despair and madness erupted like waves of thunder reverberating throughout the space.

An immense amount of mystical energy pours covering the huge space and aimed for Alex who just erased everything with a snap of figure that creates a black hole engulfing everything This created more despair for the God of Darkness as the guy was aptly utilising the power of both light and darkness to neutralise every move.

Even for a God of Darkness, it was too much.

But Alex, refusing to yield, stood firm, his resolve unbroken. With a final surge of power, he unleashed the Nova Ignition, a blinding wave of celestial energy that engulfed the God Of Darkness in a brilliant cascade of light that seemed to be eroding the God Of Darkness's existence itself by burning his soul.

"No, this is over."

"If I am going to die, I am gonna take you with me."

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