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Chapter 1904 - Chapter 1904: Aren’t you cheap?(3)

Chapter 1904: Aren’t you cheap?(3)

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when she saw him, she instinctively backed away and asked in a bad tone, ” what are you doing here? ”

After she finished speaking, she ran towards the bedroom and wanted to close the door. However, he moved very quickly and they both squeezed in.

After the door closed, he put one hand around her waist and gently pushed her to the bed.

linda was lying on her back while he knelt on his knees, his hands holding her firmly, his movements were still considered gentle.

” du yuesheng, you’re a b * tch. so what if you’re pregnant? if you’re willing, you can spread a bunch of seeds and a lot of women can get pregnant. ” Her face was red as she glared at him.

du yuesheng gently trapped her. her gaze was also gentle. when a man wanted a woman, he would not be too rough, especially when she was pregnant.

however, his gaze was so obvious that even a fool would know what he was thinking.


He bent his knees and pushed the two du brothers to the ground.

du yuesheng let out a muffled groan and rolled to the side in pain. this woman was really detestable.

Linda wanted to escape, but he pulled her down, and she fell into his arms.

Du Yuesheng gritted her teeth. are you still a woman? ”

“If you’re not a woman, why do you want to hit me?” linda’s words were getting more and more rough, she didn’t care about him at all, he was nobody to her anyway.

“Help me massage it a few times,” Du Yuesheng pulled her hand.

she refused. he glared at her. ” i’m almost out of energy. ”

linda was forced, but she still tried to forgive him, “He deserves it!”

After he finished hastily, she curled up at the side and didn’t say a word. Du Yuesheng’s pain also eased a lot. Seeing that she didn’t want to leave, he turned his head to look at her back and said in a hoarse voice, ” “You don’t like me?”

In terms of looks and achievements, he was a man who made women fall for him, not to mention his skills in bed. He felt that she had enjoyed it that night, but why was she so determined now?

“I don’t like it.” “Old man du, you should be glad that I don’t like you. Otherwise, your future wife would be on her way already,” Linda said in a muffled voice.

Her words made Du Yuesheng speechless. Old du? His future wife?

It was really the temperament of the little girl Yingluo.

however, he was starting to like it.

yes, he and his mother were really cheap. just like what she had said, she clearly didn’t like him, but he still didn’t stop.

Du Yuesheng was silent for a while before she asked, ” “if you liked me, what would you do?”

linda thought for a while before she said,”If I like you, I won’t give up!”

she turned around and looked up at him. ” i’ll ask you if you like me. if you like me, i’ll be with you regardless of everything. even if that old woman of yours is richer and prettier than me, the one you like is me. ”

She looked at him and said softly, ” but you don’t like me. Why should I like you? Du Yuesheng, tell me. If I do that, wouldn’t I be cheap? ”

He was speechless for a moment.

After a long time, he said, ” Linda, you don’t have to say anymore. I know what you mean. You probably mean that giving birth to my child is the limit, and you’re forcing you to be my mistress. You’re such a bastard, right? ”

He raised his head. I’m probably used to it. I thought that no woman would ever leave me! actually, yingluo ”

He looked at her. I’ve never thought about Hanhan before. Forget it. I won’t talk about it.

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