Chapter 2: Silver

Gu Yundong did not have a good impression of this second uncle at all. Back then, he and Gu Dajiang had lured the bandits away, but only he had returned. This made her think more about this and link Gu Dajiang's disappearance to him.

Gu Dahe ran to Gu Yundong's side and squatted down to tug at her sleeve without a word.

"What are you doing?" Gu Yundong regained some strength and retracted her hand.

"In any case, you're about to die soon. Don't waste the money your father left for you. I'll help you give it to your grandparents." Gu Dahe picked up a stone beside him and threw it at her head. Gu Yundong only had time to curse before she fainted.

"Eldest Sister!!" Gu Yunshu screamed and pounced over to slap Gu Dahe crazily.

Madam Yang also reacted. She put down the basket on her back and came up to scratch him.

Gu Dahe took two steps back from the two of them. Finally, he grabbed Gu Yunshu impatiently and grabbed his neck with one hand. He shouted at Madam Yang, who was about to pounce on him and bite him, "Stop. If you come any closer, I'll strangle your son to death."

Madam Yang suddenly stopped. She hesitated and did not dare to go forward. She looked at her son and then at her unconscious daughter. Suddenly, she knelt down in front of Gu Dahe. "Second uncle, please, I beg you. Put Ah Shu down. He hurts. He hurts."

Gu Yunshu's face turned purple from the squeezing, and his eyes turned red. Tears welled up in his eyes and refused to fall. He ignored them and struggled frantically. "Mother, get up. Don't kneel. He's not human. He's a beast. He hit my sister and is trying to force us to die. I won't let him off even if I become a ghost."

Gu Dahe did not care about what he scolded. Without Madam Yang in the way, he walked back to Gu Yundong's side and pulled off her sleeve. He knew that his eldest brother had secretly given this niece some silver to protect herself. He had also accidentally seen Gu Yundong sewing the silver into her sleeve. That was why he had come back to get it.

In any case, in this world, their family would definitely not live for more than a few days. Instead of letting this silver be buried with them, it was better for him to take it.

Gu Dahe had no qualms about it. He rolled up his sleeves and saw a tael of silver. His big brother was really scheming. He actually hid so much money secretly.

After receiving the silver, Gu Dahe threw Gu Yunshu away. Madam Yang quickly went forward to catch him to prevent him head from hitting the stone. "Ah Shu, Mother is here. It doesn't hurt."

Gu Yunshu almost couldn't breathe. After regaining his freedom, he finally began to pant heavily.

Gu Dahe stood up and glanced at them with a smug smile. "Don't blame me. It was your grandparents who decided to chase you away. I'm a junior, so I can only listen to them."

After saying that, he snorted and strode in the direction of Old Gu and the others.

Old Gu had seen his second son leave. Now that he saw him return, he frowned slightly and asked, "Where did you go?"

Gu Dahe did not hide it from him. "That girl still had money hidden on her. I brought it to Father and Mother."

Old Gu stopped in his tracks. "They only have so little food. Why did you still go…"

"Why can't we go?" Before he could finish speaking, Madam Zhao couldn't help but scold, "I told you that your eldest son is dishonest. He didn't show filial piety to the two of us when he had money and even secretly gave it to his wife and daughter. This heartless thing. We worked so hard to raise him up, but we only raised such an ingrate. We should have beaten him to death long ago. So what if Second Brother took the money? Anyway, they won't be able to use it even if we gave it to her. Don't let it end up in someone else's hands. They might as well give it to us."

Old Gu opened his mouth. After a long time, he sighed and said, "It's their bad luck." He tacitly agreed with Mrs. Zhao.

Gu Dahe put away the silver with a clear conscience. "Mother, I'll keep this silver for you. I'm young and strong, so it's not easy for me to lose it."

Mrs. Zhao glanced at him but did not say anything. In this world, she was not willing to make her son unhappy over a few dozen copper coins. If she angered her son and he abandoned her, she would not be able to live as an old lady. She thought that there was not much money, so she let him be.

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