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Chapter 6: Armor Is Everything

Chapter 6: Armor Is Everything

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Suddenly, Han Sen saw something green, about a foot-long, sticking to the grass like a leaf. If he didn’t look closely, he would’ve thought it was part of the grass and would have never imagined it to be a swift mantis that could split a human skull with a single blow.

Its pair of sickle-like, jagged forelegs were even longer than its body. Dark green in color, the forelegs were covered in a metal sheen, and were nothing like its fragile body. The rigidity of the forelegs was definitely comparable to the most advanced alpha alloy.

Han Sen was lucky that he found the swift mantis before it saw him. Moving towards it, he calculated the nearest he could get to it before being noticed by the swift mantis.

When he was about six feet away from the swift mantis, Han Sen did not dare to go any farther, fearing he might lose the opportunity to attack by stealth.

Tightly holding the dagger in his hand, Han Sen rushed out from the grass and cut at the swift mantis’ waist in a fast and ruthless strike.

But Han Sen had still underestimated the speed and responsiveness of the swift mantis. It had noticed his presence the moment he rushed out. All of a sudden, it rose into the air, gliding with wings spread towards Han Sen in a truly swift move. Its forelegs had cut him in the head before he could even react.

Han Sen subconsciously stepped back in shock, yet the mantis foreleg still hit his head. With a sound of metal clashing, Han Sen felt only slight discomfort, as if his head were hit by a stone. And there was not even a scratch on the sacred-blood-beast soul armor.

Filled with ecstasy, Han Sen seized the opportunity to cut into the slim waist of the swift mantis in front of him with a fierce stab. The swift mantis was cut into two halves, green mantis blood splashing him wet all over.

Han Sen didn’t care at all and listened to the strange voice in his head blissfully.

"Primitive creature swift mantis killed. No beast soul gained. Eat the swift mantis to gain zero to ten primitive geno points randomly."

Touching his helmet where the swift mantis cut to feel it was still smooth, Han Sen thought to himself in excitement, "Ha-ha, the armor is everything! With my armor, I could kill whatever I want to kill and no one could ever hurt me. I wouldn’t even fear mutant creatures."

Han Sen suddenly gained courage and stopped hiding. He marched to Zephyr Valley and alerted several swift mantises to attack, but they couldn’t hurt him at all by cutting his armor. Han Sen took the opportunity to kill them all, each with one stab.

"Primitive creature swift mantis killed. No beast soul gained. Eat the swift mantis to gain zero to ten points randomly."

"Primitive creature swift mantis killed ..."

The voice continuously sounded in his mind, adding to his thrill. He stabbed his way through the valley and killed more 20 mantises in succession.


Su Xiaoqiao was on his way to Zephyr Valley as well, quietly mulling over his own bad luck.

His parents were the owners of an interstellar conglomerate and were considered both distinguished and aristocrats. He, however, was randomly assigned to Steel Armor Shelter, where he had no friends or even acquaintances.

To get an aristocratic title, Su Xiaoqiao could only choose to follow Qin Xuan in order to max out on mutant geno points and become an evolver.

There were two types of titles in Levo Interstellar Alliance. One was "distinguished"—once one became a surpasser, one could be certified as distinguished. The other was an "aristocratic." If one could evolve with 100 mutant or more advanced geno points, one could be certified as an aristocrat.

Either title involved a lot of benefits in the Alliance, and most importantly they were a symbol of social status. Today in the Alliance, people were more and more snobby. People from the upper class wouldn’t even talk to someone without a title, even when doing business.

Advanced titles like sacred-blood aristocrat were beyond Su Xiaoqiao’s dreams. All he wanted was to gain the title of ordinary aristocrat by maxing out on mutant geno points and completing an evolution.

However, to get 100 mutant geno points was still too difficult for him on his own. He did bring a lot of money to Steel Armor Shelter, but money could only buy ordinary and primitive creature flesh, as very few people would sell mutant creatures. Only people who aimed to max out on sacred geno points like Qin Xuan would sometimes sell the mutant creature flesh they had. However, it wasn’t money that she wanted, but loyalty and service.

Su Xiaoqiao was now running errands for Qin Xuan, exploring the places less known to people and looking for traces of sacred-blood and mutant creatures to gather information for her. With the information, she could then gather a team to hunt down these creatures, and the team members would get mutant creature flesh in return.

Su Xiaoqiao had been exploring for a month and found no traces of mutant creatures, not to mention sacred-blood ones. Running out of supplies, he had to return to Steel Armor Shelter. When he passed Zephyr Valley, he thought there might be mutant creatures around, as the area was so sparsely populated.

After he sneaked in the valley, he felt something strange.

He didn’t see any swift mantises, not even one. A mile into the valley, all he saw were some messy traces on the ground.

"Someone must have wiped out the swift mantises. Fist Guy or Son of Heaven? No. Although there are signs of fighting, there should be more damage if it were a group of people ... "

Surprised, Su Xiaoqiao sped into the valley, wondering what had happened.

As he expected, there were many green blood stains from swift mantises along the way. He followed the blood stains and turned a corner. What he saw stopped him in his tracks, appalled.

Next to the piled bodies of swift mantises stood a golden figure. In the sun, the figure looked like a robot in gold cast armor.

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