Chapter 257: Captured

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Gu Yundong frowned and kicked a middle-aged woman who had come to snatch the child away.

The other three were stunned. The tall and thin man’s face flashed with ruthlessness. He gave them a look and the three of them came over at the same time.

Some held her hand, some hugged the child, some pulled her hair, and some pinched her arm.

But before these people could touch her, Gu Yundong nimbly bumped into the weakest-looking person and kicked him between his legs.

That person immediately bent down in pain. Gu Yundong flashed past him and ran into the inn.

She said to the people present who still did not understand, “These people are all in cahoots. They’re the ones who are kidnapping. If you don’t believe me, report it to the officials. I’ll wait in this inn for the officials to arrest me.”

The waiter in the inn suddenly came back to his senses. This girl was their guest and had brought her mother, who seemed to be a little silly. From her gentle and polite words, it was obvious that she was knowledgeable.

She asked him to help take care of her mother, and she was exceptionally friendly with a smile. She even tipped him a tael of silver.

Therefore, he was definitely on Gu Yundong’s side. He immediately reached out to block Gu Yundong and said to the few people who had run up to snatch the child, “This lady is staying here. But you, you’re not a guest of our inn, right? You’re not here to eat, so how did you get out of my inn?”

The man’s expression changed drastically. He took a small step back and said, “I, I brought the child to borrow the toilet.”

In fact, he had sneaked in from the backyard behind a guest’s carriage when no one was paying attention and took the opportunity to leave through the front door.

When the onlookers heard Gu Yundong’s words, they almost leaned towards her. If she was really a kidnapper, would she dare to speak so confidently about reporting to the officials?

After hearing the waiter’s words, she was even more convinced that these people were not good people.

After all, they knew the waiter. He couldn’t be a bad person, right?

The few kidnappers felt that something was amiss. Everyone looked at them strangely.

Knowing that the situation was hopeless, and the child could not be snatched back, they understood each other and turned to leave.

However, that tall and thin man was a thorn in everyone’s side. How could he leave? He was quickly stopped.

Still, his accomplices saw that the situation was not good and wanted to hide in the crowd and leave in several different directions.

Gu Yundong’s eyes turned sharp. “And those few are his accomplices. I saw them signaling with their eyes.”

As she spoke, she saw a tea set on the table beside her. She handed the child to the waiter and smashed the teacups on their heads.

As the teacup fell to the ground, the few people were instantly exposed and caught by the surrounding commoners.

The few of them immediately struggled. “Let go of me. I just thought that you were snatching someone’s child. Who’s in cahoots?”

“Me too. I don’t know them.”

Gu Yundong sneered. “Since you’re innocent, wait here for the officials to come. Anyway, you’re so enthusiastic. You definitely don’t mind being witnesses.”

“I-I still have something urgent to do,” the woman hurriedly said. “I still have to go home and cook for my husband. If he doesn’t see me when he comes back, he’ll be anxious.”

“That’s easy. Where is your house? I’ll pay someone to send a message to your house. If what you say is true, I’ll even treat your husband to a meal here. How about that?”

“1,1,1…” Now that she could not say it, everyone believed that Gu Yundong was a good person..

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