Super Gene

Chapter 39: Saint Paul (2)

Chapter 40: Physical Test Center

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"What are you doing here?" Han Lei was surprised to see Han Sen here.

"Taking Yan to school," replied Han Sen.

"Yan is coming to Saint Paul?" Han Lei looked at Han Sen and Han Yan, unconvinced.

"Since a few days ago." Han Sen said, ready to walk Han Yan into the school gate.

Han Lei thought for a while and ran in front of Han Sen. He grabbed Han Sen’s wrist and raged, "I knew it! My elder brother managed the company for so many years, he must have embezzled lots of money. You were just lying to me about not being able to come up with two million, while you are now spending millions to send Yan to Saint Paul. I’m telling you, this money belonged to the whole family, just like the house. We must split it, or I’ll…"

"Or what? What can you do about it?" Han Sen looked at Han Lei coldly. He was completely disappointed in his relatives and wouldn’t give them a cent more.

"Boy, watch it. I’m your uncle." Han Lei flinched with Han Sen watching him, but he didn’t plan to let Han Sen walk free.

"Uncle?" Han Sen smiled dismissively. "Well, please go home and review the legal documents we signed and see if you have the right to anything we own. From now on, do not think you can take a penny from us ever again."

The reason why Han Sen gave them two million so promptly was to draw a line between his relatives and his real family. To get the two million, his relatives all signed a document prepared by Mr. Zhang which made it impossible for them to take anything from Han Sen’s family in the future.

"That is fraud! I’ll go find your Mom right away. How dare you hide money from us..." cried Han Lei angrily.

"Uncle, don’t even think about it. I have the right to kill a trespasser." Han Sen looked at Han Lei gloomily.

"Little brat, how dare..." Han Lei threw a punch at Han Sen furiously.

With a blank expression, Han Sen grabbed Han Lei’s arm and threw Han Lei over his own shoulder. Han Lei shouted out in pain.

"Uncle, if you want to die, welcome to our house." Han Sen stared at Han Lei coldly.

Han Lei opened his eyes wide, as if he didn’t know Han Sen. The look on Han Sen’s face had terrified him.

Han Lei was an evolver, although just by maxing out on primitive geno points. He didn’t really do much in Second God’s Sanctuary, but he was still an evolver. It was abnormal that Han Sen, who hadn’t evolved at all, could give him a shoulder throw easily. His nephew suddenly looked like a different person.

Han Sen suddenly smiled and pulled Han Lei up.

"I’m sure my aunt doesn’t know about this woman and child. I think I should talk to her," Han Sen whispered, while Han Lei was still shocked by his sudden change.

"You think my wife will believe you?" Han Lei said madly.

"That doesn’t matter, as long as she believes this." Han Sen showed Han Lei the comlink on his wrist. He turned the video camera on the moment he saw Han Lei.

"You..." Shocked, Han Lei reached to grab the comlink.

Han Sen only moved slightly to make Han Lei fall again.

"Uncle, we can negotiate a price, and I can sell you this." Han Sen smiled and was about to pull him up again.

Han Lei grinned and suddenly reached to twist Han Sen’s hand, ready to break it and seize his comlink.

Han Sen flipped his hand and held Han Lei’s hand down, making him kneel on the floor and howl like a pig.

"Uncle, it seems that you have no intention to negotiate. I’ll have to show it to my aunt then." Han Sen released Han Lei's hand and turned to leave.

"Wait." Han Lei quickly stopped Han Sen and gritted his teeth. "Ten thousand. I’ll give you ten thousand, and you delete it."

Han Sen turned away. "Two hundred thousand, or I’ll go to my aunt."

"Okay, okay," said Han Lei, limping over to take hold of Han Sen.

"Thanks then, cash or bank transfer?" Han Sen asked with a faint smile.

Han Lei unwillingly transferred two hundred thousand to Han Sen, "Well, now can you delete it?"

"Of course I will delete it, but only when I’m in a good mood," Han Sen said and walked away.

"Brat, you lied to me..." Han Lei became furious and raised his fist. However, he froze at the sight of Han Sen, as his nephew’s movements had really left a strong impression.

"Uncle, I received your money so I will certainly delete it, but I did not say when I will do it. So you’d better keep me in a good mood." Han Sen patted Han Lei on the shoulder and stopped smiling. He whispered, "Also, do not let me see you in my home again, otherwise I will kill you."

Han Lei shuddered, and for some reason, he knew Han Sen meant it.

"S*#t! The brat has become so evil," Han Lei cursed as Han Sen moved away. Ashamed that he was terrified by a boy, Han Lei was still nervous deep down and changed his mind about going to Han Sen’s home.

After sending Yan to school, Han Sen was in a great mood. On his way back, he saw a physical test center and went in, wanting to know his current physical fitness level.

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