The Farmer's Eldest Daughter Has a Spatial Pocket

Chapter 19: Selling Gu Yundong And Her Siblings

Chapter 19: Selling Gu Yundong And Her Siblings

It got much heavier?

Old Man Yu suddenly stopped in his tracks and quickly walked to Uncle Yu's side. "By the way, before that girl left, she said that she wanted me to take a look at the bamboo basket. Do you want to take a look?"

Old Man Yu and his son looked at each other. They put down the bamboo basket and opened a piece of clothing covering it.

In the next moment, they saw an unfamiliar cloth bag placed inside.

Old Man Yu had a guess in his heart. He squeezed past his dilly-dallying son and tore open the cloth bag. He saw that the bag was filled with yams and potatoes.

The three of them sucked in a breath of cold air. Old Man Yu even closed the cloth bag and covered it with his original clothes while trembling.

"…Father." Uncle Yu swallowed hard. "This is from that girl…"

"Shh." Old Man Yu quickly looked around. When he saw that no one was paying attention, he heaved a sigh of relief. "This girl is repaying me for sending her news out of kindness. She distinguishes between gratitude and grudges. It's fine if we accept it. Don't make a fuss. If there's a chance in the future, we'll thank her again."

The father and son nodded repeatedly, and their eyes lit up. "Father, now that we have these, we can go to Wanqing Province."

"Yes, to Wanqing Province." Old Man Yu had a smile on his face. He no longer had the gloomy expression from before. Although this food could only last for seven to eight days, there would always be food to be found on the way to Wanqing Province.

The three of them quickly confirmed the route and began to set off in the direction of Wanqing Province.

However, they all had a question in their hearts—when did that girl stuff the food into their bamboo basket?

Gu Yundong and the Yu family's grandfather, son, and grandson left the city gate one after another. Just as they left, a few sneaky men quietly came to the place where Gu Yundong had rested.

However, there was no one there anymore.

The few of them searched around but could not find anyone. One of them grabbed a young man's collar. "Where is he? Didn't you say that your nephew and niece are here?"

The young man's name was Fu Ming, and he was Gu Qiuyue's husband. At this moment, he also had a look of anger on his face. However, when he faced the fierce man, he immediately said obsequiously, "Master Qian, I'm not lying to you. They were really here. My little niece is only three years old, and my little nephew is only five years old. They're both good-looking. You can bring them back and train them well. They'll definitely be able to help you earn money in the future. The older one is thirteen years old and has already grown up. Let's look around nearby some more. They'll definitely be here."

Master Qian and the others were all hired thugs from the Qin Tower's Chu Pavilion in the city. They knew that there were many refugees outside the city recently, and there were also many people selling their children. Some people only needed a few sweet potatoes to push their biological children away.

Master Qian had already found many boys and girls. They were all good-looking and would be of great use in the future if they were nurtured well in the pavilion.

After Fu Ming found out about this person, he listened to Gu Qiuyue and thought of selling his nephew and niece so that Master Qian could bring his family into the city. His nephew and nieces were all good-looking, and there were three of them. They were enough.

Master Qian said that they had to have a clear background. If they didn't have a backer, it would be best if they came out of a poor ditch and were the type who could die without anyone caring. They didn't want to have endless trouble in the future.

Wouldn't Gu Yundong and her brother and sister fit the bill perfectly? So what if Gu Yundong had a dagger in her hand? That was just to scare people. When she met people like Master Qian, she could only be at the mercy of others.

But now, where was she? Could it be that she had received the news in advance?

As he was thinking, he saw Gu Qiuyue running over hurriedly. "I saw Gu Yundong and the rest walking in that direction. Hurry up and chase after them."

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