Chapter 631: An Eye for an Eye

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“Manman, where are we now?” After saying this, Bai Xue immediately realized that she was sitting on the toilet bowl with an awkward red face.

Shi Man smiled and pulled the two of them up. She sized them up and said, “How are you? Can you still walk? Otherwise, I’ll carry the two of you out.”

Su Tang smiled and jumped twice to prove that her legs were very light.

However, Bai Xue’s face turned red suspiciously. She lowered her head shyly and did not dare to speak.

The atmosphere in the cubicle instantly became subtle.

The two of them had been drugged just now, so their fleeting five senses gradually returned.

Su Tang didn’t notice Bai Xue’s abnormality, but she heard wild laughter coming from the toilet. She couldn’t help but shrink her neck in fear. “Manman, who’s laughing outside? Why haven’t they finished laughing after laughing for so long?”

Shi Man turned around indifferently and brought the two of them to Ruan Yu and Chu Yue. “They’ll have to continue laughing for a few more hours.”

“Hurry up and return the antidote to us!” As Ruan Yu stretched out her hand, her body was already trembling.

When Bai Xue saw the ring on her hand, her eyes widened.

She vaguely remembered seeing an identical ring before she fainted and immediately understood. “You harmed us! Why did you knock us out!”

Su Tang widened her eyes in surprise, but seeing that the two of them were clearly abnormal, she realized that these two probably did not mean to laugh here. They had probably been taught a lesson by Manman!

Thinking of this, Su Tang smiled evilly and leaned towards Shi Man. “Manman, what antidote did she just talk about? Let me take a look?”

Shi Man handed the porcelain bottle to her.

The moment Chu Yue saw that thing, her eyes lit up. She mustered all her strength and pounced over.

Su Tang quickly snatched the porcelain bottle and took a few steps back, putting a safe distance between them. Only then did she sized up the pill in the porcelain bottle with a smile. “This is good stuff. Unfortunately, it’s about to disappear!”

“What do you mean?” A bad feeling suddenly rose in Chu Yue’s heart.

The next second, she saw Su Tang, who had a harmless smile on her face, throw the porcelain bottle into the toilet bowl. She even considerately pressed the flush button, and the porcelain bottle was immediately flushed into the dirty sewer.

Chu Yue widened her eyes in disbelief, and the corners of her mouth could not help but tremble. Under the effect of the medicine, she wanted to continue laughing, but her body no longer had the strength to laugh. “You’re so ruthless. 1 didn’t want to harm you at all, but you still treated me like this!”

Su Tang hugged her shoulders matter-of-factly and said, “You didn’t want to harm me, but you wanted to use me and Bai Xue to lure Manman over. You’re reaping the consequences of your own actions, right? Pfft! You really deserve it!”

Ruan Yu had already collapsed to the ground. She forced herself to look up at Su Tang in discomfort. “You don’t have a background. Aren’t you afraid that we’ll take revenge on you in the future?”

Su Tang imitated Shi Man’s cold smile. At this moment, the corners of her mouth were cold. “Sister, do I know who you are? I don’t care if you will take revenge on me. Moreover, if Manman was harmed by you guys so badly now, would you have let Manman go?”

The answer was, of course, no.

Ruan Yu couldn’t wait for Shi Man to embarrass herself in front of Lu Li at this banquet. This way, Lu Li would never want a woman that embarrassed herself in public!

She could still be his only wife in the future!

However, the truth was that once outsiders saw her and Chu Yue’s current appearance, Lu Li would probably ignore her from now on!

Thinking of this, Ruan Yu endured the humiliation in her heart and wanted to crawl out of the washroom and find a guest room to rest. This way, once others asked, she could lie that she was not feeling well and go back to rest in advance. She could barely avoid a calamity.

In the next second, a pair of slender feet in high heels blocked her way.

She looked up and met Shi Man’s cold gaze. Her heart subconsciously trembled. “What do you want?”

Shi Man narrowed her eyes and took away the hairpin she used to tie her hair. Seeing her long hair fall down in an instant, she personally messed up her long hair, making her look more like a crazy woman.

After doing this, Shi Man slowly lifted her chin and said coldly, “What do I want? An eye for an eye, of course.”

The crisp laughter in her ear made Ruan Yu’s body tremble. Her arm suddenly went limp, and she lay on the water-stained floor of the washroom in embarrassment.

Ruan Yu felt disgusted, but she couldn’t help but laugh.

She looked even more disheveled and had already looked like a crazy woman.

Shi Man was very satisfied with her current appearance.

Su Tang did the same thing to Chu Yue. Then, she and Bai Xue looked at each other and instantly understood each other’s thoughts. The smile in their eyes suddenly turned into fear the moment they stepped into the hall.

“Not good, not good.. A young lady and Instructor Chu have gone crazy in the washroom!”

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