Chapter 32: Gu Yundong's Ability

On the way here, the soldier had already heard Nie Cong tell him what had happened, but he did not expect the person who was going to draw the picture to be a disheveled teenaged girl who looked like a refugee.

Just her? She knew how to draw portraits? And she thought that she was better than the painters in Xuanhe Province?

'Are you kidding me?'

If Nie Cong wasn't here, he would have turned around and left already.

Gu Yundong saw that he was sullen and did not speak. She knew that he did not trust her.

She tapped the table slightly and asked with a smile, "Could it be that you don't remember what the criminal looked like?"

"Who said I don't remember?" The soldier immediately retorted. Then, his eyes were filled with hatred. "That bandit killed my good brother who fought alongside me. I can dream of him every night. I know how many moles there are on his face."

"Then tell me."

"…" The soldier choked. Nie Cong, who was beside him, bumped his arm again. Only then did he clench his fists and say, "His face is a little round, and he looks like an honest person. His eyebrows are rather thick, and they're very black and long. His eyes are not big, and they're long and narrow. His nose is more chubby, and his mouth is a little like mine."

Gu Yundong lowered her head and drew with a charcoal pen according to what he said.

As she drew, she would ask him from time to time, "Is that so? Or should it be rounder… Are the bags under his eyes deep… What kind of long and narrow is it… Does he have a lot of fat on his chin…"

At first, she only drew a rough outline. When she was more or less certain, she took out another piece of white paper and integrated all the facial features that the soldier had mentioned.

Gu Yundong was very fast. In no time, she had finished drawing.

The soldier had said that he was thirsty and went to drink some tea. When he came back and looked, he spat out a mouthful of tea.

"Ah, be careful." Gu Yundong hurriedly moved the paper away and glared at him fiercely.

The soldier hurriedly wiped his mouth and eagerly picked up the piece of paper. His eyes widened.

Nie Cong had taken a few steps back when he dodged the tea the soldier spat out. At this moment, he looked up at his shocked expression and could not help but ask curiously, "What's wrong?"

The soldier muttered in disbelief, "Similar, too similar. They're simply too similar."

"Is it really that similar?" Wasn't that too exaggerated? Nie Cong shook his head and walked around the table to look from behind him.

He was stunned on the spot.

The soldier said in disbelief, "It's like… It's like it's carved out of his face."

"There's actually such a drawing method." Nie Cong shook his head in surprise. He carefully took it from the soldier's hand and looked at it again and again. He could not help but click his tongue in wonder.

Those painters' drawings were also very good, but Nie Cong was not a master of calligraphy and painting. He did not know much about the topic and could not appreciate them. He only knew that the artistic conception was quite beautiful, and the characters were also very beautiful. However, there was still a gap between them and real people. At least, it was not very useful for using those to solve cases.

But now, this character drawing seemed to have come alive.

And this was only drawn with a charcoal pencil.

When he looked up at Gu Yundong again, Nie Cong's gaze changed.

Was this Miss Gu really just a country bumpkin who did not know anything?

"Who taught you how to draw?"

Gu Yundong also took a sip of water and shrugged. "Someone I don't know. He didn't tell me his name."

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