The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 1782 - Chapter 1782: A Plan to Escape and A Person’s Fight (4)

Chapter 1782: A Plan to Escape and A Person’s Fight (4)

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Currently, other than the number one quantum teleportation channel that was still under construction, the other three quantum teleportation channels had all entered a cooldown period. Before he left, Tu Qianshan summoned Tu Ning and handed over the command to him. Tu Rusong was still lurking in the dark.

Tu Qianshan’s actions were actually to intimidate Xu Tui. It means that we still have the Nine Satellites Planetary realm in the dark. Don’t do anything.

The teleportation was very successful. The fourth quantum teleportation channel was normal. Tu Qianshan, Yan Wuyu, and the others safely arrived at the testing planet opposite. A minute later, the Concentric Jade Talisman refined by Yan Wuyu in Xu Tui’s arms suddenly trembled.

This was the signal that Yan Wuyu was ready.

Then, Xu Tui crushed a hyphen that came from Cai Shaochu. However, the other half of the hyphen was in An Xiaoxue’s hands. It was the signal that Xu Tui had agreed with An Xiaoxue.

An Xiaoxue, who had silently teleported to Asteroid 433 and was hiding, immediately took out two and a half sets of quantum array cores after receiving Xu Tui’s signal. At the same time, she constructed two quantum teleportation channels.

This was what Xu Tui and the others had prepared before they left. There were eight sets of quantum array cores. Xu Tui took half, and An Xiaoxue took half.

Even though Yan Wuyu and the others had successfully tested the multi-person teleportation quantum array core, in reality, the quantum array core that Xu Tui and the others used for emergencies was still single.

So he had to use two sets to escape.

Xu Tui and Yanzi had also specially taught An Xiaoxue how to structure the

quantum teleportation channel before they left. She was also very fast. Sixteen minutes later, the other hyphen in Xu Tui’s arms split open. Xu Tui received a signal from An Xiaoxue.

A minute later, the quantum teleportation channel would be successfully built. At the same time, Xu Tui used his mind power to activate the Concentric Jade Talisman that Yan Wuyu had refined.

It was a three-way alliance.

A minute later, the other end of the newly built quantum teleportation tunnel on Planet White Mountain lit up at the same time. The first quantum teleportation channel that had been destroyed was successfully rebuilt. However, no one knew for the time being that these two ends were actually two quantum teleportation channels.

Only Yan Jiuqu frowned. In his senses, the newly built first quantum teleportation channel seemed to be a little different from the previous multi-person quantum teleportation channel. However, it was normal. After all, this was the multi-person teleportation quantum array core that Yan Wuyu had refined and modified again. It was normal for there to be some changes.

Tu Ning, who was the temporary captain of Planet White Mountain, sent a message to Tu Qianshan through the quantum network communication device. He said that the first quantum teleportation channel had been successfully built. He asked for his instructions on what to do next.

In less than a minute, Tu Ning received a message from Tu Qianshan. “Get Yanzi to come over from the first quantum teleportation channel alone. Elder

Yan needs his granddaughter to make some data records.”

This order was too normal. Moreover, it was not threatening at all. Tu Ning immediately gave an order, “Yanzi, go over from here. Your grandfather needs your help.”

Tu Ning had no doubt about the authenticity of the information. However, he did not expect that this was a fake message sent by Ah Huang after it hijacked the quantum information server here.

Yanzi nodded and walked to the newly built first quantum teleportation channel. She first threw in her Origin Crystals, but she did not enter immediately.

Xu Tui sent a signal to Yan Wuyu. Everything was ready. On the testing planet, Yan Wuyu said to Tu Qianshan, “Captain Qianshan, I discovered another problem. I need to go alone again. Six hours later, the second quantum teleportation tunnel would return to normal. At that time, you would be able to return to Planet White Mountain from the second quantum teleportation tunnel. I’ll check it again.”

Hearing this, Tu Qianshan was a little hesitant. “Elder Yan, why don’t I go back with you?”

This suggestion made Yan Wuyu’s expression become extremely serious. “Captain Qianshan, I’m going to do a comprehensive check when I return alone to pass through the first quantum teleportation channel.

“During the teleportation process, I had to activate my mind power and fully examine and sense every detail of the teleportation so that I could confirm the problem. Then, I would make the final modifications. Then, I would use the three Nine Satellites Planetary realms to undergo the extreme pressure test. This time, there must not be any more problems. I would not be able to answer to Second Master if I lost three more Nine Satellites Planetary realm elders.

“Therefore, I have to activate my mind power with all my might. This process is very dangerous. It will also increase the load of the quantum teleportation channel to the maximum. In terms of safety, it’s safer for me to be alone!” At this point, Yan Wuyu smiled. “Captain Qianshan, are you afraid that I’ll cause trouble on Planet White Mountain?

“No.” Tu Qianshan was confident in this. There were so many Planetary realm experts on Planet White Mountain. If Yan Wuyu and Bing Zhen really wanted to cause trouble, they would not be able to. “Then I’ll have to trouble you, Elder Yan.” Tu Qianshan agreed to Yan Wuyu’s suggestion, but he still immediately sent a message to Tu Ning to remind him to be on guard.

After all, under normal circumstances, the quantum network communication of the Spiritual Race was relatively fast and convenient.

“Roger that.” This was Tu Ning’s reply. However, Tu Qianshan did not expect

that the message he sent had already been intercepted and received by Ah Huang. The message sent by Tu Ning was sent by Ah Huang in disguise.

“Then I’ll go over first,” Yan Wuyu said to Tu Qianshan and stood in front of the first quantum teleportation channel. When he was sprinkled with Origin Crystals, Yan Wuyu gently activated his Concentric Jade Talisman twice. Then, he began to count down in his heart.






The moment the countdown ended, Yanzi from Planet White Mountain and Yan Wuyu from the testing planet stepped into the quantum teleportation channel in front of them at the same time. In a flash of light, the two of them disappeared from the quantum teleportation channel at the same time. However, Yanzi and Yan Wuyu did not appear on either Planet White Mountain or the testing planet where Tu Qianshan was.

Ten seconds later, the cautious Tu Qianshan sent a message to Tu Ning. “Is Elder Yan here?” Ah Huang intercepted this message. Then, it replied with an affirmative reply. Tu Qianshan completely relaxed. Next, when he returned to

Planet White Mountain six hours later, the problem might have been resolved.

At the same time, Xu Tui heaved a sigh of relief. Yan Wuyu and Yanzi, who were the hardest to escape, had already escaped. Next, it was his battle alone..

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