Chapter 1493: Complete(15)

Hiron couldn't help but let out a heartbreaking roar as the tribe leaders made their announcements.

The abrupt turn of events stunned the tribe leaders, who could not help but shudder. Even though Huo Jinglin had promised them that nothing would happen to them after their announcement, hearing the anger and pain in Hiron's roar, they felt ruptures in their ears.

They prepared themselves to defend, hoping for Hiron to target someone else, but the next moment, a shocking scene played out in front of them.

Immediately after the roar, a glow appeared around Hiron, and following that, Hiron exploded into energy.

The energy didn't crazily rush but compressed on its own and soon formed several Experience Cores. The people present inside the camp couldn't help but turn greedy when they saw the scene.

Unfortunately for them, the Experience Cores seemed to have a will of their own. Half of it seeped into the ground, disappearing from the other's eyes, while the remaining half flew to Hiron's son, the inheritor of his will.

The son knew the significance of the plan, but he didn't have an idea about it being his father's third red mark. If he had known, he would have worked even harder to push the war forward.

But since things had happened and the people present there had their eyes on the Experience Cores, he simply scoffed.

The scoff was like a rumble in their heads. Even without Hiron, no tribe was a match for the Helennis tribe's strength. They had Level 3 members in double digits.

Hiron's son ignored the tribe leaders and immediately rushed toward where Huo Jinglin was left, but Huo Jinglin seemed to have evaporated from that part of the world.

Even those who worked with him weren't aware of where he had disappeared.


Huo Jinglin was aware of the chaos that would ensue after the challenge' completion, but he still underestimated it. He ignored that and looked at the blue screen in front of him.

After completing the challenge, he could freely teleport back to his residence. He had anticipated the members of the Helennis tribe to go crazy, so he immediately used that option.

The blue screen announced the completion of the challenge. Huo Jinglin had a deadline of thirty days to complete the mission and get the basic reward of three low Experience Cores.

Huo Jinglin achieved the goal in 28 days, so he became eligible for a bonus reward. But since he hadn't done it in 27 days, he fell slightly short of enough bonus to get an extra low Experience Core.

After Huo Jinglin tapped to retrieve the bonus reward, a small roulette appeared before him.

There were seven sections on the wheel. One had two low Experience Cores, two sections had the reward of one low Experience Core, while the remaining four sections were empty.

Huo Jinglin didn't waste much of his time and rotated the wheel. Three seconds later, it stopped. Huo Jinglin only smiled wryly since the pointer stopped at the empty section, meaning he would get no reward.

Huo Jinglin didn't worry much about it and took out the basic reward he had received. He had felt his weakness during the challenge, so without wasting any time, he immediately returned to the meditation room.lightsnovel

Absorption of 10 low Experience Cores was required to step from Level 1 to Level 2, and it took one entire day to fully absorb the core.

Three days later, Huo Jinglin had absorbed all three of them and had slightly grown stronger. Huo Jinglin only knew it because he had a status screen quantifying his attributes.

There was a gap of one week to one month after every challenge, so after emptying his small reserve of cores, Huo Jinglin returned to his usual timetable.

Time flew by, and several days passed in the blink of an eye.

It was the 10th day after Huo Jinglin returned to his residence after completing the first challenge. He had only returned from his training and was about to begin his meditation when he was forced to stop by a sudden phenomenon.

Huo Jinglin didn't feel angry but laughed when met with that phenomenon. A blue screen had popped out in front of him and contained the details of the second challenge.

From the first challenge, Huo Jinglin could see that challenges weren't randomly assigned but had some relationship with the challenger.

Even during the first challenge, he entered an ice cave because he was a fire user, while during the second challenge, the mission was tough but followed the same pattern of sacrifice ritual as the one he had been a part of, making the challenge not so hard.

Huo Jinglin read the content on the screen with utmost focus, and the more he read, the deeper his frown became.

After reading the complete challenge, he couldn't help but wipe the sweat that had appeared on his face.

According to it, a dangerous place called the 'Labyrinth of Sound' existed in the world. It bordered Heles Kingdom, a Kingdom with a Level 6 King ruling over it.

Three days ago, one of the seven princes of the Kingdom fell into the labyrinth. The higher the level of the being entering it, the more difficult it was to leave the place.

So to rescue his son as soon as possible, the King announced a mission for Level 1 beings to enter the area and rescue the prince. In the past three days, thousands of Level 1 had entered but none had succeeded in bringing the prince out.

Seeing no hope of rescue from the people in the Heles Kingdom, the King assigned a task all over the area in a range of three hundred thousand miles.

Since Huo Jinglin was also a Level 1, he was eligible to partake in the challenge, and it became his third challenge. It wasn't what made Huo Jinglin sweat, but the details of the labyrinth were the cause behind it.

lightsΝοvel It was so dangerous that even the high reward associated with the challenge made him hesitate over it.

(Chapter End.)


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