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Chapter 1958 - Chapter 1958: our relationship (3)

Chapter 1958: our relationship (3)

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“Big brother,” the young girl called out softly.

her soft and coy voice made ye muyun’s expression look a little better. his voice was a little lazy.”Get in the car.”

he reached out and opened the car door for her. when she got in, he took her bag and threw it to the back seat.

Then, the car door closed, and the car started at a speed of 0.01 seconds, quickly leaving the school gate.

Zhou chongguang looked on. He had heard her call him ‘brother’ just now.

He smiled slightly. It was really his brother.

in the expensive sports car, xue ‘er looked at him. ” why did you change your car? ”

ye muyun gave a faint “en.” he didn’t say that it was because someone had taken that car today that he changed it.

After a while, he turned to look at her. who was that just now? ”

Xue ‘er’s expression was a little dazed. It took her a while to remember who he was asking about. ah, I don’t know him. He gave me something.

After saying that, she unbuckled her seat belt and slipped to the back to flip through the pages. She then handed them to him.

ye mu yun also took the time to glance over and said seriously, ” sit properly. ” however, the corners of his mouth revealed a faint smile.

xue ‘er made an “oh” sound and did not say anything else. she sat up straight.

ye muyun started the car and said calmly, ” draw me another one when we get back. ”

He thought that she would be happy, but she only gave a dejected ” Oh ” and did not say anything else.

however, after she went home for dinner and took a shower, she was stunned for a moment.

because ye muyun was in her bedroom, wearing a bathrobe and sitting on the pink sofa with a stack of picture books in his hands.

the little girl walked over, and with a hook of his hand, she fell onto his lap.

“When did you draw it?” he hugged her and placed her in front of his chest. he rested his face on his thin shoulder and took in the young girl’s fragrance.

they were only separated by a thin layer of clothing, and she felt very uncomfortable.

She bit her lip and said in a low voice, ” I drew it when I was bored. I’ve been drawing it for a few years.

He held her in one hand and flipped through the pages casually with the other. The two thick scrolls were all about him.

She probably felt uncomfortable and explained, ” actually, you’re quite in line with the model’s appearance in my heart.

“hmm, what do you want to design?” he chuckled and nibbled on her shoulder. his voice was quite happy.

xue ‘er didn’t think too much and quickly said, ” “The wedding dress and accessories, something else.”

only then did he take a closer look and find many things that didn’t belong to him, such as clothes, watches, and even shoes.

He smiled faintly. that’s not bad. Where’s the wedding gown? I don’t see it. ”

Xue ‘er didn’t say anything.

“Bring it over,” he said as he looked at her.

The little girl curled up in his arms and reached out to grab another book from the shelf at the side.

Ye mu Yun turned a page and his face darkened.

He was still the male lead, but the female lead was a very fat woman, a woman as fat as a pig.

He looked at her for a while before shifting his gaze back to her face.

“big brother, don’t you think they’re a good match?” she squeezed out a smile, her skin tightening.

Ye Muyun’s face darkened even more. She put it down heavily and her heart also jumped.

then, he looked at her and a cold smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. ” from today onwards, you’ll be the pig. otherwise, you’ll eat until you become a pig! ”

Her face fell, but that was not all. He got up and carried her to his bedroom. “Help me draw.”

under the warm light, he took off his bathrobe and casually leaned against the bed, his eyes cold.

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