Chapter 29: Going to Earn Money

Shopkeeper Pan was sinisterly thinking of ways to deal with him when two constables walked over. They were the two who had captured the youth earlier.

When they saw the young man standing under the tree, one of them was instantly angry. Great, enemies really met on a narrow road. He hadn't returned the kick from before. Since Young Master Nie wasn't around, let's see who still dared to speak up for him.

The constable went forward to look for trouble, but was stopped by the other. The latter pointed at Gu Yundong, who was standing not far away, and shook his head slightly.

The constable quickly recognized this person as the person who had been with Young Master Nie earlier. If she was here, Young Master Nie might be nearby. In the end, he endured it and did not look at the youth again.

On the other hand, the young man noticed their actions and happened to see Gu Yundong.

His gaze was cold, and he still had a very indifferent attitude.

Only then did the two constables look at Shopkeeper Pan, who was hanging in the air. Seeing his fat and short figure flapping in the air like a tortoise that had flipped over, they were instantly amused. "You're Pan Fu?"

Pan Fu raised his head slightly and was overjoyed to see the clothes they were wearing. He hurriedly said, "Sir Constable, Sir Constable, save me. Save me quickly. He wants to kill me, to…"

"Are you Pan Fu?" the constable interrupted impatiently.

Pan Fu was stunned for a moment before nodding. "Yes, yes, yes. I'm Pan Fu."

"You're the one who went to the government office to report a fake case and delayed us from catching the real criminal? Do you know how serious the consequences of your actions are? You're really bold. What kind of place do you think the magistrate's office is? Who do you think we are? Do you think you can use your position to take revenge and spout nonsense?!"

Pan Fu was so frightened that his face instantly turned pale. His body trembled twice as he hurriedly said, "No, I didn't. Constables, I really didn't report a fake case. Wang Da is my cousin in the government office. He can prove that what I said is the truth."

"What cousin? Didn't you report a fake case? Come with us to the government office." What Wang Da? A miscellaneous worker in the government office dared to be someone's backer?

The constable sneered and went forward to cut the rope.

Pan Fu fell onto the limestone slab with a bang, his face contorting in pain.

But before he could recover, the two constables had already grabbed his arms and dragged him away.

The onlookers did not dare to speak at this moment. Only when they were gone did they discuss softly.

"Shopkeeper Pan is finished."

"Serves him right. He knew that if that young man was convicted, the outcome would not be good, but he was still so vicious as to frame someone."

Gu Yundong reflexively turned to look at the youth and saw that he had already passed through the crowd and disappeared.

The crowd gradually dispersed. Gu Yundong turned around and saw Nie Cong looking for her.

"What happened here?"

Gu Yundong recounted the situation just now. Nie Cong raised his eyebrows in surprise. "That kid is definitely the type to take revenge. He's just too rash. If those two constables don't take Pan Fu away, Pan Fu will definitely not let him off."

He shook his head and did not continue the topic. He immediately told Gu Yundong about his aunt's situation. "My aunt has already agreed to rent to you for a month if you pay three taels of silver first. You can stay in the west wing for now. You have to settle your meals yourself. You can use the things in the room, but you can't damage them."

Gu Yundong nodded. After paying three taels of silver, she only had two taels left.

'I'm so poor. I have to earn money quickly.'

However, there were so many refugees in the city now. There were too many monks and too little porridge. How could she earn money?

Suddenly, she looked at Nie Cong beside her, and a glint flashed across her eyes.

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