The Creatures That We Are

Chapter 134: Prophecy of Seven

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Chapter 134: Prophecy of Seven

“I told you about the risk assessment model done by an awakened mathematician, didn’t I?” White Rabbit turned to Gao Yang. “Remember?”

Gao Yang nodded.

“Well!” Wu Dahai cut in loudly. “That guy also said that the moment the seventh Rune Circuit was found was the moment a civil war between awakeners would break out. That’s known as the Prophecy of Seven.”

The meeting room fell silent.

Gao Yang was immediately reminded of Mad Red, of Ghost Horse’s betrayal, of the unknown entities that were Fresh Snow and the white cat, and the mysterious mission Dragon gave him.

Perhaps the Prophecy of Seven was right, and a storm had already been brewing.

War Tiger clapped and said, “Let’s not stray too far from the main agenda.”

“About our three newbies getting headhunted.”

War Tiger smiled carefreely. “I believe we should respect their wishes and allow them to decide whether to stay, but White Rabbit believes that we are a team, and that the decision should be made by everyone.”

White Rabbit still sounded angry. “Neither of us can convince the other.”

“So, let’s put it to vote.” War Tiger stood up and put his hands on the table. “Outside of the three members in question here, everyone else is to cast a vote. Those who agree with me, put out rocks. Those who agree with White Rabbit, go with scissors.”

“Let’s get started!” White Rabbit urged. “Don’t hesitate and don’t look at each other. Follow your heart, you hear me?”

Everyone raised their hands one after another.

Lovely Lamb, Wu Dahai, and Dead Pig went with scissors, while Songstress, Heavenly Dog, and Mischievous Monkey made rocks.

That was about what Gao Yang expected.

Lovely Lamb and Wu Dahai probably simply didn’t want them to go.

Dead Pig might look easygoing, but he was an adult who had been through his fair share of difficulties and would think about the matter more practically. Thus, he wouldn’t want the organization to lose valuable manpower.

Songstress seemed like an artistic soul, and Heavenly Dog was a free spirit. Both would value freedom and disapprove of restrictions. It was only natural that they wouldn’t impose limits on others.

As for Mischievous Monkey, someone his age would be beyond rules and follow the flow rather than trying to force a matter to change course.

“Three and three. That’s a split.” War Tiger seemed conflicted for a moment before he suddenly raised his fist. “I vote myself!”

“I vote myself too!” White Rabbit quickly made a scissor. “That’s four to four.”

“Have you forgotten something, Rabbit?” War Tiger reminded her with a grin.

Gao Yang was the first to come to the realization. “Teacher War Tiger is the vice-captain, and according to the rules, the votes of Captain and Vice-Captain are weighted in a split vote, each considered 1.5 votes.”

“That’s right. What do you think?” War Tiger took a drag and slowly exhaled the smoke. “Uncle Tiger isn’t the devil, but I hate liars. Understand?”

“Loud and clear.” Officer Huang was quick to swear allegiance. “I’m not going to the Qilin Guild.”

“Because?” asked War Tiger.

“Because I believe in the future of our organization more.”

“Spare me the empty words.”

“And the base is close to both my home and my workplace,” Officer Huang said seriously. “The Qilin Guild’s base is too far.”

“Well, I suppose it counts as a reason. What else?”

“You’ve agreed to help me figure out my wife’s pregnancy.”

“Yes, and I will do everything I can to help you. Just wait for good news.” War Tiger waved him away. “Alright. Next.”

Qing Ling went ahead and gave her answer, “I’m not going to the Qilin Guild.”

“Because?” War Tiger asked the same question.

“You can make me stronger.”

War Tiger smiled. “Does that mean you will stay with us until you can defeat me?”


“Good.” War Tiger took another drag of his cigarette, pleased. “How about you, Dark Horse?”

“I’m not going,” Gao Yang said before he even recognized what he was saying.


Because your other hand is holding a dagger. Do you really think I wouldn't notice? Who knows if you wouldn’t execute me here if I say I wanna leave? You sure are crazy enough to do that.

“My companions are here,” Gao Yang said honestly. “And Captain told me he had high expectations for me. He promised to reward me as long as I do my job well.”

He couldn’t reveal Dragon’s mission in full, but War Tiger should be smart enough to figure it out.

After a short pause, War Tiger nodded.

Then he slowly tipped his head back and exhaled white smoke into the darkness, casting the dagger in his other hand aside. It clanged as it hit the floor.

“Good. The three of you will get to walk out of this place alive.”

Gao Yang shuddered. He’s crazy! Totally mad!

“Don’t blame me for being heartless.” War Tiger’s smile was somewhat rueful and resigned. “There’s something Dragon and I agree on.”

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